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The song I want to be on the title screen isn't playing. (James Bond Theme). It is set to 11, I have added it through command prompt, and I changed the values to the correct number. Yet, when I load the ROM, it doesn't play.

Umm, so how do I fix this?
That was the worst joke ever, well... next to "I TOOK MY SOCKS OFF!"
oh the sound effects play alright, though the song doesn't.

Glitched Classic Pirahna Plant
oops, I meant to say the song doesn't play at all, rather than it plays weird. I dunno, It's the most recent one, and it's the normal one, not the "addmusic made easy"
Yeah, I don't think it works, though, I'll try redownloading and see.
bird poop?
Yeah.... I was bored, so I played Super Mario Advance 2 (SMW for GBA), made a new file, and beat the game in 44 min. 7 sec.

The rules I went by? No opening the gate to star road, you must go all around the map the hard way (it's what I did), and you can't beat Bowser's castle by going through his back door. You must go through the front door.

I'll upload the video the next opporutinity on when I can get on YouTube.

Anyone wanna try to beat the record using the rules I went by?
Andross from Star Fox 64, or Pigma from Star Fox Assualt
Why not just print out a board and the cards? Then we can play it if we ever have a SMWC Convention in real life.
It's the title screen, not an ordinary level. And I'm telling you, the sound effects are normal.
a trap level where the music is "chocolate rain", when...
Originally posted by Smallhacker

That's how I got in.
Self-defense is not even allowed at our school, no matter if you haven't even seen the guy before. Kinda retarded, but, there's never a fight.

There was one last year, and I swear, I've never seen people run THAT fast in my life. (They were running TO the site, not from it) Self defense was allowed last year, but only if you had done nothing to start the fight, verbal, or physical.

(and if anyone is wondering, it was an EMO fight. probably why people were running extremely fast).
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