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Sound effects can already be done with smkdan's sample utlity. :P You can import different sound effects to each level. :P
Basically I would need alot of enemies then to fit the SPP style. :P I will redo them later, I guess. Thanks for the help though.

Anyway, new intro screen for Toad's World. :D
Carol actually made the ASM files, but since it didn't really work on another SMW ROM because of his HDMA effects, etc, I kinda rewrote it to make it work. :P Watch here! ^_^

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

NOTE: Title Screen is NOT done yet!
I was just using graphics from it for the intro, since they fit kinda well with the text in my opinion. ;)

I was planning to redo the tilemap for the layer 3 text shown in the title screen to expand the letters to 16x8 instead of 8x8. If anyone could figure out how, I'd highly appreciate it. Otherwise, I would need to use 8x8 text. :(
Thanks. :)

Here are 2 new screens, title screen and Toad's house. :)

I've made a tutorial for this. Here ya go:

Also, you can indeed add custom music to the title screen & intro level.

x18C7 -> title screen
x1924 -> intro level

It might be possible for the credits as well, but unfortunately I don't know the offset for the music there.
Requestion a block that turns invisibile once Mario touches it. Like in Yoshi's Island when you moved into those hills you could see it and when you were outside you weren't able to see anything inside.

The RAM address to check if Mario is touching the block would do it as well. :P
It actually works fine for me, eventhough the collision routine seems to not work very well at all. Here's an example:

Can this be fixed so Mario can't

a) activate those turn blocks by hitting them
b) move into the blocks with the first 32x16 tiles and also the last ones.
Oh, haha. Thanks boing. :)

Weird, I didn't change anything and it works fine with other sprites. Eventhough I've to say, that I use Sprite Tool 1.34. :P
Your code:

LDA $15 ; Load controller data <- correct
AND #$08 ;up is pressed?  <- correct
BNE bnp ; not 08, jump to bnp  <- wrong

how to jump here without a lable? o_O
LDA $09 ; otherwise load 9  <- wrong, this loads a ram address
STA #$ODBF ;to the "player's current coins."  <- wtf o_O
RTS ;now be done.

Remember #$ is a value while $ is an address.

Do this:

LDA $15 ;load controller flag
AND #$08 ;check if up button is pressed
BNE Coins ;if true, jump to coins code
RTS ;else return to subroutine

LDA #$09 ;load 9 coins
STA $0DBF ;store in coin register
RTS ;return to subroutine

This should work, I hope. If not, try replacing the BNE with a BEQ.
Actually, the bug with the P-Block has already been fixed in addmusic. o_O For the music not to restart when entering a pipe or something, I doubt that setting the music to 00 will work. You will have to get the routine when Mario enters a pipe/door and find the spot, which restarts the music, then write your own code and jump to it, if I'm not wrong.
For tilemaps, you usually see something like this in the sprite's code, if they're not dynamic:

TILEMAP             dcb $2B,$60,$61,$60
                    dcb $2B,$62,$63,$62
                    dcb $2B,$64,$65,$64
                    dcb $2B,$62,$63,$62

Those are the actual tilemaps for the sprite.
$00-$7F <- SP3
$80-$Ff <- SP4

For the P-Block, just do an ex animation with Lunar Magic. Should work fine.
I need help finding out the whole tilemap for the Mario Start / Time Up / Game Over screens. I already found the tilemap for the upper letters, but it seems that some of them are Y-flipped and some are not. I just can't seem to find them. Also, the format seems to be reversed.
TRATS OIRAM becomes MARIO START etc, see below.


  M   A  R  I   O     S  T  A  R  T     !
15 04 03 4C 00	03 FF 5D 4D 03 4C 4D FF 00


G  A    M  E   O  V  E  R
02 03 04 05 5F 03 4A 4B 4C


T  I    M  E   U  P     !
4D 00 04 05 5F 4A 01 FF 00

Don't ask me about the format, I have yet no clue how to actually change the tiles without screwing it up. >_>
Any help appreciated. :)

P.S. Once I'm able to edit this whole thing, I might do something nifty, but for now I just want to change the MARIO into TOAD^^
This is an easy fix. Here's what to do:

-Copy your level to another SMW ROM without HDMA installed
-Install title moves recording ASM
-Open your ROM, go to the level and once you're done save it

Now, you DON'T insert the .zst file in the ROM without HDMA but in the one WITH HDMA. :)

Should work fine.

HDMA is also using some code of the recording ASM, I guess. I had this problem as well with Bowser's Return. :P
Jungs, wieso haben wir ne deutsche Ecke und ich weiß nichts davon? o_O
Schämt euch mir nichts zu sagen. :P

Jedenfalls, wenn jemand Hilfe braucht, ich würd auch zur Verfügung stehen, sofern ich kann.

Kenne mich relativ gut aus mit:

- ExGFX (M16-7k-weg und normal rippen)
- Paletten
- Sprite Tilemaps ändern
- Addmusic
- LevelASM
- LevelNames
- BMF's HDMA (ein bisschen halt)
- d4s' HDMA
- und ein bisschen 65c816 (ASM)

Place it somewhere at the end of the ROM. Here's the raw code:

53 54 41 52 7F 7F 80 80 A9 40 09 40 A9 13 8D 2D 21 6B

Now jump to xFE1 and make a JSL (A9 02 8D 0B 42 by defaul)

Change it to 22 xx xx xx EA where xx xx xx is the SNES address you inserted your code in. It's little endian, so 12 34 56 becomes 56 34 12.

Haha, those are basics of ASM. I don't know much ASM myself. :P
Also, I already played this hack a while ago, though I can't remember where I downloaded it. :(
Yea, it's true. There is an editor for DKC! zOMG

I found this on a Japanese site browsing through SMW hacks. Here are some screenshots of it:

And the download, of course.
Well yea, I'm using BMF's HDMA kit, since d4s' adds the Nintendo logo and I also would need to redo my hack, which I absolutely do not want. Everything works really nice so far, background scroll, wave effects, color gradients, etc, but there is one problem in general.

When I play the level, the graphics become garbled at screen C or higher and crash the game. Also, some sprites are going behind the background, but that shouldn't be too hard to fix by giving them proper priority.
Now my question, what is causing the glitch at screen C or higher?
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Ice Man's Profile - Posts by Ice Man

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