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Originally posted by SpicySeafood
Of course not easy enough for everyone to get 100%, but not hard enough that even the enthusiasts are only getting half right. There should be a reasonable balance (e.g. the median user should be getting 40-55% correct). Additional songs can be brought out as tiebreakers if multiple people get all songs, or if there are ties for first place. Though such situation is unlikely.
You need to keep in mind that these are Spin-Offs and Solo Games, they're unique games in their own right. Additionally 40-55% is near unbelievable if you're talking about the site as a whole unless it was all mario games. Taste in VGM and games themselves varies so differently from person to person it'd be hard to have somebody share the exact same taste as another on the site.

I really fail to see why submitting with half right is a bad thing. It's effortless to submit a pm with your answers too. You can still guess the other half and you might be correct. Of the half you have right you never know if you're the only person to get it for an additional point.

Originally posted by Milk
I know one of the mediums but I can't place the game currently and it's killing me. Couple other mediums sound vaguely familiar and that's about it. Seems I don't know stand alone games very well.

Having been thrown off by every easy entry for the moment, it makes me wonder how people decide what are considered easy (and so on) games.
I can't speak for the other hosts but I decided the ranking of each entry by how mundane and mainstream they are. I also tried to make sure the ones in the easier categories were more recognizable for the type or genre of the game so people might have an easier time.

I believe the VGM guessing contest was an opportunity to introduce others to the VGM I myself enjoy. Though not entirely composed of esoteric music, that'd be mean spirited and disheartening as few would know.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
You still want to tell me these contests are easy enough?
Nobody is saying it's absolutely easy. In fact the contest is itself supposed to be difficult. You're guessing music based on knowledge. Various knowledge based contests or identification contests can be difficult based on how large the subject matter is. VGM happens to be incredibly diverse and subjective.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
In contrast, songs with an ID rate of 0% are equally a waste of space...
You're making it seem like there's over half the songs that are unidentified. It's really more like 1-2 possibly. Even then this is applicable if you chose random numbers and asked people to guess them. There's always a chance one particular one isn't identified because of the sheer volume of entries. Usually lack of knowledge of vgm that the judge prefers doesn't help people narrow down selections.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
I think these contests have become too much about the hosts' esoteric tastes...
You saw the first contest right? Several of them were fairly unknown as well. The contest is a host selecting VGM they enjoy that they believe others would know. We don't choose some weird track that doesn't fit with the rest of the game, it's one that's instantly recognizable to them. Just because you yourself are having a bit of an issue with ever really guessing things then don't complain about it. You don't know how many others do or don't know it. Also if you aren't entering then why do you care, you haven't seemed to have entered many of the contests yourself. Additionally as I've stated none of these are esoteric other than the special ones. They're all fairly reasonable to know if you know the judge or at least are relatively up to date.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
If the list Milk and I have prepared for August is still too hard, I apologize profusely, but at least we've genuinely striven to give our contest a broader appeal.
Honestly I don't know if that's completely possible, you'd need to put in a bunch of 100% know rate songs to encourage people. It seems like people get discouraged from submitting anything at all, i'm guilty of such but it's an ongoing issue. Again there's always the possibility of songs being unidentified, VGM music is diverse and the taste in it is subjective. Common VGM to you may not be common to everyone.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
Less host specific songs.
Well gee what on earth do you propose then? That we stick a bunch of vgm that's ridiculously simple such as the smb overworld theme in the contest then only add some vgm that the host actually chooses? It'd defeat the point of having it be a challenge to guess the music. This isn't an everybody gets 100% contest, it's more "who's the most knowledgable about VGM". The point of having a different host is so that the VGM is varied. No host is going to have the same taste so the contest will be different each time.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
Various statistics
You realize that each contest had a different number of entrants so dealing with percentages is inherently flawed. Also I wouldn't say only a single person getting a song right automatically makes a game obsure. You're basing this upon the knowledge that everybody knows every song from every videogame they've played. Heck I know some entrants who can't figure out some songs that I'm sure they've played.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
I've brought this up before, but there's a difference between "what the host knows" and "what SMWCentral users know"...
Are we supposed to take a census to find out what's acceptable? We only have a general idea of what SMWCentral knows and even then of the people we do know we don't know who's going to participate. The VGM contest is attempting to inspire those to get out of their comfort zone and appreciate or figure out the VGM presented to them. It's intended to be an experience. You wouldn't enjoy having a Quiz filled only with things you know. Depending on the people who try the quiz it wouldn't be unrealistic for some to get no anwsers correct. It's also true that 1-0 get all of the anwsers correct.
Originally posted by AxemJinx
I care because of...
I understand the feeling and I'm attempting to encourage others to submit any regardless of how few or many they may know. I don't really know how i can really alter that mindset. Really even you despite how many you may or may not have should submit. There's no telling how high or low the top contenders will be. You might end up being one yourself.
Originally posted by AxemJinx
My initial question in this thread was directed not at contest hosts, but at other potential entrants, and as soon as one posted with a similar opinion, all of the previous contest hosts immediately appeared and shot it down, defending the difficulty of their contests to the death.

