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I'm having a strange issue with the multi-bounce shell sprite (link) in a switch palace level I'm making. I'm using the infinite shell that starts kicked toward Mario. The setup has Mario enter the level from a vertical pipe over the shell, which bounces off another custom block (link) in a cycle. This works perfectly consistently when playing the level the first time.

The weirdness happens when I exit the level via a pipe and re-enter. Dying and restarting the level doesn't cause the issue. After exiting through a secret pipe or the level's normal exit, the first retry of the level works the same as normal, but every subsequent retry has the shell spawning later. It messes up the timing of the first trick and makes it much harder. I don't want the player punished for secret hunting or for dying to the troll next to the switch. Does anyone know why this would be happening? Exiting to the overworld fixes the issue for the first attempt but the pattern changes back on subsequent retries.

Let me know if you want screenshots or video demonstrations of the effect.
After recording this demonstration of the issue, I think that it's caused by the pipe entry rather than any of the custom sprites/blocks. When the timing is messed up, the full pipe exit sound doesn't play. I've tried disabling fast transitions in the retry patch config, but that didn't help. Is there a patch or workaround for this?
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