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Dry bone that can be picked up and thrown when in K.O form.

Could have the option of starting in K.O form ( and also set how fast it takes to get back to original form.
Originally posted by yogui
Originally posted by Knetog
They do work in SA1? Tried the bubble sprite but doesn't seem to work

Edit: I tested and it work on SA-1. It didn't actually need modification.

Also if you're using the custom block to generate the bubble, make sure to change this value with the custom sprite number you inserted the bubble sprite as:
!Sprite = $04 ; sprite number

I don't know why it didn't work the first time but I've re-done it from scratch and it seems to work fine now, thanks! #tb{:j}
EDIT: For some reason a lot of problem are occuring like sprites spawning in random place making it impossible to finish levels.

I'll be working on it and re-release a beta test later on, sorry! (admin feel free to delete the thread)
unclaimed, re-opened the request
As a new creator and first time entering a contest;

Forgetting to remove my name from the intro
Forgetting credits
Not having my level play tested :(
Based on this block

Make sprites (specifically for thwomps, example thwomps going up) interact with the block from all sides (currently only affect sprites from above, meaning they are only slowed when entering from above/going down)

Remove mario interaction with the block (not being slowed at all), can be added as an option to have or not

Keep the spritesink customization
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