1) There's a different thread for scheduling and general VGM contest information you can bring up general issues in rather than this particular contest thread.
2) I didn't try to immediately shoot down the difficulty. What I expressed was astonishment that somebody knew absolutely none of them or atleast would give up when they only had few.
3) Further replies to suggestions were more an attempt of encouraging people to submit no matter how few they think they got. It was also to explain why certain things are as they are. It wasn't to shoot down their ideas if you look abit closer.
4) Again we'll see how your approach pans out, but for now can you please take this elsewhere. I'm not exactly planning on changing the contest since it's the first day.

I'm really not trying to be snarky here but honestly wait until you run this yourself and see how the picks fare. Acting like you know what'll fix this before running the contest yourself just comes off as being high and mighty. It's extremely infuriating to have somebody who hasn't been in the position attempting to say what's right/wrong and what should/shouldn't be done.

Just please stop and let me run the contest first before judging my ability. I just want to run a contest man, not debate about the choices. This is my first time doing one myself so of course my picks could be flawed but what's the point in argueing with me about it now. I won't know until there are more submissions so I can accurately judge how many people feel the same sentiments or got few anwsers at the end.

As you pointed above if on a primarily nintendo based site most people can't id those sorts of songs what is there to base common songs on? We have no data outside the VGM guessing contesnts. We can't just choose songs from the same identifable game over and over because it's easy. It'd be boring, lack challenge and diversity. I don't know what we can do if we have such little knowledge of a common easily identifiable pool of VGM with which to insert into contests.

Just a reminder but there's only one week left for submissions. Deadline is July 2nd at 8:00PM EST.

Here are all the correct responces to the VGM Contest.

1: Kirby Mass Attack - Piggy Enemy
(1/7 participants correctly guessed) - This makes me sad.
2: Persona Q - Looming Danger
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - This makes me even sadder due to the nature of participants.
3: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Exercise Mode
(4/7 participants correctly guessed)
4: Pokemon TCG - Mason's Lab/World Map
(2/7 participants correctly guessed)
5: Etrian Mystery Dungeon - Forbidden Forest
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
6: World of Goo - Inside the Big Computer
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess)
7: Sonic the Fighters - Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
8: Castle Crashers - Till Death Do You Part
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess)

1: Ni No Kuni - Wrath of The White Witch - The Decisive Battle
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Surprising to me that nobody tried to guess this.
2: Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix - In the Whirlpool
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
3: Live-A-Live - Under the Fake
(2/7 participants correctly guessed)
4: Radiant Historia - -HISTORIA-
(2/7 participants correctly guessed)
5: Ecco Defender of the Future - Up and Down the Lake
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess)
6: FTL (Faster Than Light) - MilkyWay (Battle)
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
7: Ib - No One In Sight
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
8: Dokapon Kingdom - Inside the Pyramid
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess)

