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Radiorama - Fire (7th Edit)
The other's incredible repetitive and uninteresting by comparison.
Not sure why music length matters, isn't composition more important?
This gives me some weird vibes of Safety Dance with the instrument choice, the vocals are pretty easy listening. Good rhythm breakdown.

Never thought this would be so severely received. Personally, I'm a fan of using vocals as an instrument over just vocal contents.
Are foreign language songs not well received? Guess we'll see by the end of all this.
There's something severely lacking in the beat and instrument department in the other, a lack of passion in the singer's voice that contrasts too much with the music itself?

Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu
Interesting beat, coherent vocals. Instrument choice matching the feel of the music is what sells me on this. Really, really not a fan of the other. Something about the whole chip-tune trying to mash up with real guitars and instruments rubs me the wrong way. I can barely pick up the other instruments in the background due to the volume mixing, it just ends up sounding like white noise.

Handsome Boy Modeling School - First... And Then feat. Dres
This is pretty smooth, got some nice sounding vocals to back it up. Catchy beat, kinda makes me reminisce about some of the slower raps I used to hear. The other, buttrock at it's finest, I'm so tired of hearing the same riffs. While the vocal range is impressive, the song composition of the other is not nearly as interesting.

Pink Floyd - Dogs
A lot more my speed than the other two, pretty alright riffs. Jumping in and out of the regular time signatures, it's good to hear variety in such a length piece. I really want to like AFX Acid but, it just starts droning around the midpoint some vocals or something might've done it better justice. Sun Ra's a mess, is this free-form jazz or just naturally a mess?

Tame Impala - Let It Happen
Good back beat, loving the sync with the guitars and vocals, instrument choice and mixing's a real selling point for me. Back In Your Head, feels like there's some issues with vocal/instrument volume balancing, just not a fan of the artist's vocals. Sounds like fine dance music but, not casual listening material.

Gary Numan - Cars
Really cheesy, buttrock for sure. I'd love to abstain, though Cars is at least slightly better in the vocal and composition department. Synth's really not jelling with me in Magic Love and I'm normally happy to see it.

Metallica - The Day That Never Comes
I get some Metallica was already nominated but... why this song? It sounds alright with the riffs and whatnot, just not my favourite track. The Yodelling sounds pretty alright; it's just too repeatitive unfortunately. Both the lyrics and beat unfortunately killed my hope for the song.

Originally posted by BlackMageMario
Still thought 17 minutes is very excessive. I love the song to death but not everybody has the patience for that.
Shouldn't they just not vote then? It's not exactly a good vote if the person can't even listen to a track the full way through to assess a song. Granted I feel the same about people who just vote on popular names or what has a "chance" of winning. Just my two cents on the matter.
Eh, maybe group_inou might've done better than ZAMAGI.

A 76 Year Old Japanese Man - Dancing Queen
Honestly, I've gotten so tired of the other two bands and those specific songs from hearing them in the car. I'm glad to find this kinda fever dream though.

Frank Zappa - Torture Never Stops
Pretty chill, good vocals and real nice relaxing beat in it. The other's not a bad choice, just not my favorite of any mj.

808 State - Magical Dream
Both songs here have the same problem, the vocals are drowned out by the instruments. What eerily similar songs with synth being matched up. However, I feel as if Magical Dream has a much cleaner singer and an easier to follow flow. Idioteque is just not impressive by synth standards for me.

Mega Ran - Your Favorite Song
Mediocre disco or rap with some inventive instrument choices. It wasn't a hard pick for me. He's got a good voice for the substance of the music.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Both were pretty good but, I much prefer the kinda chill and slow vibe of this. Wish I could put em both through but this just edges it out a small bit.

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Ehh, neither were really my jam. Though I will say the other had some really weird instrumentation, it really felt flat and droning.

BRADIO - Flyers
Never heard of Smokey Joe before, for good reason it seems. Not at all what I'm interested in. I nominated Flyers since it was a personal fav.

