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I am veery new here and do not understand a thing so of course I ran into some problems...
I changed the paths so that Mario goes from Yoshis island directly to the entry of Bowsers Valley.
Mario was supposed to go straight to Bowsers Castle but instead he goes off path and then he's softlocked :( ...
I have no idea what is the cause of this.
Originally posted by Thomas
It's hard to say cause I don't see anything particularly wrong with that path, but usually when this sort of thing happens it's because the path movement misaligned somewhere, so you just kinda have to play around with it until it works. It may be that curve on the entry is too sharp, you could try something like this instead:

It worked. Thank you very much #smw{:TUP:}
I can´t open PIXI on my computer #w{:<}
Are there some older sprite insertion tools that could work on Windows XP?
Thank you for this Tutorial. I really needed this because PIXI did not want to work on my very new pc.

I put a few of these floating platforms (4 in total) in lava but two of them kind of gliched out.
I also had klimbing koopas but their head was that one gliched sprite from those platforms, so I had to remove them...
Does anyone know a solution to these problems?
I really want to upload my hack but don't know if yoshi houses count as level exits :( (because you do not really "beat" these levels)
Please help
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