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Hey Everyone, In This Hack, Made Graphics, Patches & Tweaks. 9 Bonus Rooms No Horizontal Scroll & Chocolate Island 2 Disabled Collecting Coins, Time Counting Down & Yoshi Coins. Don't Press Post History.

Download Link:

Ingame Play Screenshots:

Version History:

V1.0 (2023.05.01):

- Better Cap Mario (Graphics By Dark Mario Bros)
- The Real Item Box
- Custom Palette Overworld Border By Ragey
- Changed Graphics Koopas, No Shell To Shy Guy & Walking Ninji
- Star Coin (Graphics By Elsayed Mukhtar)
- SIMW - Powerups & POW (Graphics By Isikoro)
- SMB3 To SMW Pipe
- Global Graphics By Marcos Moutta
- Marcos Moutta's Custom Sprite Sets
- SMAS SMB3 Clouds
- NSMB SNES - 3-UP Moon (Graphics By Mr. Pixelator)
- SMW Beta - Object Coin & Sprite Moving/Directional Coin
- Yoshi (SMB3 Style)
- SMAS SMB3 - Platform
- Green Star Block (SMB3 Style)
- Custom Door (Graphics By KT)
- Changed Graphics Super Koopa To Ninji
- Ragey's Custom Sprite Sets
- 9 Bonus Rooms, No Horizontal Scroll
- SMAS SMB2 - Key
- Changed Graphics Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother To Sledge Bro

Patch & Tweak Features:
SMB3 Koopa Patch By Major Flare & Mattrizzle
Autosave By Alcaro
Stomped Goomba

V1.1 (2023.05.02):

- SMW Beta - Grass Tileset
- Custom Yoshi (Graphics By Sonikku)
- Enhanced Outlined Mario & Yoshi In Overworld (Graphics By MM102)
- Ghost House Exit Sign (SMB3 Style)

Patch Features:
Disable Mario Powerup Animations By Maarfy
Classic Fireball By Alcaro
Multi Coin Block Reward By Mandew
Some SnesBRR Not Decoded, Like A Using BRRTools.
Hi, How To Do Use Counterbreak For Coin & Powerup End Level.
Hi, How To Do Use Raccoon Mario Powerup Patch, Please.
How To Do Use Wrong Game Title In Lunar Magic?
May 30, 2008
Hi, How To Make Backup Copy Of The ROM Before You Lock It.
How To Make 3 Yoshi Coins Rewarding With 1UP From SMW Hack "Super Mario Bros. The Invaders Of Mushroom Kingdom By Alex No & Mario Mania By Hammerer".
How To Make Disable Cape Flight (UberASM Version) From SMW Hack "Luigi's Adventure Overseas Edition - The Lost Levels By Anikiti".

How To Make No Overworld (Patch Version) From SMW Hack "Mario Mania By Hammerer".
Originally posted by MORC
So, I'm back at making the map again. I've updated the Forest Map to include a river.

I'm currently trying to get ideas for the main map. I'm considering splitting the seaside world levels into the other worlds as I don't feel there are enough water levels to justify it, in the other hand some levels just don't fit anywhere else. I'm open to suggestions as always.

Good Map, VLDC6 Coming Soon.
What Happened Is Yoshi's Island 3 Entering Underground, Entering Pipe and Crashed ROM. Problem Emulator Snes9x and bsnes, Need ZSNES.
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