COCAINEJESUS - Cauliflower
Chill, I fell asleep while listening to this one. Not from boredom, from relaxation. Weirdly reminds me of the rest area in KSS. Piano's good in the other but, I feel as if it's more created as a technical piece rather than music piece of its own.

Thank you for the update Vitor, thank you judges who dropped out. Not everything can be perfect, thank you for the work you did during the contest.

Since people are talking on the fairly large amount of judges who had to leave, I'll add my two cents.

Would judging be much easier for most judges if it took place during the vacation days of summer/winter? It seemed like school and various work piling up contributed to the judges quitting in the end. Appeared to be, I can't say I know the full story for them.

Alternatively, making a schedule to get through X amount of entries might help bring some regulation if judges were concerned about falling behind. It shouldn't be a race to the finish to finish judging after all.

HOME - Decay
General fan of their stuff, this one's no exception.

Black Sabbath - Air Dance
Out of the ordinary for the band, but not bad.

Radiorama - Fire (7" Edit)
Rocking, even if it's long.

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Still can't really stand the other, atleast the lyrics and writing's decent.

Originally posted by RPG Hacker
...The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+..
I should add, there's even an achievement for getting effectively 100% (in game called 1001%) on all three available saves. Meaning you have to do every single thing... again and again.

Divinity: Original Sin - The game's hard enough on normal, having to complete it on all modes along with the crafting and randomized drop/loot system, it's more than likely you'll need several runs to get everything there is in game. This is even more of a pain if you don't have a second player.

Shin Megami Tensei IV - Apocolypse - There's really only two endings to speak of but, the RNG for demons in the game is awful. How about fusing every demon in the game? Not nearly as simple as most would think. Several can only be fused with specific conditions and either save scumming or RNG blessings can you get them. Also depends if you want to see all the dialogue, there's a lot of choices in the game.

Lets assume each level on average is... 4 minutes, on the high end of the allotted time for each level. There's 178 levels, 178 * 4 is 712 minutes. 712 is roughly 11 hours. Now lets take into consideration secret exits, you'd need to replay a level to judge them properly. Lets say 60% of all entries had a secret exit. So 106 entries will take 8 minutes. Now our new total time for playing is (106*8)+72*4 = 1136. 1136/60 is 18 hours to play all entries to their completion at the minimum. If we were to judge via the judging videos we've seen that would clock the play time of each level in it's entirety at 11 minutes. 11*178=1958/60 = 33~ hours. Now for the time it takes to judge each entry, there is an established point spread so it shouldn't take too long. Lets estimate it takes... 10~ minutes to judge an entry right after playing. 10*178 = 1780/60 = 30~ hours to judge.

The final estimated total for judging and playing each entry is 63 hours total or 3 (2.6) days. Now assuming you have a 9-5 work day, a working person has maaybe 5-6 hours each night to play under the assumption they do nothing else, not even work. Based on this, it would take 12~ days for the average working person to get through all entries. Is this reasonable to expect from judges who receive no pay for judging?

Yes and no. It is a fairly large amount of time to commit admittedly so it's hard to expect. However, it is reasonable to expect as those who signed up for the position would know of how many entries the final total ran up to, they should absolutely understand the time commitment required. Should the way vldc are judged change? Absolutely. Having 6 judges go over 178 entries is absurd, the number of entries will not decrease substantially in the coming years either. I will say, that a 6 month time frame despite all the changes has been really hard to wait for. It's like hearing a song in your head but never getting the "satisfying" conclusion of the song over with. That's the experience just waiting, I can't imagine the pain of judging and ranking all this.

Originally posted by Noivern
Originally posted by Galactaknight
Lets assume each level on average is... 4 minutes



4 minutes is the actual level length on average, what the creators expect people to play. Now that would be assuming you can do it in a one and done fashion. Down further I'm using 11~ as the actual playtime for all further estimates.

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