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Edit: I don't use the BCC #$(insert value here), so I forgot some... Edited to show correct info.
BCC with a value next to it does a relative jump by the number of bytes specified by the number next to it. For example:
LDA $1493
BCC #$02
LDA #$01
STA $1497;it would go here
This is a randomly generated code. It checks if level goal is set or not. If it is, It will make mario invincible for a frame. If not, it does nothing.
Well I wasn't sure of how to make it clickable.....
Originally posted by scepile3
Edit: oh, and on a random note, I finally learned how to convert zsnes videos to avi files! :)
The RAM address $76 is more than direction. It controls scroll and Mario's head position.
I was just making an xkas patch.... and then I accidentally put FF into 76. When I tried it, Mario's head moved. I decided to experiment with that address, increasing and decreasing it with L and R (using L and R patch). This is what happened.

[HHEdit: URLs are nicer when they're clickable.]
Well, you could do some research on this.
Did it crash without 60 coins? LDY #$01 is supposed to be before LDA #$30, because Y might be different than one. You need to change Y before hand. Mario is touching the block more than a frame. You might want to make sure which frame Mario crashes at, during or after first touching the block. I recommend using small Mario to test because Mario's head takes a frame to move to where it's graphic is. In other words, tell us if the game crashes when Mario touches the block or one frame after. Move LDY #$01 to right before or after LDA #$30. (Y might not be 1.) Also check if the game crashes when he has less than 60 coins.
1. Depends on the address.
3. You should just put LDA #$00 STA $7F8table,x.
5. It is EOR $--,x
1. Well, $0660 resets with a reset of the emulator, $C100 resets when emulator is exited, sprite adresses (the ones that need to be intiated) reset when you exit the level, etc. I forgot something. SRAM is kept no matter what.

2. You might want to research on this:
HORZ                LDX $95		    ; Mario X pos high
SETUP               PEA LEVEL1	            ; push teleport destination
	            PLA		            ; low byte
	            STA $19B8,x	            ; write exit table
	            PLA		            ; high byte
	            ORA #$04	            ; exit present
	            ORA #PROPERTIES1	    ; $02 = Secondary Exit, $0A = Water Level
	            STA $19D8,x	            ; write high bit and properties
                    LDA #LEVEL_NUM1         ; \ set level
                    STA $13BF               ; /
                    RTS                     ; return
5. When the hex is 00 without any opcode supporting the number, it means a BRK, a "bomb" that blows up the whole bit. The FFs might be doing this because: The opcode FF is:
SBC $xxxxxx,X
and if the whole thing is FF, it is:
I am not sure what FF: is though.
The opcode movement was to ensure that the block worked before 60 coins. I really don't understand how LDA $0DBF SEC SBC #$3C STA $0DBF RTL crashes the game. Try adding an on/off block to change the on/off counter before touching the block to see if LDA $14AF BNE rtour is crashing the block.
Edit1: Well, here it is: *wipes dust off tiny, trashed booth*
Edit: It seems lonely..... too lonely..... I should leave and come back later....
Well, it's sort of like the SSBB life counter display. It displays a symbol that replaces the name(you know, MARIO/LUIGI). It shows the number of lives normally when your life quantity gets to/passes 6. Here is a video:
<embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="">
Note the top left corner. I can't seem to figure out how to display it on the OV also. The video is long... I know... I only changed the pallete in the status bar editor. The graphic was drawn, but besides these two things, it is from one patch. I should release it now.... and see if it has any effect....
Edit1:Darkrai, that's a good idea. I make stories up as I go. I'm stronger in the follow-through, but don't expect much... I do little by little...

Edit:Oh, and don't forget this site with tutorials:

Well, I recently stumbled upon RPG Maker, so here's a tutorial on making a platform movement. (like SMW) I don't understand it though. It uses events. (RPG Maker 2003/RPG Maker 2000)
Well, those "codes" you speak of seem like events. Those events don't really relate to online.
Edit:Before you say wrong editor, try using Game Maker, or something to that effect, its for like a minigame and/or CBS(custom battle system). You will be in the credits and all that.
Oh, and does anyone know how to event the platformer type movement into RPG Maker 20003? I put a tutorial I didn't understand in my previous post...
Here is a base game for link/zelda fans:

Note: I just found this. I didn't make it. It comes with moblins (found in A Link to the Past, I think), the menu screen for the same game, Link from the Minish Cap, bombs, bow and arrows, and the sword (all in Minish Cap style). The problems with it (that I see) are:

