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Ha, very unlikely, or impossible that the Polar Caps are melting... If a place is getting smaller... it's not flooding, it's erosion! Madagascar is shrinking due to erosion, so I've read, but that's normal. bad. but normal.
Is this the team ROM you are talking about?
I have searched far and wide for this information, but I can't find it. How do I insert custom blocks & custom sprites?
okay, thanks
actually I've got two problems:
1. when they are inserted, they don't look anything like (say birdo) should. (yes, I changed the extra info number to the correct number)

2. Nothing shows when I play my ROM
How do I use the ExGFX for custom Sprites?
I inserted a custom Sprite (yay!)

But! ~gasp!~

The exgfx doesn't seem to be right. The boomerang guy has a boomerang for a body, and the boomerang itself looks like half the boomerang man. How do I undo the screwed up graphics?
Never mind, I fixed it.

I just used another file is all.
editing what happens requires ASM.

Which you need a CFG editor.

Which you can download along with Sprite tool.

Graphics is what something looks like, in which you'll need yy-chr

Other than that, I'm not quite sure, because sprite editing tends to be harder sprite editing,
The easiest way, of course, is editing it in 8x8 graphics editor in LM.*

*note: this only edits SMW graphics and ExGFX being used in that level. If you want to edit graphics w/o this painstaking process, then use YY-chr
Maybe the exit index on the star in star world is not set correctly...
I think you mean alliterative (bleh, if thats how you spell it) level names
When I edit vertical levels, and play them, part of the level BG is animated garbage, and I change the initial BG starting position, still doesn't work...
thanks, this can be useful in other levels too.
sime frames?

It uses animated frames if that's what your asking...

and to replace it, type in G-F-X then whatever number the original file has
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