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Face transformations 1,2, and 4 are the creepiest, but it still is funny.
Ronald is shot:

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Mattan should not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not be banned.

If I said he should banned, it's because his avatar has a Mario star.

Well either a nice perfect web-utopia where the forums receive no spam.


Half-buried somewhere in an unknown desert, all the members (except me) forgotten.

Now which one is more likely?
So we have to make a Rube Goldberg-style Mario level?

I've quite had enough, but sure I'll try
I'm Prince Zink's friend.

yes, we continued, but when we tried inserting ExGFX for a custom sprite the ROM's graphics screwed up, and it wouldn't reverse.
A couple of months ago, we got AT&T's cable and internet service. No problems at first, but then the router acted up solely on the main computer. didn't act up on the other appliances that used the same connection. I figured then, that there was a USB problem, with the port. But that wasn't it, because everything else just worked fine! The printer, keyboard, mouse, etc. I couldn't believe the answer was under my nose for months. I had to switch the dang USB cable. It worked and I can go on Internet on a regular basis again! (with limitations because of a program called BSecure. Never get it if you want to see more than half of the internet again).

This is also beneficial, because my hack(s) is/are never gunna get anywhere if I can't download any new ExGFX or custom music, sprites, blocks, etc. when I need it.

(darn, I need to somehow get aim on this computer. meebo is blocked, so that's outta of the question. does anyone know of any sites where you can access your aim account?)
Yes, it does. It wouldn't be AS frustrating if the Vista didn't do that "you need a password to run this program" thing.
heh, does it have Wi-fi? Even if it doesn't, I could still netplay on the original KSS.
How do you change the title screen music?
then what? I just get no sound
So it has to be OW music, original or custom?
Blocked by Bsecure. Of course.
Umm.... I dunno. Does Pyro X sound cool or what?
Pyro X.
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