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Tip: Be cautious putting Sprite 9B (Amazing Flying Hammer Brother) above lava. After being "killed", it will still throw hammers until it sinks or goes off-screen.
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The final movement of my symphony

I spent the better part of the last two years on this movement alone, and I started the whole work back in 2012. Crazy how time flies.


After almost a decade I finally leveled up!
Thanks for listening! I admire your dedication, haha.

Incidentally, I started out composing wanting to do solely VGM but I ended up getting really into classical music in high school so I took off that way instead. I would still like to try my hand at VGM some time, though, as a lot of my favorite pieces and inspiration are from video games.

Also, here's another piece I completed, I took inspiration from a couple of themes from another composer I know (with his permission, obviously) and built my own piece around it.

This is more in line with the Classical period symphonic form, compared to my actual symphony which is more Romantic.
Originally posted by Dee Dee
More like if you're anywhere in between "well-known among a niche interest" and a total suckass newbie, then getting feedback is akin to job hunting.

Pretty much this. You can have all the talent in the world and you could still struggle to get noticed. If there's not a particular niche that you fill (or at least not one that's really popular) then you have to find other ways to stand out, particularly by being an outgoing and charismatic personality on the forums. Be a little controversial, even. Feedback is all a social game that requires a whole different skillset. It's all about outreach and connections, etc. etc.

Case in point, I have this exact same problem but with music composition. A few months ago I finished a huge project I had been working on for years but it's gotten almost no attention, so now I've just been working on getting my name out there somehow.
Originally posted by Giftshaven
I just pre-ordered this game off of Best Buy. They give you this exclusive collectors coin which is normally worth $50 (exaggerated pricing?) for free. Shipment is also free.

Lmao exaggerated is putting it mildly.

They did the same thing for Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild and ebay is pointing me to about $5-10 resale value for each one. I have a pre-order from Amazon for the special edition and was going to cancel it if I could secure it from BB so I could get the coin myself, but since that's looking unlikely I'll probably just end up buying the coin from someone off ebay. Really that thing can't be worth more than 5 bucks so it's not worth a lot of hassle IMO, just a cool thing to have.
Haha, I remember how blown away I was when I found "Special World". I had always heard rumors of a "Moon World" from everybody else and never believed them, and when I found it I figured that's what they were talking about. What a blast of nostalgia, I really miss those days when I still hadn't discovered everything in-game in SMW, that feeling of finding something new was incredible.

Tubular is definitely a pain, probably my most hated level in the whole game, with Soda lake being #2. For me, it's not even hard at this point, since I've played the game so many times that I've memorized the enemy and balloon locations and all the cues. It's just so dang tedious. So many levels are fairly easy to skip over (or at least over a good chunk of it), but there's no getting around Tubular. The balloon controls are slow and awful, but it's the only way through.
Haha, sorry, I meant I was having that problem on another site, forgot to clarify. I don't do a whole lot of VGM (yet) so I would never really expect to do well here, lol.

And yeah, that's just mostly cause I was super active in the ol' days from 2007-2009, peeking in every corner lol, but I was still never super well-known around here. I just like to post every now and then for the blast of nostalgia. I can't give any advice as a hacker, just as someone who knows the struggle of trying to gain recognition for his work.
eating my cereal dry

Cici's pizza
Don't worry, I've been here for over 10 years and contributed absolutely nothing to this site except for cringeworthy forum posts. I can at least say that I recognize your username from way back in the day, and if I recall correctly, you've made plenty of accomplishments. I think everyone wishes that they could've done more with the time they had, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a waste, or that the accomplishments they did achieve are somehow worth less because of it, by any means.
Originally posted by Quizler
I've always beat tubular the exact same way using the cape and blue yoshi: Just hit the p switch, hit the block, trampoline over the balloon, bounce on the charging chuck, and glide over to the coins-turned-blocks and eat a turtle before the timer runs out. It's really specific, but very simple to do. I won't even bother trying the level any other way, it's too hard for me!

Originally posted by RPG Hacker
That seems quite tricky to do. I almost think that doing it with the ballon might actually be easier.

Just tested this out on the GBA port and it worked fine for me. It's really not hard to pull off, just gotta be a little careful dodging the volcano lotuses. This is actually way easier than my workaround for Way Cool which relies on a lot of precarious bouncing off enemies with Yoshi; I can't believe I never thought of this earlier, it's brilliant.
Entry of the Gladiators for me, definitely.
Oh, speaking of NES games, I really like Zelda II. A lot of people don't like it because it's not in the typical Zelda formula and its difficulty is much higher, but I really like its focus on combat and it's a game that just gets better and better the more times you beat it.
By the thread title I almost had assumed that the United States had finally returned to an isolationist foreign policy again as envisioned by Warren G. Harding in his 1920 presidential campaign.

But yeah I prefer the default colors and having to hover over names to keep track of who everyone was was a hassle.
I don't get why they had to make it so that the sun sets earlier in the Winter, a season of already shortened days and vice versa in the Summer. Seems like it should be the other way around, if anything.
They've always ended on the more underwhelming characters in the past. Brawl started off with Sonic and Snake, ended with Wolf and Toon Link, Smash 4 kicked off with Mega Man and ended with Duck Hunt. I think they get out the most interesting characters first to generate buzz and hype sooner rather than later.
lmao why would anyone try to seriously rebut this guy

like, really, just look at his post

he's so obviously correct and eloquent that any attempt will result in him COMPLETELY DESTROYING you with FACTS and LOGIC.
Project Passion: Stoya

Something short I wrote for a somewhat devious group project on another site

I always thought that when you have only a 4th of a watermelon left in DK64, that it looks inverted (the pink inside looks like it's the outside, and the green shell looks like it's the inside)
r/cringeanarchy is one of my favorites
Originally posted by Katerpie
First thing that came to mind: this hack.

Man, I've forgotten about a lot of the hacks I've played here, but this one always stood out in my mind for this reason. I still even have it in my files a decade later lmao
When it comes to WoL, I have to go with Mii Swordfighter's final smash. Especially on challenges where the enemies don't flinch, it's a reliable way of sending them so far off the edge that they can't recover.

Plus if you use the quick charge final smash + double final smash skills on the skill tree, it becomes really profitable. I haven't come across a challenge I couldn't do yet.
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