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I'm making a "First Hack" game.


-Little ExGFX
-Increasing Level Design throughout the game. (No levels are ommitted)
-The exact same overworld

I don't really like the sensitivity of this userbase, so I'll hold back on posting my hack for play. Screenshots should come soon.
I have a few problems with the Layer 2 "Sink when touched Long Range" sprite command. When Mario jumps on the ledge in Layer Two, on the screen with the sprite command, it just makes Mario shake on the Layer 2 Ledge. Can someone please help me?

BTW, the level I'm working on now is my first go at using Layer 2.
There are two possible reasons.

1. You don't have a custom pallette activated, and you didn't save your RBG changes to the ROM. I know you said you have it, but just double check. Like you said, you haven't hacked in a while.

2. You didn't save when you pressed F4 and ran the emulator.

I hope that helps.
When did you apply these patches? They cause problems if you patch it to Anything other than a Clean ROM.
I haven't read everyone's tips, so If I repeat someone's tip, my apologies.

Following through pieguy1372's post:

147: Don't waste ten screens of a level running under Thwomps.
148: Don't make large flat areas with 20-30 enemies.
149: Don't make a Kaizo World Clone. Work on difficulty curves.
150: There should me one 3-UP Moon for about every six levels, if they're WELL HIDDEN.
Name: Pester/KK
Real name: Walter (-_-)
Age: 16 (Turning 17 in.., *countsfingers* 9 months.
Special languages: English, 1337
Special skills: Baseball, Video Games, Lunar Magic (Sort of), Baseball, pissing people off, and Baseball.
Worst skills: Many sports besides baseball, including Tetris, Minesweeper, and Solitare.
Hobbies: SMW Hacking, Donkey Kong Country, Baseball, Sleeping
Favorite Food: Pizza
Like: Typing, Haxxing, stuff.
Hate: Emos, Noobs, GFaqers, People with FRIENDS.
People you like on this site: I don't know anyone here.
Waiting for: Super Smash Bros Brawl
Favorite hacks: Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom, Kaizo MArio World
Least Favorite Hacks: Super Mario World Hell.
The Traingle, and the Kazoo.

I think I'm going to vomit...
You people and your marsupial/mammal/rodent things...

But can you make A FROG?

EDIT: Oops. Forgot the picture.

154. If your Ball 'n Chain is missing a part, fix it. That happens when it is too close to another sprite.

155. Don't put the Load Savestate Key and the Save Savestate Key right next to each other.

156. Don't make joke levels (I.e. Bowser's castle being one platform with no enemies and no Bowser)

157. Don't replace the first two Map 16 FG Pages with ExGFX.

158. Don't use scrolling levels for EVERY level in the game. One scrolling level per 2 Worlds is fine.

159. Don't put two contradicting tileset specific sprites on the same level. (I.e. a Dino Rhino and a Mechakoopa)

160. If you want to change the pallette of the level, click LEVEL on top of the Lunar Magic screen and enable custom pallette. This way, you wont screw your pallette over.
Super Challenge World? /guess

EDIT: ****! I was beaten to the answer.
How about abiding by your parents' demands? They know more than you do, and if you don't sleep in 7 days...

You'll die.

EDIT: Also, maybe your brother did something retarded with that priviledge, and your parents don't want you to do it.
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