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hi first post i hope i got this all right but anyways what program or tool do i need to edit SMW bosses lunar magic won't let me it says with a red backgroung cannot render boss level! or something along those lines thanks :)

Edit:i change the mode to the first one. 00 TD=2 ect. changed the first castle boss up a bit changed it bac and nothing happened? i little help Maxx or anyone?
jamilo5-ytps and soon SMW hacks...maybe
standard pokemon:

legendary pokemon:
-aercurus(think thats how you spell it)

and i request for that huge ass map post to be taken down please
hmm either larvos(typo barrage warning) from chrono trigger or sephoroth from final fansty 7 to lazy to look up how its spelt
i have and i have to say i hate it beacuse there were alot of glitchs(pretty sure most fixed) like getting under the map and for some reason its really bad i feel compared to call of duty 4 modern warfare
2nooby questions that I should use in a diffrent fourm but anyways how do i change the nintendo presents(the very start of any clean super mario world rom) to something else and how do i insert cutom sprites like a .asm file i tryed some of the tools but they seem like they don't ork or maybe its just me :p
ok simply click on the tool bar in the menu to the left and download this tool "IPSWin Version 2.0" unzip it open it and you need a "clean" rom and the .ips file it will ask you for these after you apply it open it with your emulator and have fun anymore questions feel free to pm me :)
when you boot up any clean smw rom you see nintendo presents and hear the coin sound i changed nintendo presents now what tool or how do i change the coin sound to something cooler and i don't want thunder everyone uses it lol
only thing i would change is showing the songs so i can choose =p (i use window media player maye its just me)
the file might be corrputed or something may be wrong with it which ROM did you download i will download it and show your a step by step how to
lasagna mhmm so good
just turned 15 june 17th and going into 10th grade when summer is over
hmm about 1year agoish? i saved over my whole hack about 2weeks of work with another smw hack but now before i do anything new to me i copy all my files over to do test with a new tool or spirte so i can almost never mess up!
i think i may have messed up my whole hack orginaly mario could die in the intro level but i just changed it so i would have a better change when i submit it and when a pow block's music is on and your enter a pipe it gets frozen in a black screen only way to stop it is to let the music run out anyway to fix this?
no none of this is on the title screen only thing on the title screen is display message one box grey cement blocks 4bullet bill genrators with a bullet machine for each and a grey platform that falls when mario steps on it
hmm not sure if anyone ever said this ubt hey why not go to lunar magic and open up level D3 its wendy O. koopa's boss level and beacuse its a "normal" level you can edit things such as sprites and objects but remember wendy's pipes should not be moved beacuse she has to come up to attack and i beilive that lemmy koopa's is the same deal.
google ftw
screw quote fabio:Oh, we will most likely get an Arceus event but it will probably be a Toys 'R' Us event like the previous event Pokemon such as Shaymin and Regigigas. Pokemon movies are only popular in Japan to the point that they appear in theaters. Unfortunately, that is not the case anywhere else in the world. end of his quote O_o

hmm sadly most people with a action replay have already "got" arceus and on a diffrent note i had gold my brother had silver ho-oh so epic

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