1: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - Rumbling Blues (Dino Mountain Night)
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
2: Dynamite Headdy - Tower of Puppet
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
3: La-Mulana(Remake) - Electric Prophet
(1/7 participants correctly guessed) - Technically not in game normally other than music box mode.
4: Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE - Fate
(1/7 participants correctly guessed) - An MMO but a spinoff nonetheless.
5: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Tristam's Theme
(2/7 participants correctly guessed)
6: Secret of Evermore Soundtrack - Horace
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - I thought SMWC knew this well, shows me apperently.
7: The World Ends with You - Noisy Noise
(1/7 participants correctly guessed)
8: Hyrule Warriors - Psychostorm
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess)

1: Zapper - Spook Ville Outside
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Think of the game as offensive Frogger
2: Vexx - Dragon Reach (Day)
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Collectathon, open world type game, fairly hard compared to Banjo/Super Mario 64.
3: Voodoo Vince - Zombie Guidance Consoler
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Another collectathon type game, a bit less open world.
4: Grabbed by the Ghoulies - Ballroom Disco
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - A zombie sort of beat-em-up, really fun.
5: Gregory Horror Show - Soul Collector - Hostile Guest
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Based off a cartoon series it's... horrorish.
6: Dr. Muto - Enter Aqeum - The Lower Lagoon
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Another collectathon for xbox, it's a bit frustrating actually.
7: I-Ninja - Grade in a Cage
(0/7 participants correctly guessed - no participants attempted to guess) - Beat-em-up/Platforming game, I'd highly reccomend it if you enjoy ninja sort of things and humor.
8: Fortune Street - Robbin' Hood Ruins
(2/7 participants correctly guessed) - Effectively Dragon Quest x Mario monopoly.

1st Place: Nimono - 13=2 Points
(2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2) (Correctly guessed *E1, E3, E4, *M2, *H1, H5, S8, and *H2)

2nd Place: Buster Beetle - 8 Points
(1, 1, 2, 2, 2) (Correctly guessed M3, M4, *M6, *H3, and *E5)

3rd Place: Amos - 6 Points
(1, 1, 2, 2) (Correctly guessed E3, E4, *M7, and *H4)

Guesses marked by a * mean the user was the only one to correctly guess the song and was awarded a bonus point.

Runner Ups
Leomon - 5 Points
(1, 2, 1, 1) (Correctly guessed E3, *E7, M3, and H5)
Ergazoobi - 3 Points
(1, 1, 1) (Correctly guessed M4, and *H7)
RanAS - 2.5 Points
(1, 1, 0.5 for correct game) (Correctly guessed E3, and S8) (Correct game for M2)
Error 52 - 1 Point
(1) (Correctly guessed E3)

That's that, Congratuations to the winners. I hope you may join us next month for the next host of the VGM Guessing Contest.
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Figured I'd bump this thread since it's the most recent Pokemon main series game.

So a silhoutte of a New Pokemon or Forme has been revealed in Coro Coro. What could it be? A lot are saying a new forme/Mega Evolution of Zygarde.
Just looking at the silhouette actually just looks similar to Hoopa Unbound standing next to pillars. It has the same sort of symbol on it's head and shape of eyes. Not to mention everything in the background is related to Hoopa so, if it was a new form or pokemon i'd be likely related to it.

I'm in.

1. CyberspaceSanctuary: I'm a sucker for space. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought this was done without any limitations. I enjoy the instrumentation and melody even more with each relisten for judgement. Just, the samples sound so clean. Great way to make the best of your porting situation.

2. ElectricMike: This stands above most, it takes a vastly different approach in song choice and genre. Jazz might be the most appropriate. Even if this was ported to a medium outside SMW, I'm sure it'd sound great in any instrumentation or system.

3. oyvey: That guitar, it's actually fitting in a song for once. An interesting melody accompanied by some neat instrumentation. I'm a fan of the techniques applied here too.

4. BCKPDL: A simple melody to go with a simple song. These are some pretty interesting instruments, I can't even name what they are (outside the drums) off the top of my head. I wish it lasted longer but, for what it's worth it's a good song.

5. 1000ab: I'm a fan of the leitmotif that persists throughout the song, an interesting use of deep sounding intruments in the song. A tiny bit quiet but otherwise it's fun to listen to.

