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Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
The Map16 files will need to be renamed to exactly Map16Page.bin and Map16PageG.bin, or Lunar Magic won't recognize them.

How do I know which one of the four files that should be renamed to Map16Page.bin and Map16PageG.bin?

Although it felt pretty obvious that Map16Page(fgbg) should be named to only Map16Page.bin, but what about the other three ones?
Thanks! Now there is just one more thing left bugging. The GFX seems to be a little weirdly coloured, compared to what it is supposed to be on the download page (the pictures from the page where i downloaded the Yoshi's Island GFX). Is there anyway to fix the colors up directly on Lunar magic exept using the "Blue Star" that I've already tried? Or do I have to load up some diffrent GFX?
Hey guys! I am trying to re-customize the background of a course on my ROM. In Lunar magic, I have the "16x16 Tile Map Editor" and "Background Tile Map Editor"up. But when I try to click on a tile from the 16x16 and then right click on on a spot on the Background Tile Map editor, it won't work! There is a small text message below the Background Editor window that says "Tile 0x128 <-- (For example) is not within the Current BG Map16 Page."

I might not see an obvious problem somewhere here, but I havent attempted this before and therefore have no skill in it!

Thanks for reading, hope you can help =)
Originally posted by Iceguy
You might have to change the current Map16 Page, since you are trying to paste tiles on a different page. Go to Level -> Change Background Map16 Page and change it to the appriopriate page with the tiles you are editing with.

It worked. Thanks =D
Hi! I'm trying to get the hang of using ExGFX with the game, starting with backgrounds for a simple start.

I've followed the guide as closely as I could, and I've actaully managed to get some downloaded ExGFX inserted into the game. It's just one problem.

If you cant see the pictures above, here's the case.

The Graphics gets the wrong colors, than the one it shows from the Download pages on this site. For my game I chose Yoshi's Island graphics, and I downloaded the "Yoshi's Island - Grass" which should be yellow and dry green coloured (if you have played Yoshi's Island before you might understand what I mean). But when I've inserted them into Lunar Magic, the colors gets just wrong. At first, it was lightblue/greenish colored dots all over carrot-colored ground, followed by dark green grass. I dont know if its my Lunar Version that is too old, or if I have missed out something. Is there anyway I can fix the colors for this? I've tried CAREFULLY to use the "Palette Editor", but I didnt dare too edit too much. Should I go there? Or is there anny other way I can solve this? Thanks! :D
Thanks a lot mate! Although there is still something messing up. I've made a new thread above.
Thanks for the help earlier with fixing the colors for the first course! That course's graphics are now edited and looks perfect! One step further to finish my ROMwork.

Unfortunatly, I cant do the same with diffrent graphic files to the other courses. I recently downloaded another ExGFX folder, containin a TPL palette file, an ExGFX97.bin, a Map16page and a Lunar Magic preview of the graphics, which shows yoshi's house in regular colors, but background with brown small squares (the "empty slot" squares or whatever) but thats not the point.

All these files needed to be in the Exgraphics file, or else The "Quick Insert" Yellow button wouldn't bother (or so I think.......again *sigh*)
I had to replace the previous Map16page (the Yoshi's Island background graphic page which I believe was needed to get the colors working on the course), because the file had to be named exactly Map16Page/Map16PageG, which was busy.

I clicked the red mushroom, chose BG1 then nr.97 (ExGFX97.bin) and loaded up the downloaded graphics.

The ExGFX I downloaded was this: so it's supposed to be beigh.

Of course the colors were messed up, so I exactly as you told me earlier: Level - Palettes - Import Level Palette from File... and then loaded the correct TPL file. But still, the colors are messed up! This happens with three other ExGFX that I have downloaded. No matter if I do as you told me, the colors remain retarded.

I have a feeling that I might have to remove the previous Map16Page's after loaded them up on a course, since it's considered more decent to have more various backgrounds / ground etc.

If there is any more information you need, please tell me! I really want help to solve this =)
Nice animations :D
Amazing, wye! Well done!
I am trying to load up custom backgrounds for my courses on my ROM. By doing so, I have followed a guide on how to use ExGFX. First I downloaded the ExGFX called "[BG] Ardy Lightfoot: Canyon" from here -->

I placed the files that the folder contained (ExGFX97.bin / Ardy.tpl / Map16Page.bin) into the folder "ExGraphics". After doing so, I went onto Lunar Magic and pressed the yellow mushroom (Quick Insert ExGFX to ROM)and then the Red Poison Mushroom (Open "Super GFX Bypass" Dialog). There I changed the BG1 to 97 (Because the ExGFX.bin file had the numbers 97). And afterwards to the "Question Box" button (Open "16x16 Tile Map Editor" Window), scrolled down some pages to page 14, and then clicked F3 followed by F9 (Loaded and saved data from Map16Page & Map16PageG). Finally, I went to File --> Palettes --> Import Level Palette from File. I loaded the tpl. file that was included in the Folder I downloaded (Again, from here --> But still, the colors are wrong. The canyon background that is supossed to be beigh and brown is now blue/black/red twisted.

I believe it has something to do with the Map16Page's, but I am not sure. Hope I was more clear this time, sorry for talking rubbish.

NOTE: I doubt that it's wrong on the ExGFX that I downloaded. I tried just the same with three others and got the same dissapointing result.
Thanks, Milk! You were right. I forgot to press F9 even if I was very certain I did not miss it earlier! :O Oh well...

By the way, how did you get a diffrent color on your name?
Are you a moderator or something? =)
Hi! Unfortunatly yet another problem occurs. I just downloaded another ExGFX BG mix, to spice up the ROM a little more. Following all instructions on how to do, this is the result:

This is how it should look like:

Earlier I had to repair a broken BG by pressing around F5->F9, at the cost of the old average super mario backgrounds got messed up, which doesnt matter anyway. But I have a feeling that that is the case that the graphics messes up here. How can I reset it without loosing data, or fix it any other way?
Haha nice text message :)
I believe that it is a color bug which could be fixed (but not easily) with YY CHR. If you pocess the program, just try and scroll down and see if you could see a big square in the same color as the bugged pallette, and recolor it.
I have, I just ment I also pressed around brainlessly from F5 to F9.
They are in the proper ExGraphics folder, and the correct numbered ExGFX is loaded, also the correct palette is aswell.
Can you use your ExGFX FG Tiles in the regular "Standard Objects" from the (Add Objects Window)instead of the Direct Map16 Access? Almost all the tiles are hidden question boxes or walk-through tiles that you cant walk through.

Watch below.

This is why I rather place them out more likely with the regular Stanard Objects List. You cant slide on angled hills (Dont know what it's called), can't find any "Walk-through dirt" etc. Many bugs are found with this Direct access.
Why would you like to know the hexadecimal names, hm? Using the regular 105, 10A etc. is more easy to remember =)
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Originally posted by Senjan
Using the regular 105, 10A etc. is more easy to remember =)

You do know that is hexadecimal, right?

It is? I ment the "Open Level Adress (In Hex) --> 1129BB for example
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