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i've been patching my ROM and adding some custom blocks recently, and i have this strange problem with pausing... when i press start to pause the game, the game crashes D:

i think it happened ever since i patched my rom with the 'darker pause screen' patch. after i patched it, i noticed some custom blocks weren't working, so i decided i'd rather have custom blocks than a darker pause screen. so i re-inserted the blocks, and then i couldn't pause the game. basically, start had no effect. i inserted some new blocks yesterday, and when i pressed start, the game crashed.

please help D:


i'm pretty sure i did, but i don't remember :(

EDIT: i just pointed the patch to some new free space, and i'm testing my blocks now.

EDIT EDIT: i just pointed it to some different free space... i thought this would've been a bigger problem because it was already pointed to free space. well, this can be closed i guess. :P


A while ago, I saw an IPS patch that made your hitbox size one 16x16 all the time, I need it, and it isn't in the patch section anymore. #w{:<}
If anyone has it, could you pass it to me? <;D

(I need it for a kirby hack I might be making) O.O


Thanks, but I've never hex edited before... heh.
Just downloaded Translhextion and I have no idea what I'm doing. #w{x(}


I got it to work.

Thanks a lot! :D


Some FG GFX I drew when I was bored. 8>

I have a better version somewhere with slopes


Originally posted by Neutron
@foop2164: woah, you're fairly new and you're drawing awesome graphics. I see a master in you.

Thanks! :D

Oh, and another screeny for today from YY-CHR, for the title screen of my Kirby hack:

Drew it from looking at a picture of it.


Thanks :3

I'm using it with the Kirby Dream Course BG, so it looks pretty good. :P


Hm... This looks interesting.

I'll sign up for FG. #w{=)}

(Don't judge by my postcount, btw. #w{>=)})


Originally posted by PercentN
Originally posted by foop2164
(Don't judge by my postcount, btw. #w{>=)})

True, and judging on what you posted recently, i cant wait to see what you come up with :3


I'm just sort of a perfectionist, so I'm hoping I don't take too much time on it... But the deadline's far away, so I got quite a bit of time. #w{=P}

I just don't know what the theme for my FG should be... |-O


Screen shot of the title screen of my newest hack:

(the bunch of gordos around kirby at the bottom bounce up and down like diggin' chuck's rock)

Comments? #w{=3}

EDIT: Lol ninja'd


Originally posted by Yonowaaru
Finally found a 'good' palette for my cloud submap:

~"cloud" submap~

If it's a cloud submap, why's it pink? #w{:s}


Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by foop2164
If it's a cloud submap, why's it pink? #w{:s}

The same reason Cloudrun's clouds in An Untitled Story were pink?

Meh, never played it.
I'm just used to clouds being white... The map is a bit complicated looking. #w{x(}

Edit: Lol ninja'd by you again! #w{=P}


Hm... I can't decide between drawing a water temple, canyon, or ghetto city... #w{:<}





Submit as much as we like? So we aren't limited to one entry, huh. That's good, cuz I have multiple ideas, and half finished one of them already! #w{=D}


The vine on the OW looks strange, and the palette for the level looks bad. It actually looks like you just used the original palette 4? :( Put a BG in, too.
Otherwise, the level and OW look good so far. #w{=)}


I'm really close to finishing one of my submissions, and it looks cool IMO :D


Looks good! :]

I really want to take a screen shot of the finished GFX I'm gonna submit to the GFX competition... But... I'll keep it a surprise. #w{=P}


Looks good so far! But like Uhrix said, add a custom palette. And... It's not vanilla if there's a custom sprite in it. #w{=P}


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