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I found this hack really cool was the first hack of smw that I played and I have a lot of affection for it but I wanted your help on one thing, HOW DID YOU CHANGE THE PALETTES OF KOOPALINGS!? (if i have any English errors and why not and my native language).
thank you just keef I asked why I'm doing a hack and needed to change these palettas#smrpg{y}
I wanted to know the addresses of hexadecimal codes of palette, speed and HP of koopalings; (I know iggy and larry don't have HP) an extra thing has some way of leaving Ludwig's hair and hoof blue and his head with at least a green color like this:

sorry if the image didn't appear the right way :( .
I used the tweaker to change the palette of horizontal net koopas to red-blue and green-yellow but in the game always gets the other way around, if i need to use a hexadecimal editor all right.
edit:but when I change the palette he changes his behavior

other edit:whenever I change the palette of any net koopa to yellow it gets fast and to blue it gets slow (I want the contrary).
there's some of the code, as for iggy and larry I have no idea.
does anyone know where to get the download of this tool I have 2 images

thank you i'll take a look at this:)
I know that questions similar to this have already been asked but have never given the "correct" answer summarizing has a sprite of koopa kid in overworld that many think does not work but according to this video if we put it in a correct place it works my question is which and where it should be put for it to work?
i don't know if I understood very well, the koopa teleport set would be the place where mario/luigi would be if he died or something like that, and the Koopa Kid Tile Numbers seia where the koopa kid would appear?something else the position of the sprite koopa kid in the overworld changes something?and how to figure out the number I have to put in koopa kid tile numbers so I know I couldn't make it work

thanks as always thomas thank you for answering all smw hacking help:D
I solved the problem with custom sprites#thp{=D} if you have any problem with these custom sprites let me know
author of original custom sprite disassembly  imamelia
extra bit for the blue
i just don't know why it doesn't change on the side of the fence depending on your position X if someone can help thank you
I was editing the new super mario world rom to give the smw graphics redrawn to the rom when I inserted the gfxs and exgfx and opened the rom the smb3 status bar was like this

(I just edited and inserted the gfx and exgfxs I also opened the rom in yychr for edit mario custom power ups graphics)
Thanks this worked :) and yes it's only for personal use because if i were to release this i would change the foreground too (actually not like that I would post)
hey Bensalot / Just Keef i noticed that the suu enemies (spiders from mario land 1) are not very similar to their official art so i redesigned them :
and I also noticed that in the tyravonous rex stage the pokeys don't have their teeth sharp I think it's a left over from past versions
pokey fix:
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