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hi! i'm new here, but i've been interested in making mario levels for a long time now; started with SMBX around 2013 or so. i've been interested in picking up SMW romhacking because (it's probably just me but) romhacks kinda have more staying power on their own, whereas an SMBX episode can only be accessed through SMBX itself. maybe i'm overthinking it.#tb{'_'}

i'm looking into the resources to make my own first (probably shitty) hack, would this be a huge/difficult step up from SMBX? lunar magic doesn't seem too foreign to me, but i still can't help but feel intimidated by it lol.
i've played smw before but i've played a lot of other ones between then and now, and i'm so used to mario being a lil bit more slippery. in most games i press left while he's in the air and he's like "ermmm you sure?? ok man whatever you say" but smw you press left and he was there YESTERDAY and suddenly you're back on the map screen.

but i totally dig it and im sure it'll be super helpful once i've gotten the hang of it lmao.
Originally posted by Face
as what im sure u went through learning smbx, smw hacking just takes some getting used to as u gain the muscle memory and whatnot. theres things that are easier about it and things that are harder about it, so its probably something of a trade off. you'll find that theres a lot of weird quirks about doing certain things that just exist for whatever reason that u kinda just have to remeber are there.

basically just jump into it.

thank you! i just started using lunar magic today and it's definitely familiar in many areas so it's nowhere near as scary as i thought it would've been. #tb{^V^}
i'm mostly surprised by the lack of puyo puyo music, at least from what i've found.
i was really hoping for some puyo sun music ; - ;
probably not good advice but from my time making levels in smm2 and smbx, i kinda find myself vomiting up the ideas i've had for a level without editing just to see if any of it works. from there i'll heavily edit and rework and change things so it's like, an actual level lmao.

but this is also my method for writing, letting myself spit up everything unedited helps me get the ideas out regardless of their quality, and from there i can decide if they're worth pursuing.

being critical of your work is good, but it's important to let yourself be a little free in the initial stages, or else you'll find yourself too critical to even start anything.
(i hope this helps or is like, comprehensible at all lmao)
i'll be honest, i'm extremely burnt out on most social media platforms, including discord. since joining this forum, i was wondering if it's reasonable/viable(??) to only use the forum for communication instead of the discord server? or is it preferred to be on discord to ask questions and get feedback? i haven't been here long enough to gauge how active the forum is compared to the discord.
my very first mario (and first game in general) is actually mario kart wii. i played it at a family friend's house and was like WHOAAAA the entire time. also when i was little, i thought luigi on the boxart was like, mario's evil brother (cuz he wasn't smiling on the box i guess???)
shortly after i played nsmb on a friend's ds and that's when i became like, absolutely obsessed with mario, which i guess carries on to this day lol
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
you could theoretically post your credit card info, social media passwords, etc. in your hack thread and probably no one would notice

that's such a shame :o( i really like the format of forums, but i guess it's not as popular as it used to be. i'll probably still post around here, but if i absolutely need to i'll also post to the discord.
coming from someone that's been playing super mario maker 2 lately, my method of coming up with levels is choosing one specific gimmick and a set of enemies to feature throughout the level, and then building as it goes on. however, sometimes i find myself kinda aimlessly building a level toward the end of it and the design can get kinda sloppy and unfocused.

as someone still experimenting with lunar magic (i made my first level!! it's a 105 edit ofc but it turned out better than i thought i would), how do you experiment with the different sprites/tiles and how do you plan the rest of your levels? do you sketch em out, write out the ideas you've had in your head, or do you just go by the seat of your pants? lemme know, it helps me approach my process in different ways when i see how others do it.
Originally posted by niko
You can get in a flow state (and ofc how i do it isnt the 'right' way to do it, just my way), i myself experienced getting 'writers block' when making levels when i thought too hard about how i do little things. You can just wing some things, like the width of pits or the length of a platform, and when you dont like it, the flow feels off etc., always change it.

