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This is a multilayered post with a couple of questions. Using FluxBaserom, I am determined on using scrolling layer 3 clouds in one of my level, even though it will have piranha plants and pipe dwelling lakitus. But, as you probably know, when adding the layer 3 clouds and changing level mode to OE, some sprites go behind the cloud and disappear, namely piranha plants. Coincidentally, the pipe dwelling lakitus in my level now appear behind the background!

I searched and found this post that recommends using a custom sprite. The post also talks about using Xkas and modifying values but I feel the explanation assumes you know other stuff and I'm fairly new to all of this and when I read the entire thread the OP seemed to have tried everything unsuccessfully.

And then I searched for a "custom sprite for dummies" tutorial and didn't really find anything but this post named Sprite Insertion with PIXI. I tried following the steps but when I load PIXI I always get the message "Enter a ROM file name, or drag and drop the ROM here:" and when I drag and drop my ROM on it I get this message "Could not open list file "../FluxBaserom2/FluxBaserom2/list.txt" for reading".

I also had found a post that suggested changing the priority of the clouds in the 8x8 Overworld Tile Selector. Alas, the priority is always set to "Priority --" and whatever I do with the priority setting it just won't stick i.e. I change it and it doesn't apply, I can't "save it". If I click on another tile and get back to the tile I changed it still is set to "Priority --".

So the main question (on top of all the other questions!) is : is there a way to make piranha plants show properly in a level with mode OE that has layer 3? If yes : what is it?

More over, I assumed the pipe dwelling lakitu situation could be fixed using a custom sprite, but I'm back to the starting point of not finding a step by step guide on what you actually have to do once you have the ASM + CFG file. Have I not looked hard enough for it? Does it exist? And more importantly, once I'm able to integrate the custom sprites in my hack, what settings will I have to apply to make them function properly?

I don't know if this matters, but the level I tried doin that in is 11E.

Thank you so much for the extensive answer and the diagram. Very appreciated. I tried the suggested workaround. 1st step was fairly easy but I'm getting very confused with the 2nd step. As I'm working with the FluxBaserom, there is already a pixi and custom sprites structure embedded in the hack folders. Nonetheless, I downloaded the Piranha Plants disassembly you suggested and I think I managed to make something out of it because I got to the "All sprites applied successfully!" message from Pixi. Anyways, I added it in the pixi_list file at #10 then tried inserting it in the level but when I insert #10 it's a pipe... and I can't find the code lines you're referring to in the piranha_venus_all.asm file. I'll keep reading Pixi's manual and trying to figure out the whole process in the meantime.
Thanks a lot for the reply Thomas, very appreciated. I'm in the process of transferring my levels to a new baserom that has less stuff in it so it should be easier for me to untangle all those files as I'm a beginner. I'll get back after!
Thanks for the input imamelia. Although, when trying to insert that sprite I get the error message : error: (E5094): Macro 'FacePlayer' wasn't found. [%FacePlayer()].

From what I understand (not a lot) I need the FacePlayer routine file?
Thomas! Thank you so much. It worked.

I was wondering which of these would allow me to change the stem palette because it seems to be using the palette D and i'd want to use palette C :
TileProperties:			; tile properties for the graphics routine
db $6A,$68,$6A,$68,$EA,$E8,$EA,$E8	; stem palette D, head palette C, Y-flip depending on direction,
				; alway GFX page 1 and priority setting 2

I tried changing the values of pretty much all of those 8 ones and I can't seem to find how to change it.
Thomas, everything worked! Thank you so much.

Imamelia, when you say change the extension byte to 0A, what exactly do you mean? The extension byte listed on the sprite right now are "14 08 10 D8". When reading the ASM what I understand is I have a lakitu that will spawn sprite 14, in a state of 08, with X speed of 10, and Y speed of D8.

But I've been digging in the file to see if there was something related to priority and I can't seem to find anything.
Anybody interested in that. Drkrdnk found a solution.
He modified kevin's pipe lakitu code (that you can get here :
Changed line 242 in the asm from EOR #$50 to EOR #$60
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