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So it seems that some events have happenned while I had my back turned for one month, huh? (- -)=U

I feel like going back to hacking, since I don't have school this year...
K, first of all, let me explain. With some web-sites at hand, I decided to make a big poll. All sites' votes this poll is on have their vote counted. That means every vote you see here is not only made on this site, but also on others!

You can vote for more than one! You may also post this poll on any other forum you go to. I want to get the most vote possible out of it.

You can also put one of the contestant in your sig and stuff like that.
Ok, I downloaded those files.

First of all, those 2 other files you mention of (and renamed ExGFX80 and ExGFX81) are Map16 pages, and not ExGFX.

... And that's the big mistake. You'll have to remove those Map16 Pages from your ExGFX and use them as Map16 pages.
Originally posted by Rasto
...Oh. And how exactly do I do that?
Pressing F5 will export all MAP16 data in pages x0-xF to a new file. Pressing F6 will import it if such a file exists. F7 will export all MAP16 data in pages x10-x1F to a new file. F8 will import it. F2 will export only the currently shown MAP16 page. F3 will load it back in.

From the FAQ. F6 only enables/disables the toolbar. What the hell?

I think you have to be focussed on the Map16 editor >_>
Originally posted by Rasto
If by Map16 editor you mean the 16x16 tile editor, then no, it still just disables the toolbar and doesn't import the map16 files. If there's something else called a Map16 editor, then I have no clue what you're talking about.

Hm... By Map16 Editor, I meants 16x16 tile editor.

F6 does asks me if I want to load the Map16 page. This may be a problem with whatever...

My LM version is

I can't help you at that point.
I think you would have a very hard time getting permission from the composers of Fallout 3, just saying here. Fair Use would *probably* apply, although I am not an expert on the matter.

If you're REALLY not sure whether or not you need permission though, you COULD use a Public Domain Soundtrack... It shouldn't be hard to find one, I think!
SMWCentral is where I've started to get to know the real Internet, years ago. I was an idiot back when I joined, but I think it led me to improve a little bit still!

Also, if it wasn't for SMWCentral, I wouldn't know as much about computer science, I can tell you that.

A few months old, but still!

Made by Mandew and Space Yoshi X in Game Maker 8.1, Harvest is a game about collecting apples, dodging blue bomb things, and getting a good score, and having a good time! As your score goes up, so does the speed of the game!

It's a really, really simple concept, designed to resemble a Game & Watch game in the style of gameplay.

Game A has you control that guy, called Mandew, to collect every apples that fall down. When it becomes fast-paced, the game is about being quick, but not too quick! It's easy to miss an apple because you move out of the way too soon!

Game B has you control Mandew and a girl called Daisy. At times, 2 apples fall at once. Red apples only give you a point if Mandew collects it, and Yellow apples only give you a point if Daisy collects it. In essence, this one is more about making quick decisions; deciding which points are worth the risk and which are not!

Having an apple fall onto the ground counts as a miss. Catching an exploding blue ball also counts as a miss! Catching a heart will erase a previous miss, essentially working as an extra life! Get 3 misses, and it's Game Over!

Click here to see the game info/download the game!

- Title Screen:
-- Spacebar: Select a game mode.
-- Enter/Return: Begin game.
- Game Screen
-- Enter/Return: Pause game
-- Spacebar (while paused): Return to Title Screen
-- M: Music on/off
-- Game A:
--- Left: Move Mandew to the left
--- Right: Move Mandew to the right
-- </i>Game B</i>:
--- Left, to an empty space: Move a character to the empty space to the left.
--- Right, to an empty space: Move a character to the empty space to the right.
--- Left/Right against the wall: Switch Mandew and Daisy's position.

Feedback is appreciated!
I just use a recommended emulator, with the normal settings and an XBox360 controller, the model with a D-pad that is not entirely terrible.

In the case of ZSNES, I actually entirely disabled the rewind button, and I stay far away from F2 and F4. If a hack is too hard or too much of a chore for me to finish, I just quit playing it and do something else.
Making everything yourself takes about 10 tons of effort. Granted, I'm a bit into "DIY" when it comes to making things, but there's also plenty of people who made all these resources so they would be used. So unless you're absolutely willing to spend weeks just having the resources ready, why not use what's available? If anything, it makes the people who made or ported these resources happy.

And on the same topic, people around here clearly have differing strengths. If you have the right people working on the right aspects, you can make something really good, and if the team has a great chemistry, it will be a true winning team, 'cause making things'll be fun.
Most hacks are designed with this factoid in mind - more so than the actual base game! With that in mind, without spin-jumping, some situations would be harder than they actually should be. Conversely, it doesn't entirely make the enemies pointless. Even if you can spin-jump to avoid getting hurt, they will still be around, and with some good design, you may still be forced to deal with that enemy for a little longer than just the time for one spin jump.

