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Hello, I am trying to import custom artwork (from a jpeg) to use for my title screen and I cannot find a tutorial that works for accomplishing this. I have tried using a jpeg to bin converter and placing the bin files in ExGraphics and importing them, but this hasn't worked. Is there a guide to accomplishing this, or can you possibly provide reliable steps that work with the latest version of Lunar Magic? Thank you!
For step 7, you say import the graphics the "normal way" but when I try, the files (bg1, bg2, etc) have to be renamed to be imported to Lunar Magic, and even then they appear as a mess of garbled pixels. Please include steps to bring the .bin files produced by the bg ripper to Lunar Magic in a way that works. Otherwise, if someone could help me/walk me through it to make sure I've followed the steps correctly, I'd be very grateful.

I am new to SMW hacking and would like to use custom artwork for backgrounds, and have tried many methods and viewed many tutorials over the past few weeks, but have been unsuccessful. Would anyone be willing to walk me through it?
I was able to download the tool and make four .bin files small enough to fit in the FG and BG slots, and they appear normal in YY-CHR, but when I import them to my level, they still appear as a jumble of pixels.

Would you be willing to walk through it with me to see what I'm doing wrong? I just want to make a custom background to use as the title screen for my romhack.
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