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I have question: what I have do after I have talk to Prof. Oak on Dragonair Canyon?

I don't know what to do on Virian Forest...
Originally posted by Icyflame
This thing.


So what is that, a joke poll? Because VIP6 is winning by far, even though it doesn't exist.

Edit: Why didn't that become a link? Fixed regardless.
That looks like it's "sandbox page" like in Wikipedia. They are just testing stuff I guess.

Google Translate
You guys are way too fucking serious.

Reddit liked it (yes, I posted that), I liked it and many others too.

It was a interesting story, it doesn't have to be scary or something

Wasn't that Pokemon cartridge creepypasta creepy? (some knows this) I didn't think so, but that was also interesting for me as a story.
Originally posted by JDC

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Don't use buttons as link, please :/ Buttons aren't meant for links, there's good reason for that.

TOS: copy the URL and make new tab with that address.
Unexpected end tag (</form>) at 210, expected </div>
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