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Nintendo rewrote a lot of Super Mario World's text in Super Mario Advance 2 (and it's different in the Japanese version too). Are any of the text changes (as well as additional Message Blocks) featured in the 30th Anniversary Edition?
This thread reminded me of Super Mario World Enhanced by Pac, which replaces the original graphics with those adapted from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3 (plus some backgrounds from Yoshi's Island).
So, I've decided to compile all the text from both the original and Super Mario Advance 2 versions of the game we've primarily dedicated this website to: Super Mario World. Not only that, I'm going through the Japanese and English versions of the game, so you can see the minor and major differences yourself.

In the first version of this image, I had everything up to Iggy's Castle complete. Then, I have the entirety of Donut Plains present. Now, all messages until Ludwig's Castle are covered. I will post more on the SMW Data Repository forum.
This reminded me of Solar Magic Advance and Smaghetti, both of which were SMA4-based utilities. However, both of these focused more on the e-Reader content, so it's nice to see the main game get some love.
Alrighty, let's see your take on Shauna Chalmers from The Simpsons:

I made an update with everything up to the end of Donut Plains. Note that the English GBA version of the game switched the Donut Plains 3 messages around, so I put them back in their proper spots.

Soince there are no message blocks in the next three worlds, I'll wait until I'm done with Chocolate Island so I'll have something substantial.
Okay, it's apparent to me that at my current pace, C3 will be over before I'm finished. I have released an update that's two worlds shorter than I wanted, but it's still a commendable update.

I will post updates and refinements in the SMW Data Repository, so I hope to complete it eventually.

• While working on the sheet, I stumbled upon this wiki page designed for those who are learning Japanese but already know English.
• Since you noticed how much bigger the International GBA version's text boxes were compared to the original size, I should note that wye's Message Box Expansion patch, originally released in the 2013 Summer C3, manages to be even bigger: compared to the GBA's text boxes, which are 24 characters wide and 8 characters high (allowing 192 characters), this patch allows text boxes to be 26 characters wide and 10 characters high (allowing 260 characters).
Originally posted by Soonstar
Originally posted by NES Boy216
Alrighty, let's see your take on Shauna Chalmers from The Simpsons

Thank you for fulfilling my request.
Good call on making Kamek the boss of World 6 instead of Roy. In the original hack, Kamek was the boss of two straight worlds (9 and 10), so adjusting the boss order like this is a slight improvement regarding variety.
Hello. I am not the actual creator of Smaghetti — that would be this guy. However, he hasn't been active on this forum for over a year, so it's up to me to become the bearer of bad news. To quote the Smaghetti GitHub:
Originally posted by the Smaghetti GitHub
Smaghetti is no longer worked on by me (Matt Greer). I would love to, but I just don't have the time anymore. The remaining things that Smaghetti needs are really big and hard, and the tiny pockets of free time here and there I have just don't work for that, as much as I have tried.

If you want to pick up Smaghetti, feel free to fork this repo. I will be available with any questions about its codebase.

The Smaghetti website will remain up for one more year, and taken down on February 17, 2024.
So if anyone is willing to continue this, you've got your blessing right there.

Also, if anyone wants to preserve the Smaghetti website in some manner, feel free to do so.

As for what I could actually offer for C3, we'll see...
Continued from last C3...

I know I said I'd post updates at the Data Repository, but the simple truth is that I procrastinated. At least I'm finally finished just before the end of C3.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
It's also a shame that your tool is discontinued. That's quite sad.
I thought I made it clear that this is not my tool.

But still, I at least hope someone is willing to preserve the Smaghetti website.
Originally posted by yoshifanatic
One of the things I want to do with all the disassemblies I do is highlight all the interesting games the SNES has. That obviously means I'll do many of the all time greats at some point. But it also includes things like cult classics, games with weird premises, technical marvels, or even bad games that have interesting ideas or are notable for being the worst of the SNES. LTU falls into the "bad game with interesting ideas" category perfectly, because what other game for the SNES is quite like LTU? That's why I wanted to disassemble it. I do want to do more bad SNES games at some point. Stuff like Batman Forever, Shaq Fu, Wizard of Oz, Wayne's World, Rise of the Robots, Revolution X, etc. I've so far only done 2 besides LTU (Frogger and Spider-Man & the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge), so it would be neat learning more about the bad games.

I like the variety of games you want to disassemble. In terms of technical marvels, I'm interested in Toy Story (so we can see if there were any remnants of the "Day-Toy-na" stage from the Sega Genesis version), Mickey Mania (especially since only one of the game's two revolving tower levels is in this version of the game), the Lawnmower Man, and Rendering Ranger R2.

Also, another piece of Lester trivia: two cutscenes late into the game depict Lester in his initial slouching stance instead of his more confident one: the cutscene between the volcano and pirate ship levels, and the ending cutscene.
Will the courses be organized like in the official VLDC compilation hacks? (I.E. The highest and lowest ranking courses are given their own maps, and the rest are scattered about in thematic maps.)
Originally posted by Gamer_HS
It seems like a miracle, but the custom Bubble Flower has finally made its way into Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

Yep! I even found a comparison video on YouTube:
Originally posted by Alucard648
Played mushroom houses don`t disappear immediately, only after exitting and reentering submap.

They also disappear after switching characters.
I propose that, if a song based on one of SiIvaGunner's high quality video game rips is submitted to SMW Central, it should be titled after the name given in his Bandcamp albums should it be available there.

For example, one of this site's submissions is called Mega Man X - Intro Stage (Beta Mix). The rip it is based on can be found on GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 7: Part mm2wood under the title "Cena Man X", so that should be the name it goes by here.

Likewise, we have Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (PAL Version), based on one of SiIvaGunner's more popular rips. This was of course featured in not one, but two albums, and in both cases it's titled "Athletic Doctor".

Besides, not only would it help separate the SiIvaGunner submissions from the more straightforward adaptations submitted to the site, but I personally think the album names need more recognition.
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