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Heya. Been watching Kaizo streamers and clips every week for around 4-5 years & been thinking about trying it out myself for perhasp half of that time.
So, finally i got to it last week and bought a controller. 4-5 days ago I played through most of learn2kaizo. I got stuck at the double shell jump and just couln't make it after perhaps 50 minutes of practice. So. I decided to give Baby Kaizo world a try and boy was it harder that I thought. I have just recently cleared "Sky tree Jr" with a total of 1420 deaths & I don't know how many hours played so far.

Some levels have been so challenging that I've almost wanted to cry lol.

So basically. Am I just hopeless when it comes to Kaizo or is this to be expected? Have anyone had any similar experience when trying out kaizo as a beginner? I know I'm very new to it but Baby Kaizo world is supposed to be the easiest games there are out there and I'm baraly scraping on, clearing a level per hour more or less.
Thanks for every reply. I really needed a 'lil confidence boost here. I did use save state for the first time today (the shell level) was just not motivated to grind that skill now ^^
It feels a bit like learning how to ride a bike. However with old man mechanics and way less free time.
Thanks alot for your reply ECS.98. I tried to do some research before choosing which hacks to try out. First I downloaded Quickie world i think but it was way too hard. As you say, some levels in Learn2Kaizo were atm impossible for me to beat. I have 0 experience apart from clearing the vanilla games many years ago. And watching a lot of kaizo ofc. Do you have any recommentations regarding hacks that could be a help towards "my goal" of clearing Kaizo hacks like quickie world and the like?

I've also used save states a couple of times in Baby Kaizo. It really feels shitty though because I want to beat the level without any assistance.
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