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Does anyone know how to put that status bar that looks like the one from Mario 3, mine doesn't accept patches for some reason
I have a problem involving my character in the overworld, when he goes up, the graphic is buggy and there is an incorrect animation with him blinking, does anyone know how to solve this
yes, I will send it to you, There are two images in my files showing what it looks like
yes, I actually changed it, but it used to work fine, but now it keeps giving these errors, I thought it was the 32x32 player patch, but I removed it and it remained the same
hey man, I managed to reverse the bug, the problem is that I had accidentally changed the walking animation for a graphic, so it was my mistake, but thanks for your intention in helping, the image of the resolved bug is in my files, I managed to solve it even with custom gfx 10.
These days I downloaded a brr sample called new super mario bros voice clips, but I can't use it because I don't know how to do it, I tried several things and it didn't work, can anyone help me please?
I created a midi file and put it in my files in my account, but I don't know how to convert it to txt, even reading tutorials I can't, someone who knows could convert it for me, I would be very grateful, but really, midi is in our my files in my account, I will post them on SMW later and give credit to whoever converted them for me.
I managed to convert to mml, but now to text?
I wanted to know how to do that door that only opens when you finish the game that we see in new super mario world 2 around the world, I looked for patches but I couldn't find anything, whoever can help me I would be grateful.
Thank you #smrpg{y}
I used a block called Relative teleport blocks 1.3, everything went well, but when I use this block it teleports me but when I arrive my character disappears and I can't do it Nothing, does anyone know how to solve it?
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
So, you want to display a message box message without it warping you to the OW?

Set $7E0109 to 00, in levelasm or something. That will prevent message boxes, and the level message 1 sprite, from pausing the game and sending you to the OW. Of note, if you want to be able to leave the intro level after doing this, you'll have to use a goal point or something, or set $7E0109 back to E9 and display another message box.

where is this levelasm? I even found it in the uberasm folder but I didn't find any code $7E0109, could you please tell me which line of asm this is in?
I was putting the lx5 custom power ups in my hack, but when it arrives on the gps a message appears involving the hammer suit: An error has been detected:
blocks/question_mark_blocks/hammer_suit.asm:180: error: (E5088): Define 'sprite_extra_byte1' wasn't found, I did everything but I can't solve it, I did everything right, I placed the blocks, routines, list and more, but nothing works.
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