1. You only get hit when you run into their faces (fix by changing
the event start thing to touched by hero),

2. They never follow you, just wander around (fix by adding guard
thingy into each moblin and add a chase mode), and

3. the menu screen just doesn't fit with the Minish Cap style.
Edit: I think I found a download with english patch... I'm not sure. Google can be an enemy at certain times... Well, that website also seems to have info on Action Game Maker.
I checked on the net about this Action Game Maker, and some say that there won't be an english version... (scepile3: or is that your bad google skills?) I found a forum on it... It seems cool, based on the info there... or was that something else?
Edit: I think I just proved you wrong... Power patch lets you put scripts into your game, and there are online scripts. (not sure if they are bad or not)
I think I found one! This is the discription of the download:
A patch, which adds a scripting language to the RPG Maker. You can change the game variables using the scripting language (e.g. SetVar(14, (GetVar(15)*GetVar(14)+3)^2)), copy files, use all keys as well as the mouse, change the resolution and much more. And - you can extend it with self-made plugins (so you'll be able to make an Online-Gaming-Plug-In and use it with the Power Patch)
Here's the download:
It is in German though... I can't read German... This is a link to the webpage I found it on. It also has verious other RPG Maker tools.
I have a feeling this forum would do you some good:

Well, in other words, a RPG Maker 2003/2000 Power patch is what you need. You would then need to learn one of the programming languages that is compatable, and make heavily scripted stuff to make it internet compatible (or refer to the second page of the forum and discover the script).

On a random note: What is an MMORPG? (scepile3: Can this post get any longer? scepile: Yes. scepile3: It was a retorical question! scepile: SP! scepile3: Wait... why did the link split in half? Enter was never used there...)
Well, if you want to cram more levels without using much OV room, you can make a little level with warps leading to others. Sort of like Keytastrophe's sound/music test, where you have a level with various pipes. Take a pipe, it leads to a room with music on. Now, replace the pipe with a warp you want, and insert a level instead. Do this for various levels, and you now have a lot of levels in one.
I don't think the idea is good, just don't annoy me or anyone else about it. *runs and hides in a little corner*
I saw a mistake on your submap... the bottom left of the land has a red edge. (the land in the top left corner) I saw it in the post, but nt in the actual image...
To keep this post from being just a bump, how would World Zero fit Peach's Castle, Mario's House, Toad Town, and Toad Town Sewers? Will it be the main OV?
I'm liking how the OV is turning out... I might play the game when it comes out, if it is worth the effort... : )
I see how it would work out.

Nevermind about the OV thing, I opened the image and saw none. When I saw the post, I could see it though... weird...
It is not immpossible. Roy modified the boss Roy from SMW to spit fireballs. You need to find the ASM code of the boss in all.log, use a hex editor to change the coding for the boss (in hex, of course), and there you go! An edited SMW boss. If you want to see the edited SMW boss, Roy, it's in the ASM Projects show-off thread, vid. Embed= ban thread. There is also the link to the first page of the thread. I use a setting of showing 200 posts per page, which might be different than yours, so, yah. For me, it's on page three, and in other words, the post is number 641 (or so) of the whole thread. I sill don't know how to put links directly to a certain post...

You need a hex editor, a whole lot of ASM knowledge, the free time, a whole lot of buggy testing, and also all.log.
... I really don't understand... ""Trigger" of the ominous music sprite"... what? "The 4 way circle things"?
I don't use OV sprites or stuff like that (especiaaly since I dont do SMW Hacking), but can't you just use the randomizer code to decide whether to pull you in or not? You can also change GFX with the sprite, can't you? I tried changing GFX of a sprite by adding in the same GFX display code, but with different GFX. For you, you could just jump to a GFX drawing thing to change the GFX... Here is what I'd think you would need...

(misc. OV sprite stuff....)
[insert randomizer routine(found in various sprites like the SMB2 Birdo)]
AND #$[insert number here]
BEQ Skip
JSR GFX Routine...
(other sprite coding)

Also, if you want to put something new in your post when there are no replies, you can and should use the "Edit" button...
Edit: I forgot, the "Edit" button is in the top right corner of your own post, directly to the right of "Quote" button.
Originally posted by Ddoomm10
Originally posted by Scepile3
Q1: Load the P switch time and store it into an unused RAM address that carrys over from one level to the next. Next, during level loading, Load that unused RAM adddress and store it into the P switch time.

I have NO freaking clue what the heck Scepile3 meant with that!

@Ddoomm10 - I found a new way to do this:
Go to address $002854 in a hex editor, replace it with EA EA EA EA EA EA
That should do what you wanted, to make both POW timers stay active. I haven't tested it though...

To keep the star timer active, go to address $00285D and put EA EA EA
Yet again, I haven't tested this.

What I meant from that was:
in the level fading code...
STA $0660
STA $0661

in the level loading code...
LDA $0660
LDA $0661
As you see, both POW timers got loaded to the accumalator and was put into unused RAM. In the level loading, the unused RAM was loaded and stored into the timers.
The hex editing way removes the code that initially made the POW timers zero.
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scepile's Profile - Posts by scepile

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