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Just wondering if anyone has a pack for some custom objects I have seen in many kaizo hacks, such as non-mario only ledges, one-way walls (basically sideways clouds), death blocks, etc. Also need help with installing them as I have no idea and most tutorials I have seen suck
After playing the rom and beating the first level, the second level doesn't appear. The events are working fine as the paths are appearing however the level isn't actually displayed. It is still playable but the yellow circle doesn't appear. Also, I have already read another old thread on the same topic however it just makes the levels always visible even if the previous level isn't complete, which is not what I would like.
bro ofc I forgot to do that after redesigning my ow #tb{¬_¬} tysm
I have absolutely no idea how to change the color palette in an overworld "Area". For instance, in the "area" where Yoshi's Island is in the original game, how would I make that use the Vanilla Dome palette instead of the Yoshi's Island one? I've tried as much as I can think of and scoured this website and can't find anything relating to it. Please help me its driving me crazy
i’ve tried this, i was trying to find a way to avoid doing that
I am currently dying searching for the song used in the level "Clouds and Balloons" in Banzai Mario World, please help me! ( Heard here )
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