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So I did everything accordingly even if I put the bin file together with the asm and cfg file inside the sprite folder, when I use PIXI everything is all inserted fine but when I started playing and when i saw my Dynamic sprite, it still looks like it has other sprites GFX. I need help on how to fix this problem. Do I need to apply another patch?
Can someone please make a tutorial on how to convert the old sprites like the elite koopas?
Yes I am using SA-1 patch, and I am not using any custom Lava, im just using the normal act 5 and for Horiontal Level mode, how do I adjust it?
Hello guys can you help me step by step on how to convert the old sprites, such as the Elite Koopa sprites and Master Hand sprite. Thank you!
Hello codfish1002 how do I tweak the codes in the sprite. Im not good with coding because I might mess it up.#smw{^_^;}
Can someone help me on how to insert this sprite? It is too difficult for me. Because I get mixed up on where to put the files and also where to code it in.
I tried doing them step by step but i keep screwing up. i need a video or picture tutorial for this please..
How do I make the monkeys spit seeds out their mouths? I already put the seed.asm inside the extended folder but still there is no seed projectile. Any one can help me?
Is there any patch to fix the glitchy tileset?
I see now. Thank you for the respond ^^
When I inserted the sprite, the rock just falls down from the water. No matter how high I put the water, the sprite just falls straight down. Any solution to fix this?
I need help with the custom sprite "Level Ender".

Where do I change the music inside the asm file?
Because every timeI beat any boss enemies, the music will play an underwater level music instead of the boss clear music. Please help.
Didn't see any LDA but I just inserted typed it in before the STA $1DFB and it works! Thank you Codfish! :D
How about in Sprite form? Like in the ASM file? Can I change it inside ASM?
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