6. lemon: I can't place if this song is a port or an original. If it's the latter well done, you've captured the essence of energy in your song. Good volume balancing as well.

7. route10: Well done. There's something that's irking me about the flutes in Channel 1, 2 but I can't quite put my finger on it. Good song and sample choice too.

8. aquaris: Accurate is the first word that comes to mind when listening. Sad to say I'm not the biggest fan of the track itself, too short, too safe, and doesn't show off much technique.

9. zinnia: Pretty good port, there's a couple bits with the guitar that sound off but otherwise, there's not much at fault.

10. Nagisa: It's... a little boring for my taste. It's an accurate port but, there's little substance in the actual song itself. Instrument choice is fine, if not lacking in variety.

11. PictionaryTitleScreen: Ambitious song choice, fell flat for me. I'm just not a fan of this port, around :33-47 is where I felt the port fell apart. It just sounds out of place and the wrong instrumentation entirely.

12. gandrayda: I'm not a fan of the instrument choice here, the main melody along with the song is strangely quiet. Some pretty interesting techniques but, I think the song choice hurt the porter's potential.

13. mountainfactory: The instrument choice is poor, the orchestra hits are really repeatative and grating, there's no sense of tuning in the decent sound instruments. There is some semblance of effort put into the melody.

14. Overworld: The instruments at the very least sound what they should sound like. Tuning nor Volume control isn't great either. It sounds ok for a first attempt with samples, overall a flat, uninteresting song.

After reading critique of my previous entries, I'm going to move in a different direction in terms of design. Putting platforming at more of the forefront, not just enemies strewn about.

The current plan is to create an ice/snow level based around the ropes, line guides and platforms. Thinking about using chucks to destroy some ice walls eventually but, I'm not sure how easy it is for the typical player to manage the chuck. Arranging some tiles to deal with line guides since they're a real pain to work with but, thankfully the acts like patch was in the base rom. Mostly just testing aesthetics for now.

Current Status.
Background's a work in progress. Likely going to be done last so level design is at the forefront of the project. Kinda peeved I can't seem to have the layer 3 in the background appear behind the status bar via the built in management.

Latest Beta.

Thank you for the suggestions: I've taken them into account and tried to give a bit more spice to the ground as well as finding a more suitable replacement for the trees. Still working on the design part, I'm stressed for time sometimes with work. I'm tired right now but it'll be finished by the deadline. I was trying to think of something more suitable than a fuzzy in a snowy mountain but, I gave up since they're already covered in a fluffy coat of sorts. (that and there is nothing that looks good as a 16x16 snowflake, it just blends too much with the background and was unfair to the player.)
More Progress
Background Currently

Originally posted by Hobz
That is the best snow I have ever seen in a SMW hack, vanilla or not. Incredible job, I'm curious how you did it!
I'm very glad to hear that the effort wasn't wasted. Snow's supposed to drift rather than just fall straight down so that was a bit harder to deal with animation wise so I probably spent more time on it than I'd like to admit. I kinda just tried to recreate what the sort of snow I'd see back home in ontario otherwise? I'm not sure how I could describe it other than just brute forcing to make it fit memory.

Still working on the second half of this thing, but I could use some feedback with regard to difficulty, placement, and overall feel. I've been testing it myself but in no way would it reflect the diverse level of players who may try the level. (Not to mention this is what, two years or so since the last time I've been hacking for serious.) Around halfway complete. Please note, music will be gotten, just not right now.

Here's hoping. Lack of any testers is probably going to kill me.

If anybody is curious: Final product is here. I really wish I had more time to post in the thread or any complaints but, what's done is done.

If you're not too busy, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Really wish I could've got it out sooner but, I'm still curious what people might think about it.

I wanted to make a snowy level since I felt both homesick and overheated where I was. As for the actual level itself:

The original idea revolved around using layer 2 to scroll some lineguides around with the on/off switch fall option. Unfortunately I found out that line guides platforms/sprites failed to interact with layer 2 (or at least they did after messing with the settings).

Goldfish - Fort Knox
BRADIO - Flyers
Deja Vu - Dave Rodgers
Even if these don't get farther, I'm glad to expose others to these.

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