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I used this video recently and it worked out perfectly
I'm trying to change properties to the Sunshine Blooper sprite ( but either can't see it or needs to be added and I have no clue how.

To make the projectile pass through everything (like magikoopa projectile) and also have the sprite always be chasing/attacking mario wherever he is on screen.

Files work with one another, not sure if it applies to all code though.

Add the ability to pick up the block and throw it (behaving like blue throw block)

Create a customizable timer when it's within water before it becomes permanently electrified

Optional: Add an option when in the water that switch every X seconds (adjustable) between normal block to electrified or activates with on/off switch

Electric Block made by RussianMan
There's no more page for the sprite other than his own thread with a direct download below and I tried adding it with Pixi after converting it to SA-1 and received this error:

spr_temp.asm:9: error: (E5016): File 'C:/Users/the/Desktop/Lunar Magic/pixi_v1.32/sprites/2E 0C' wasn't found. [incsrc "C:/Users/the/Desktop/Lunar Magic/pixi_v1.32/sprites/2E 0C"]

I have no idea what's wrong so I tried on a rom without SA-1 and got this error instead:

c:/users/the/desktop/old/pixi/sprites/marine_pop.asm:107: error: (E5016): File 'subroutinedefs.asm' wasn't found. [incsrc subroutinedefs.asm]
c:/users/the/desktop/old/pixi/sprites/marine_pop.asm:757: error: (E5117): Unknown command. [JSL 0]

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Even if it's an old sprite (2016) it should still work right?

lx5 Marine Pop thread (
Trying to use Custom Shooting Power-ups ( and everything was installed properly but I have no projectile.

From the creator he says in a comment:

"Make sure you insert EVERYTHING correctly, power-up sprites, uberASM, extended sprites, and make sure there's no freeRAM conflict. SpriteToShoot is used by respective power-up (configured by sprite's extra property byte in .cfg) to allow shooting the projectile. By default, for example, hammer power-up has extra prop. byte set to 0, so it'll use the first entry in SpriteToShoot table, which by default is db $00+!ExtendedOffset. That means it'll use custom extended sprite 0 from the sprite list."

Yet I have no clue what to do..

My Pixi list is as follow:

0 powerup_hammer.cfg
1 powerup_boomerang.cfg
2 powerup_shuriken.cfg
3 powerup_ice.cfg
4 powerup_bubble.cfg
5 IceBlock.cfg

6 Projectile_hammer.asm
7 Projectile_boomerang.asm
8 Projectile_shuriken.asm
9 Projectile_iceball.asm
10 Projectile_bubble.asm

UberASM list:

; Game mode list. Valid values: 00-FF.
07 ShootExPower.asm
0B ShootExPower_DisplayOnly.asm
0D ShootExPower_ColorOnly.asm
0E ShootExPower_ColorOnly.asm
0F ShootExPower_ColorOnly.asm
13 ShootExPower_DisplayOnly.asm
14 ShootExPower.asm
15 ShootExPower_DisplayOnly.asm
1B ShootExPower_ColorOnly.asm
1F ShootExPower_ColorOnly.asm
20 ShootExPower_ColorOnly.asm

I tried changing db $00+!ExtendedOffset to db $06+!ExtendedOffset and so on but still doesn't work. I tried changing extended numbers to 0-5 to match the one above, still nothing.

The best I've managed is to see a fireball for the ice which didn't turn enemies in ice but killed them and then spawned a powerup bubble coming from the ground, which that powerup shows the bubble but mario goes through it.

I've look every where, read every comment, I just cannot find what I'm doing wrong. Pretty new to all of this but at this point I guess I'm just stupid
Originally posted by Anas
Perhaps you could chance the disassembly's acts-like setting to the vanilla rex's sprite number? Just open the CFG file and look for the 'Act Like' text box.

Worked! Thank you!
Currently tinkering with rex which can be jumped/spin but what I want is to force the player to use spin jump on that specific sprite otherwise he dies.

I've looked around around but can't find the code to replace JSL $01A7DC|!BankB for mario interaction (I assume that's the one)

Also, is there a list somewhere with all the basic codes and what they do?
Sprite in question:

When going downward it's perfectly fine but going up with the extra byte, it won't scroll the screen.

Vertical scroll at will is on.

Standing on a guided platform will scroll up but the moment I grab the 3 balloon glider, top screen locks, how can I fix this?

Edit: Fixed it
Custom sprite I'm trying to use is the falling spike by dtothefourth which can go in all directions but I can't get it to work at all.

Here's the part to customize;

; Custom Falling Spike - by dtothefourth
; Falling spike that can go in all 4 directions and interact
; with objects
; Uses 4 Extra Bytes, set in Extension Box in LM as follows
;       SD
;           S = Size - 1 (1-8 tiles)
;           D = Direction - 0 Down, 1 Right, 2 Up, 3 Left
;       SH = Shake Time (Vanilla 40)
;       TT = Trigger Distance (Vanilla 40)
;       SP = Max Speed (Vanilla 40)

!ShakeTime   = !extra_byte_2,x ; How long to shake before falling 
!TriggerDist = !extra_byte_3,x ; How close Mario has to be to trigger (0-7F)
!MaxSpeed    = !extra_byte_4,x ; Maximum speed spike can fall (0-7F)
!Accel       = $03 ; How quickly spike accelerates while falling

!Collide     = 0 ; If 1, will hit objects instead of falling through them
!Activate    = 1 ; If 1 and collide is set will activate blocks like hitting them with a shell

!FarDespawn  = 1 ; If 1 don't despawn unless far off screen, mostly if you want to use really wide spikes
!WideTrigger = 1 ; If 1 for multi tile spikes check both ends for trigger distance

What I tried;

- Deleted x value after the extra_byte_2/3/4 to insert my value ($40)
- Tried the same as above but starting the line with ! (!$40)
- Deleted the !extra_byte_2/3/4 and wrote my value ($40)
- Wrote my value after x
- Left it as it is and tried inserting with extension
Is there a way to make it easier jumping on a sprite while holding another sprite to prevent both from colliding?
I've added the Custom "Shooting" Power-ups from 1524 and Russianman but for some reason it's half working.

Here's a video showing what's wrong;

The custom powerup I'm trying to use is the Ice one but the projectiles are red and when it hits a sprite it kills them and summons the bubble powerup???
which that powerup shows the proper graphic but can't be jumped on. The ice powerup itself also doesn't show the proper palette.

I did follow the readme, inserted the ShootExPowers.asm only to that specific level, UberASM library code are there, Pixi sprites/extended and routine inserted.
Sunshine Blooper:

The idea is pretty much to have him chase mario throughout the level while constantly attacking him.

Make his projectile go through everything, pretty much like how bowser statue fireball behave.

Increase the range at which he keeps following/attacking Mario.

The image below shows that if mario is too high he will ignore him.

If you desire to make those customizable or as an option is up to you.
I would like to have a slippery rope based on Dtothefourth Ghost Ropes.

Once you grab onto the rope, mario would be forced down as if slipping.

You cannot climb but you can jump away to re-grab.

If possible making it as an option if slippery or not.
Based on the 9D sprite, allowing for any regular sprites to be in a bubble.

Option to have 64x64 (or is it 32x32?) bubble for bigger sprites (so it can fit)

Adjustable speed of the bubble
All good! thanks!
Originally posted by Burning Loaf
I didn't finish the sprite yet, but i'm just here to inform you that i have exams and i may not have enough time to create the sprite before them, so if you have an issue waiting about a week at least, you can re-open this thread.

Not a problem at all, take all the time you need. Good luck on your exams.
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