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Just a thread on your thOughts on this musical genious.

Status of my Hack:

If anyone in the world hates any of the Beatles songs, just... I can't even begin to say it. This thread is just for Positive Beatle comments. Got it?

Fav songs:
-Yellow Submarine
-Eleanor Rigby
-Back in the USSR
-Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

Remember: POSITIVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!

Status of my Hack:

Whenever I edit my hack on Lunar Magic, i save them, and later i can also find that i still have those levels saved. However, when i start playing my hack on ZSNES, none of my edits work. Can anyone help me to find out why?

Status of my Hack:

Thanks for everyone's suggestions, and i finally found my problem, which was having an ips patch of a previous version of my game in the folder. Still, don't think this thread should end. If anyone finds that they have the same problem as me, they should be able to see plenty of solutions to solve their problem.

Status of my Hack:

Send me any file to beta test via Rapidshare or similar and I will beta test it for you.

I would prefer if you sent me the file by PM'ing me. Better so only I get the file. Also, I may think about filming my beta tests, so you can see exactly how I reacted to your game.

Status of my Hack:

I will test anyone's hack for them. If I can, I will record my testing and upload it to let you see what I thought of the entire hack, as in specific details. So please let me test.

Status of my Hack:

I can't seem to figure out why this happens, but I need help to solve my dillema:

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Note: In the video, Two problems i have are:
-The graphics glitch when I hit the P-switch
-Near the end, notice that the animation for the brick mess up, even before i do anything

Status of my Hack:

Can I have caracc's level if he doesn't confirm, please?

Also, I probably shouldn't ask, but if anyone else decides to give up their level, i'll be willing to take it.

Status of my Hack:

I have a level, in case caracc doesn't comfirm. just sayin'

Status of my Hack:

Well, the musical "Tommy" has him dreaming extravagant images, even though he's deaf, dumb (Can't talk), and blind.

Status of my Hack:

First, when I try to patch fade fix, it doesn't work.
Then, when i try Piranna plant fix, it does more bad than good.
Now, i tried the vertical BG fix patch, and , not only does it not work, I can't enter the game from the start menu. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Status of my Hack:

im using xkas GUI

Status of my Hack:

My hack demo, Super Rtyuio World: Part 1, so far is doing good. However, I'm currently working on the full version. If anyone wants to play test my hack, I would be grateful. PM me if interested.

BTW, I prefer LP commentary testing, But I really don't care.

Status of my Hack:

Well, It's Taken over a year, but finally, I have a decent version of Super Rtyuio World to present! My hack has everything, from custom graphics, palettes, and music, to a brand new overworld, and a brand new plot.

UPDATE: If anyone wants to LP this hack, use this link to download the game.


Mario had heard rumors of an underground, secret mine filled with priceless jewels and metals. He set out with a map in search of this legendary location. However, when he found the island, his boat was caught up in a big storm and crashed. Having washed up on a nearby shore, he set out to find out where his boat crashed, and where the mines were. But, as his progress increased, he started noticing some very odd behavior from the locals. Also, why were the fort owners holding helpless creatures prisoner?

It's your job to locate your shipwreck, and get to the bottom of the mystery on these islands. Are you up to the task?

How far has this game come? Well, here are some screenshots of my game. (As of April 28, 2010):

As you can see, my hack has come a very long way after an entire year of working on my hack. Custom music, GFX, ExGFX, and maybe even sprites are in this hack. Rather than post my own videos, i'll post the video's of SacredSilverYoshi's LP of my hack (This version is older, but most of the basic level designs and ideas are the same):

<object width="500" height="405"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="500" height="405"></embed></object>

Leave comments. Even if you don't like the hack, just say why, and I can improve from that. Just don't spam "YouR h4cK 5uck5 bCausE u 5uCk!1!". I really worked hard on this, and people have said that it was a very fun hack to play. Currently, it's almost done, but I can't give a date yet. The last world and bonus land are still being made. If you can, go to my Files page to play the newest version out. Any glitches in it are because it's unfinished, so just warning you.

Status of my Hack:

I would like:

Level 123 (26, 17, 50)

Level 12 (34, 48, 51)

Level 1E (Freestyle!)

Also, I would like level B5 for the intro, please.

Status of my Hack:

First off, the ? block was originally going to be used to get to the key in the first level. I must have changed the method to get up there and forgotten to get rid of that block. Second, the shell jumping was not required, there was an invisible block there he could hit (BTW, the pipe was enterable.) He really likes the hack, and I sugest you watch more of his videos of my game (unless you don't want spoilers to the puzzles.) The version on SMWCental right now is the demo. The latest version can be found on my files page (Check date.)

Status of my Hack:

Look's like it is very good. Keep up the good work.

Status of my Hack: