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Its likely there exists a topic somewhere that covers what I am about to ask but...

Are there any rules towards submitting music to the SMW central webpage?

I've submitted 3 ported songs so far and 2 of them got taken down and one of them is waiting to be moderated.



Bah, just found out how it works. Please close this!
Its likely that some other amateur has made a topic similar to an extent as this one will be but anyway...

My personal spiel with learning ASM, is any of the tutorials I read up on just show what a various instructions will do in say a routine. It covers nothing or shows how these various instructions are applied into making a game.

When ever I use tools like game maker or some basic programming software, I can easily dig trough someones code and immediately understand how something works, however, when it comes down to looking at peoples assembly code, i can somewhat understand how it works. But when I go to duplicate it on a project of my own, it just blows up in my face.

There's likely more underlying things I need to talk about, but thats all I can think of right now.
Originally posted by zKiP
Your best bet is to actually try to learn it. Dont just look at other peoples code and try to recreate. Look at each op-code and figure out what it does. Then, look at others code, and you will immediatly know what it does. ASM is very hard at first, but if you apply yourself, be patient, and actually try to learn other than trying to recreate someone elses code right off the bat, it will become like reading, it did for me anyway.

Yes, I can understand what each thing does, but I dont know how ASM works in terms of games, like how an instruction would be applied within video games.
At one point and time I do recall coming across a tool that converts SPCS to IT (impulse tracker) with the only a slight pitch being affected. Cant seem to find said tool today

However I haven't managed to come across a SPC to MML converter, we have the information but no dummy tools exist as the whole hex conversion thingus is rather intimidating and tedious and way out of my hex hacking ball park.

Has anyone managed to come across the SPC2IT converter?

And has any programming magic worker manage to pull a SPC2MML converter out of their left nostril?

Lol old fart humor ftl!
Originally posted by 2technogeeks
Originally posted by Compwhiz128
And has any programming magic worker manage to pull a SPC2MML converter out of their left nostril?

This is the wrong forum, but whatever...

You could just use SPC2MIDI, and then use Tinymm to convert the MIDI into MML format.

Many Midi2mml converters dont do pitch bending, and the 64th note.

that there poses an issue as I have tried this before.
I enjoy dragging out peoples custom music ported to SMW, and of course I like to use the two main players I've managed to locate on the interweb.

The two utilities are Audio Overload and Game Music Box. Both seem to work beautifully, until of course it comes down to some tracks that use n-spc or custom instruments.

Well upon playing SNN's "dissonance war march" I get the first note of the song.....and thats it....both utilities fail to play it at all, yet i fire up the virtual machine and BOOM runs like a champ in Xtended SPC.

So I cool my jets and play some other songs the next one on my list is CrispyYoshi's port of "bloody tears" one of my favorite video game songs of all time. Well both the sampled and unsampled versions sound like a bag of feces in the player applications, with quibbles, squeaks, and farts, only two of the channels play any music at all, and it totally ruins the song.

But upon firing up the virtual machine again, and using xtended spc, runs like a champ, no errors sounds awesome.

So in the end of all of this who's fault is it anyway? the fact that Audio Overload and Game Music Box, play certain SPCS like a bag of feces, the fact that im using Mac Os X?, or the fact that the SPCS weren't dumped properly? Or that the two applications in question are programmed like a bag of poopy?

Well plain and simply im just going to have to load them into Xtended SPC player thru a virtual machine running Windows 7 Ultimate, and call it a day...But there's always crossover mac...

I should take a journalism class...
I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but this choppy memeory rendition i did in 2.6 seconds of a song i remember what this its from. I know its from a video game because it loops, but the first notes with the paino and organ are a givewaway to what the song is. Anyone?



poologize' added the link
thats the thing, i don't know, it came from a game maker game called "skeeter 4" and the song was a midi, I know its a video game song because the author picked music radomly off vgmusic.com to put music in his game.

I cannot get in contact with the original author (purplefuzzy/TheSoadaMachine/TSM/T.S.M./Daniel Baker), and he was never able to know what the songs were because he randomly selected songs of VGmusic.com

from what I can remember from the midi song, it started out like it did in the youtube video, and doing that specific pattern with the G sound towards the end of the song played with the paino before looping.

The game is nowhere to be found on our vast web, and the copy I had was corrupted by my puter.
well this is good news :) thanks so far folks, YOU ARE AWESOME! KEEP LOOKING :D
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