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This looks nice just one doubt, what will be the difficulty of this hack?
It looks pretty good it would be great if this hack was released sometime in october it would be a great month
its alright take your time until its all over
This looks pretty good. I like that there are more collaborative hacks. I only have one question. The soundtrack is 100% original from that game?, it is that there are some songs from that game that I had never heard and if it is, one day you will put it in the smwcentral ports?.
this looks very good i like the background of the level 6-2 just a one petition the bowser last world may have a planet theme in the space inspired by mario galaxy with some lava levels and some airship levels could be an epic theme for an end world
this looks nice lets remember that your are the master of sticky roof
well i know that this hack has yet to be finished but they are on the right track keep up your project it looks very promising good luck
this looks great it reminds me of all plumber for all seasons, good luck in your project
nice trailer, i like the caracter are cute, although the trailer spolied (not all) many levels, but not bad. Good luck in your progress
this looks so synthwave i like it
is it me or is the font from barbie
wow that was unexpected i wasn't expecting a gambol sequel I really enjoyed the first gambol and seeing that a sequel is announced interests me .Just a doubt the length of the sequel will be the same as the first gambol or much longer
Well I wouldn't call them my favorites but the one I liked to much, the one with the video game super princess peach for being the first game where she is the protagonist and not mario, the one of the mario 3D world for being a playable character (although it already existed in the SMB2 but i like the design of 3D world), well this is not from an official videogame of nintendo but i want to add to the hack SMB peach adventure of BWGlite because I like its design based of SMB, and finally to the one of the movie of the 2023 Cause I went from being a girl in trouble to a heroine. Well that was the princess peach what else I liked
It looks really cool. I like the idea that there are two secret exits instead of one. That will give the player more of a challenge to find the two. As for the style, there is nothing more to say, it is choconilla style and you are good at it
this looks nice I like how you have improved in smwhacking, acquiring your own style, presenting this hack in a race is one of the best ideas you have ever had.
not bad. The first hack, despite its bugs, has some interesting and creative ideas inspired by JUMP. I played some of the demo of the sequel and I found it fun. You have many good ideas for your sequel. Regarding the first hack, I like that it has reached 1000 downloads. that hack is becoming known little by little I wish you luck in your second project
hi I just found out about this thread and I found it interesting, well, as a request, you could make an art of this youtuber possing with princess peach