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You know, that famous 10 minute video of Mario in an automatic level, is the IPS patch for this available somewhere?

I see other levels on the map and i'm curious on what could they be.
Hello, I love SMW, I played many romhacks, most of them not entierly, but I don't really follow whats going on inside the community, or how are things evolving, and haven't played many hacks released in the last 5 years.

I recently played the Super Mario /V/orld trilogy and was impressed by some graphics, musics, asm and all. I've also played Celeste smc and Casio Mario.
Everything seems to have evolved a lot in how the hack are made and on what is it actually possible to do.

So, I was wondering, what is considered the ultimate hack by the community?

I remember back then it seemed to be Brutal Mario. I remember this game was very impressive for its time, but I've seen better things now. So yeah, whats a hack who is as impressive and good nowadays as Brutal Mario was back then.

Thank you.
Originally posted by Skewer
There's no way to actually get a concrete answer as everybody has their own definition of what the best hack evar has been, but I think we can all universally agree that any of the VLDC collaboration hacks fit the bill as it's mostly vanilla, has levels loved by plenty of people and are highly anticipated if such a collaboration is announced.

"Vanilla" means no ASM or custom graphix?

Also, I know there is no defikitive answer but... Mona Lisa, Zelda OOT, The Simpsons, Back To The Future...
All of these are considered masterpieces in their category. Isn't there a hack famous for being excellent?
In fact I think I am just looking for a "modern Brutal Mario".
Originally posted by TurkishMario0909
Where is link?

In Hyrule.
Track Name
Say So - Doja Cat

Do as you want

Audio Reference

Note Data Reference
Originally posted by Koopster
It's very hard to pinpoint a single hack as the "ultimate" hack cause there are many ways to gauge the quality of a hack. Are you looking for something that peaks at fun, looks, passion, or just raw ASM effort?

Despite saying it's hard to choose just one, I can't help but have APFAS come to my mind, as it is what I consider to be the most professional work done in recent years. It's well designed, looks gorgeous and has a large amount of custom code. It is the result of over a decade of hard work from the author so I think it deserves the shoutout.

As for a hack that peaks in passion, which is something that matters a lot to me, I would point out SMW: Gaiden, but I doubt that's what you're looking for.

Obviously these are merely personal opinions.

I think I am looking for something similar to Brutal Mario. Impressive ASM, graphics, musics... not hard diffictulty, and not a joke hack
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