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Hey, all. Im babycovenant22. Im creating a hack =] Thats why Im here. lol. Anyhoo...

The name of my hack is A Plumber's Tale. Now at the moment, all I am limited to for the hacking is Lunar Magic. Dont expect anything new or spiffy in the coding o-o Just expect harder levels and a scrappy story. Really, it's for me to hack SMW so I can get a general idea of how to mod it completely, map and all, before I can move on to somwething big for its sequel (yea, I got it all planned, storywise).

The general story in the game is, Bowser is back on Yoshi's Island after having found out his father may be Behemoth. He hopes to resurrect his fatherly candidate by sacrificing Yoshi's seven unborn children and Peach herself. He has unearthed a long lost demon civilization many speculators believe was in existance long before the Yoshis came along as part of the plan. Realizing that Bowser at least has returned, Mario and Luigi quit their training and try to stop Bowser as soon as possible, trying to find out what his plan is (this time, he's not telling them), before the world is doomed.

Excuse, it may sound corny >.>


Here are a few screenshots I have taken during the making of this game... I understand if they dont make you want to play it, but again, Im not aiming for anything spiffy this hack until the second game.

This is one of the later levels, in the last world.

And its door lol

Here's a "Challenge Room" in the final castle.

Another "Challenge Room"

The Volcanoes of Vanilla Dome! =D

I'll show off some other screenshots soon. Hope I got ya guys remotely psyched =]
Yea, at first, I thought the glitchy backgrounds looked kinda sick, but after a while, when I looked at them they made me sick XD

But yea, I should be done with this hack in another two months. Ive been working on it for three (September, grounded from October top end of December, then February and March). I'll put more time into it on the weekends and during the day after school and stuff. Im still into this project as much as I was when I first got Lunar Magic =)

I'll come out with a trial version when it's all completed before I go and fix the palletes and whatnot. Personally, I like the pallette I made for the first two screenshots, it promises a hell-like level, as Im intending this series to revolve around a battle against Hell. But, just a question...

Can you make the pallette changes to one level without saving the entire change to ROM? Because when I did that, I made all the other backgrounds in other levels the same hellish color o-o
Where's a health patch at? Im going to need one for my next hack. I plan to use a life meter similar to the one in Mario Galaxy, except for each world boss you defeat, you get one extra piece added to the pie. Kinda like a heart container from LoZ.
I have a couple of requests:

-Fate of the Universe from Mario Galaxy
-Bowser Battle from Mario Galaxy
-02 from Kirby 64
-Before 02 (whats it called) from Kirby 64
-Inside Exor from Super Mario RPG
-Castle Entrace from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
-Castle Entrance from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
-Chaos Realm from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
-Axem Rangers Drop In from Super Mario RPG
-more I cant think of atm

o-o wow, thats a lot...
I think I may have to transfer all the levels I modded to a regular Mario World ROM. I dont think Mario World hacks on the All Stars ROM are acceptable here.

Also, Im cleaning a few bugs in it before I release my first demo.

If anyone has a clean Mario World ROM, can you send it to me on AIM? Look in my profile for my AIM, I dont feel like publicly giving it out. I tried downloading the clean ROM from Emuparadise, but for some reason, it's all screwed up, which is why Im asking for a clean ROM.

But yes, I should have the first demo in two weeks after I fix the bugs. It's half-hacked, so some of the levels will be the same.
Hey thanks for flaming me, mans! I appreciate it! ADMIN!
Depends on what ya got, really. I have an addmusic program, but its corrupt, I may need to redownload it or somethin.

yea, I did get off track with those requests, I admit, but there was no need to be flamin my ass XD And I got a friend who's got a MIDI program, he could make some songs. He claims he can conduct Wii songs by ear, which he surprisingly can, actually.

Its not too much to ask for, really, it's my fault for not reading the rules. Normally when I see a thread someone's posted in, I click on the last page, which is what happened, and I saw "I request this, this and this," and I just thought, "Ya know, it's a request thread." My bad, folks.

btw, there still was no need for that flame
Im looking forward to this game already. You'd do well to finish it. And Jiggles is so cuute!!! Catgirls = cuteness = awesome game! :D
Alright, we're missing a few points here, Giga...

I intended to make the last level to be the longest, and I knew for a fact that 999 was not enough <_< Im quite pwn at Mario games, hell, I can beat SMB3 in an hour, all eight worlds, one life. But that's for a different forum, different topic...

Also, this is a demo for a reason. To see what I should and shouldn't keep.

I appreciate your criticism, just dont shoot at my Mario skills; I also happen to like extra bonus points =D

Furthermore, I happened to make that capture of Luigi standing on a floating lift in the lava XD Sorry if that confused ya.

But yea, I see what Im missing in this, so I'll be goin back to the drawing board. I see what you're gettin at here, Im fixin up a lot of the bugs atm, but right now, I just dont feel like gettin TOO too fancy.

Again, thank you for the ideas, if not a bit outspoken, and expect... a new, cleaner demo in a couple of weeks. This time, with the IPS.

EDIT: Im remaking the hack, actually, with a better looking overworld, but first that will come out will be a seven level demo. It'll take me roughly a week, it takes me about an hour or two to hack an entire level, so if I work at it for seven hours at a time, eventually, I'll have the demo released in a week and a half (half part will be from making a correct demo map too).

I havent had much time, plus too many distractions these days, so it'll be a bit of a longer project than intended.
Why do people keep talking about the end of the world?

Why is my forum dying?

Do you like me? =3

Do you LOOOOVE me? =3 =3

Am I annoying you (please say yes, make me happy)?

Do you hate me now?

When will I get my prize yet?

Are there rules to following rules?

What about rules to breaking rules?

Why do you think my school is out to expell everyone?

Do you have AIM?

Wanna IM some time?

Can you spell AC/DC?

Are multiple questions in a single post illegal for winning a prize from you?

If I win a prize, wanna send it to me via AIM if you have one?

Im obsessed with AIM contacts, can ya tell?

Is this my last questions?

Please dont ban me x-x?
Where do you plan on going with your life? What career are you pursuing?
Originally posted by Supertails
Same to you. Do you know what you're going to do?

Either be a game developer, game tester, game reviewer, or smith (I like any kind of metal, music and material :P). Im in my junior year now, and it's ironic how during today and tomorrow, my school is having us check out our career choices. Although I do have my entire future planned out.

Now a question for you again =]
Are you a guitarist? If so, what is your favorite type of guitar? Favorite body type? What genre of music do you like?
Originally posted by Mokou
I've always wondering:
What are you doing in the background while making a hack?
I like to have the smwcentral irc open for ideas and QA.
I also have music playing the background playing at a low volume.It helps me set the mood of the level :P

I, too, listen to some music. What genre do you listen to?

Cuz if I want an intense level, I either have Metallica, All That Remains, or System of a Down crankin. If I want a calm level, it's AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and assorted other classix. Anything else is alternative.

Also, I have AIM open so I can talk with some people who are some beta players about what each level is going to be like, then let them test it. And to get some level ideas from them, too. Thats why AIM is a good tool when hacking so you can get some ideas and possibly start a group hack, too ^_^ Yay for AIM!

And I surf forums and come on here, too <<;
(hehe, I loved that wolf girl link ^-^)

Want me to eliminate the annoyances? -cocks shotgun-

Like shotguns?

What about swords?

Favorite soda?

Ever heard of Faygo?

Ever drink it?

That wolf girl link was cute, are there other links like that for the purpose of making people say "Aw"?
Proper Noun, MarioFan302

New Word!

WRONG! Im 16 >_>

I guess 18 <<
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