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New user here just trying to learn a little while having some fun. Primarily starting my hack by reskinning all the things, but have made a couple of small ASM edits to the ROM.

I am trying to find where in the code it controls how power-ups move when they come out of an item block. Have searched using every term I could think of, but couldn't find anything so I'm not sure if it's even possible. Seems like it would though. Optimally, the Mushroom, Flower, Feather, Star & 1UP would stay stationary and/or fall to the surface below and not slide, bounce or float.

Mainly, getting them to all react just like the Flower does is exactly what I am looking for, but need a little guidance while exploring the coding. Just starting out and plan on learning more past the basics as I go along.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Edit: I may have answered my own question. I was searching for individual power-up movement and not coding general sprite movements.

Found this tutorial thread that was further along than I'd gotten yet that seems to cover it.
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