So this effect of the spin jump isn't necessarily good, nor necessarily bad. It all depends on how well the author designed his hack with this in mind, same has to be said for any common knowledge that is present or absent.
Consider the following:

In the vanilla game, the level that I consider the toughest is Outrageous. This level has 14 screens and uses the Hopping Flame enemy, which I have the most difficulty dealing with, and also has a pretty high concentration of enemies. It is the second to last stage of the special world, and like all its Special World brothers, has no mid-point.

The lengthiest level in the game is Funky with 32 screens. The level comes at the very end of the special world. 8 of its screens are to be attributed to the Coin Message at the end, and the whole is effectively there to make the level gimmick meaningful. That being said, the stage is not as challenging as other Special World levels overall.

Where some may find these levels easy, others would struggle to get through them.
Allow me to rant a little here.

As a guy who has a complete and utter obsession with doing things himself, it's impossible for me to agree with Skull Kid.

Just getting yourself started on any aspect of creation takes big consecration of time and effort, finding the tools for the jobs, getting initiated to the most basic of techniques, etc. I can speak from experience. Editing GFX32.bin for a friend birthday project took me a whole week, and some assistance from another friend. Heck, I'm currently spriting whole sheets for a project, and that started back in February 2013. If the countless hours I put working on those sheets wasn't enough, imagine all the time I spent procrastinating. And I have 7 years of experience in spriting. My work is just now starting to get a *little* recognition.

And no matter how much effort you're willing to put into something you do the first time, there is absolutely no substitute for experience. A very, very little amount of people are going to judge your work by the amount of effort you put into it; rather, they'll judge it by its quality. This is a thing that makes getting into any art you are not used to anywhere from a little to very demoralizing, depending how much you are willing to get into it.

Oh, and there's a key word here! Willing! People do things they like to do, and that is perfectly normal. I wouldn't have done even 1 percent of the things I did if I didn't have fun making it happen. You can't tell someone who doesn't like being on the creating side of some artistic thing, to make a full set of everything by themselves. The result will just end up being a bad creation and a massive amount of time wasted.

If people actually want to try to get into an art, then by all means, they should put it their all and we should encourage them. If they don't, we shouldn't push them to do it.
I am currently onto a SMW custom sprite project.

A few days ago I started making my first few "custom" Sprites. Well, actually, I based myself on a disassembly for the first one, and on a general tutorial for the second one.

So what do these sprites do? They can go behind the scenery! They will only hit Mario when Mario is on the same "side" as they are.

Here's a video displaying them sprites.

I still gots to work out a few graphical kinks, but they're functional.
Originally posted by imamelia
That's...actually a pretty neat idea. Did you use $1632,x (and $13F9) for those? I was thinking a bit ago that I should update some of my sprites to make use of $1632,x in their graphics routine even if the sprite itself never sets it... In any case, those are not bad at all for your first sprites. Keep on coding.

Yes. Well, in fact, my Sprite uses $1632,x but only to handle collisions. The general idea is when the Sprite is not interacting with Map16 Tile $25, it sets a timer (currently, it's set into $1504,x although I am looking for a better place for it). If that timer is at 0, it will mirror $13F9 to guarantee a collision with Mario. If it's higher than 0, it will mirror $1594,x (which, as far as I know, is a largely unused Sprite table), where I actually store the "depth" of the sprite.

The timer is just so that the sprite doesn't hurt Mario just as its poking its first few pixels out.

I'm actually trying to get the Goombaround sprite to be largely dependent on its "Acts Like" value, but looking what I need to do for it, specifically for the graphics routine, proves pretty difficult. I've looked a little bit into all.log earlier to see how the generic sprites do it, but it's going to take me a while to find what I need to do...

Also thanks! I'll be sure to code more of that kind of thing. I already have some pretty neat, not-too-ambitious ideas to keep me going. First though I have to polish these Goombas.

This patch makes the player respawn instantly after death, if the player has more than 1 life left. To be patched using asar.

See: This video

The patch is functional, but there is still a few bugs to be found. And it's pretty hard to think of every situation!

Known things which have to be fixed:
- The music not changing on many music transitions.

I also feel that I need to make some optional patches in order to put this in a more useful state, but there are a lot of options to consider, so I was wondering what would make most sense, in options such as:

- Severely limiting the amount of lives the player can have.
- Implementing a continue system, which would bring the player back to the last save point instead of directly onto the overworld, if they got a Game Over without a continue.
- Alternatively, resetting the player's lives every time they go back to the overworld...

I'll keep on testing on my end. If any of you want to help the testing in all sorts of situation, you can PM me or something.

Otherwise, if you have any ideas on what to add onto this, feel free to post your ideas here!
Originally posted by Ruberjig
This is pretty cool here. I like the idea you went for here and I think its implementation is very nice, assuming you got the idea from NSMB. Good work :)

Yes, that is indeed where I got this idea!

Right now I'm fixing up a few kinks. Gonna see if I can make Mario respawn where he died, when he dies through enemy contact. That would reduce the chances of Mario respawning in places where he isn't supposed to be.
After much testing and help, I have finally submitted the patch. Here!
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Mandew's Profile - Posts by Mandew

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