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I'd like to know which ones work with the SNES Mini please.

A lot of the ones that use Lunar Expand or have the death counter mod (like SMWCP2 - is it possible to remove it?) don't work on Canoe and I prefer to keep it stock. A few others used it, removed it and they work without it.

A lot of the others do perfectly, even Plumber For All Seasons which is very impressive.
I'm trying to learn Kaizo by using the recommended beginner hacks like 2K2L, Kindergarten and L2K but am stumped with the mechanics/timing for:

Goomba Bubble Jump (2K2L) and Shell Jump (L2K). I can occasionally hit it but it seems like pure luck. Watched a few videos online and noone seems to clearly demonstrate the timing and button presses.

Any help? These moves are pretty much vital to Kaizo and I'm learning the rest with practice but just need to make this click.

One of the things which makes SMW so good is the level design. I'm learning Kaizo at the minute but am wondering which titles replicate the same official feeling? Can be a little more difficult as well but its got to have that special something Nintendo always have.

Do you know what I mean?

Its about the placement, the design. How the challenge increases perfectly with each level.

Return to Dinosaur Land is the best I've played so far. Its so legit I'd believe it was SMW 2: The Lost Levels if Nintendo said so.
Originally posted by crocodileman94
I'm gonna suggest the hacks made by Gamma V.

Thanks, the Luigi Land one looks great. The addition of new physics, wall jumps without veering too far seem like nice modernizations. Plus the reviews are very good.

Originally posted by Katerpie
It plays and feels like the original SMW, but its difficulty turns brutal as you go on.

That turns me off really. I've downloaded and tried a few but lots are very poorly designed or obviously aimed at very well seasoned players. Just trying to learn the beginners Kaizo hacks was tough. Have you completed it yourself? How far into it did you play before it became difficult? The screenshots look pretty hectic and a few comments said its not recommended.

I don't mind, say, a 25-50% increase in difficulty over Star Road levels from the original but thats the limit. One thing I noticed from learning Kaizo is how agile your finders have to be as a lot of moves are frame perfect.
Its really neat when they are placed to show the optimal flow through the stage or to draw your attention to something. Everything should have a reason to be on the screen.
I like the art style but the old mario font clashes with it. Consider a recolored version of the SMW Mario, maybe use a nice yellow to stand out over background:

Or if you can have the SMW sprite redrawn as a cat.

I think that would really fit the aesthetic you're aiming for while looking different.

Was thinking it would be nice to see a hack built around the mechanic of different sized Marios. The kind of levels where you have a Kaizo style flow through them (without the crazy stuff) so its about being in the zone. Sort of like one of those running titles as Mario is constantly in motion.

The unique thing is you press L or R to shift between Marios scale so he is either super mini, normal or extra large depending on the section. Its all about quick thinking and commands are only jump or shift.

From what I've read I don't think giant Mario is possible without SA-1.

The other, more basic, idea is an endless runner through levels with color coded platforms where you switch between Mario or Luigi using L/R as you hop over obstacles. Sort of like the Ikaruga gimmick

but platforming.
Real good overview. Kaizo is tough to learn, even the intro hacks don't really cover the fine mechanics that need a lot of muscle memory and knowhow of the title.

Its amazing how much subtlety was built into SMW and its controls to allow all of this freedom.
Thats fine, its your hack just inspiring. To me the mix between the 8/16 bit art styles is very jarring. Even a redo with a hybrid style like this:

has more harmony. From a design perspective the characters visibility is crucial in terms of contrast and being eye catching. Personally I don't like the cat mario but added to illustrate. I do think your art style is cool though and deserves a main sprite that matches. Food for thought:

A repaint of the SMW sprite in a zombie style above fits your theme perfectly. I genuinely thought you were using the 8 bit sprite as a placeholder until you made a custom. Everything else screams lots of effort.
Maro in Green Hill Zone! I like the intelligent placement of coins. Is it possible to add in the triple jump mechanic from NSMB? If so that would work very well with your idea and open up new play options.

Think like a slower pinball game in terms of wall jumping platforms. A section of jumping through hoops and a region of those spinning platforms with precise timing would be satisfying.
Thanks. It really seems to be a critical skill for Kaizo but nothing precise is online about it. Its like every one just figures it out but can't explain it fully. Whatever the timing is.

I need a frame by frame video of button presses to copy really as there is no proper tutorial for it.
Cool. I'm just thinking whats doable and might be fun. With triple jump I was seeing sections of moving platforms and an alternate route to a collectable. Two ways, either standard or triple jump with perfect timing for the bonus.

Add in those Mario 64 style wall jumps being strung together to hit higher levels as well. In general a much faster play mode but not quite Sonic as there is still control. Lots of emphasis on angles and two routes through each stage. Basic and advanced moves.

Nice change of pace.
Cool man, try it and see. Post up the edits of both and see what other people think but most of all use what you like best.
Originally posted by Koopster
This could not be the direction you're looking for, since this is not a hack that looks like SMW at all, but one of the most professionally-crafted (this is how I interpreted the "special something from Nintendo" you mentioned in your post) hacks out there is APFAS. Excellent and thoughtful level design, just an all-around very well crafted hack. Quite challenging too.

This one is very nice. It works (almost perfectly) on Snes Mini as well. There are issues with checkpoints and savestates but the actual save works.

Something about Nintendo level design is so perfect in terms of challenge. Would like to try this:

Super Mario World Central Production 2

But it doesn't load on the Mini. I know some titles which use of Lunar Expand don't work and it doesn't like the death counter either. Any fixes available or workarounds?
Very handy, thanks. There are so many hacks on here and almost all are over 4/5 rated. Makes it tough to pick something and try it.

Which hack have you played the most? Which one say you is most favorite?
All of them are quite tough. The skills all need muscle memory and some of the subtle points are never mentioned. Learn 2 Kaizo and Kaizo Kindergarten are probably the best but even they are hard in parts.

I like how they teach one technique at a time though. Then you've just got to get good #smw{@_@}
Anyone ever made a hack or edit of Mario Sunshine with just the FLUD-less levels?

Those ones felt most Mario and were really cool. Anyone ever hacked this title? Specifically those levels are more would be nice or just being able to play those without the rest of the game via some edit.
Has anyone made a video doc or article about the history of SMW hacking? Or even a thread on here from people that know? Wondering how all of this got started and how people even started remixing the game so hard using the ROM.

Pretty cool when you think about it. Lantus talked about it here:

But the SMW bit really interests me as people have made whole new titles from it. That and so much variety/modes of play far beyond the original. Just goes to show how good the code was originally.