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Hi everyone, I'm Sam. I've been on Central for about a month or so and already played some amazing rom hacks!

I've recently started a Youtube channel where I play casual hacks whilst commentating over them and trying to be funny (trying....).
I always mention the creator of the hack that I'm playing and leave a link to the game's download page. Although I'm a very very very small fish at the moment with barely any views, hopefully in time people will click on my videos, then click on the links and have a go at these awesome games for them for themselves #tb{^V^}

Looking forward to playing many more amazing hacks #smw{:TUP:}

My channel in case anyone is interested:
I just played Gauntlet by Easy Difficulty and absolutely loved it! The Chuck boss really made me laugh and there's a couple of nice little surprises as you go on. One thing I wanted to discuss though, it's rated as Standard: Hard. After the first fortress, it get's really difficult. Still fun, just a lot harder than I would say for Standard: Hard. I've never played any Kaizo hacks before but I imagine the later levels could fall under Kaizo: Beginner maybe?

Would be good to hear from others who have played it #tb{^V^}
It's always fascinated me how people have the patience to play Kaizo games. They look very 'trial and error' by nature and I think I would get frustrated way too quickly. Respect to all the Kaizo players out there, you're really fun to watch but give me a good old Standard: Normal / Hard hack any day to actually play. I don't mind the odd surprise Kaizo level being thrown into a Standard hack, but generally speaking I find it more satisfying to be able to get through a game without having to repeat the same sections over and over constantly #smw{:TUP:}
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