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I've made my own (walk through) FG to make a level more interesting.
So, I wanted to upload it, to share it with all of you.


It's a .bin
But if you want to use it, you have to build it by yourself in the 16x16 editor. But of course, that takes time.

I know, that isn't the right way, but how can I do it?

It's good by me, but I don't know how other people will receive it. Building by yourself the right parts isn't fun, of course. So how can I do it in another way?
Thanks you two, especially WhiteYoshiEgg! :)

I've two more question: :)
+ If I want to submit my file, do I only have to submit the two Map16 ones, do I need to input the .bin?
+ If I want to creat a sprite, (I did already) what do I have to do then?

And Thank you very much so far!!
1. Thanks. Now I can submit it! :)
2. Sorry, I meant: ExGFX for a sprite, like a new Goomba.
My submitted FG isn't accepted. Why?
It isn't there. It was called: [FG] Treeset.
How do you make an animated ExGFX? (like water)
Is it possible to make for example Iggy faster? How?
And is it possible to change the movie, wich play itself when you killed a boss?

Thank ya.
Thank ya. I think if you are a mod you should be a great one. You always awnser and with good awnsers.

Well, maybe me, but how do I have to find that(First awnser)? I don't have to create a new sprite, do I?
True yoshicookiezeus, that was wat I ment, too.:D
Thanks for the awnsers!
0385E $00:B65E 14 bytes Palette Iggy/Larry Platform Pallette

I canged this one, but it doesn't work. I showed up like the old one.
Is this a fault or just me?
Thank you all! I random chose numbers, but that was my fault!

I wanted to put a screenshot here....
This can be close now, I knew the awnser in my previous post, it wasn't ment to another reply...

But thanks for your help.
How do some people create backgrounds like real pictures? Is it possible to convert them? :?
Yeah! Eindelijk! Ik heb (alweer) een vraag voor iedereen die mij kan helpen. Ik weet dat je voor eigen muziek een schone SMW rom nodig hebt. Maar, ik ben al lang aan mijn hack begonnen... Hij is niet meer 'schoon'. Hoe zou ik er voor kunnen zorgen dat ik bijvoorbeeld eigen muziek dan tóch in mijn hack krijg?