this is a huge thing i never really thought about before.. i get caught up with how "correct" enemy placements and stuff are but sometimes it's something you kinda just "feel" as you keep testing your level. i'm keeping that in mind when the thought comes up again :o)
right now this is my only forum i use, but as a kid lurking the smbx forums, i always wanted to make an account on it and start posting and talking to people, but i felt like i'd get made fun of or something. years later i finally make an acct here after getting interested in romhacking, and of course it's right as forums are declining a ton in popularity lmao
i don't have any clients, but i do have some older place files from around 2015 at the latest. i started playing in 2012, but my old old places and files are on an account i can't access anymore #smrpg{sad}
Originally posted by SMWizard

Often times, my levels include branching paths which end in one of three ways:
1. A secret/secondary exit
2. A bonus area (Yoshi coin, moon, lives)
3. A more difficult/easier alternate route

All of which would feature unique variations to the level's normal gimmicks, and may link back to the level's main body.

i have no idea how i've never considered using secret areas for extending the challenges of the levels. i'm very used to using sub areas mostly for bonuses or a single room with a yoshi coin or something, but now i want to design a level with an optional path that acts as an alternate approach to the level's gimmick/theme but a little more challenging. thanks for your input!!
not like, new new anymore but hi my name is morgan/famiquinn. i've been making mario levels in other stuff growing up and i'm hoping to apply my knowledge here and probably make many mistakes along the way!!

i also like drawing and other things people find attractive and irresistible
i love putting stickers on things, but sometimes i overthink where i should put my stickers. most of 'em go on my laptop. i usually just buy stickers from wherever i go, including some gift shop stuff and random video game ones from hobby stores.
i censored the bottom right one cuz it's got a butt lol
currently working on a level that utilizes layer 3 low tides that move when the camera scrolls vertically. so far, everything's going smoothly. but toward the midpoint is an issue with one specific dolphin.

here's what this bit looks like:

but what feels like 25% of the time, the last dolphin won't show up at all.

it seems to only be this dolphin too. if other dolphins aren't spawning, it's due to manually panning the camera around with L/R. leaving the screen and entering it again will spawn them normally, but this last dolphin will not respawn if it's not there to begin with.

this section of the level is possible with only one dolphin, but it isn't what i intend for this section.

the hack i'm working on has a few patches applied, including Inline Layer 3 Messages, Level Constrain, and i patched $07F659 to stop the dolphin tails from appearing from offscreen.

if anyone knows what this could be, lemme know, cuz this section is pretty important and i'd like to be able to make it reliable :o)
turns out it was related to the sprite slots, in the gif i'm holding a shell when approaching that section which is the straw that breaks the camel's back. i didn't really put that together and was having trouble recreating the issue when getting a capture of it #smrpg{ohno}

Originally posted by Thomas
First option would be to increase the sprite limit, if not already at the maximum (in #lm{sprhead}, you can try a sprite memory setting with a higher limit like setting 00).

i think i'll do that, but are there any potential drawbacks i should know about for going this route? just so i can plan accordingly.

but thanks so much, i really appreciate your help :o)
i remember SA-1 being mentioned in a few smw hack videos i watched, but i hadn't heard of the no more sprite tile limits patch. i'll definitely keep it in mind and i might end up using it.
thank you for your responses, it helps a bunch :o)
when i first joined smwcentral, my first username was "morgankart", which is just my name with + 'kart' to sound like mario kart. i considered going with the full version of it, "morgankart_doubleDs" but i wasn't sure if it would be considered nsfw or not LOL.

lately i've been super interested in the super nintendo, specifically the super famicom cuz i like the design, branding, and the name a lot (and i will not hesitate to spend way too long talking about how much i like the jpn/eu design compared to the us version but that's a different plate of a cookies for a different glass of milk).

i tried to combine famicom with my name, but "famorgan" and "famorcom" felt a little too clumsy and weird to say, but i thought about some other names i considered if i wasn't named morgan, one of them being quinn. famicom + quinn = famiquinn. it felt catchy enough and i was super happy with it, lmao.
Originally posted by NinCollin
I've got an 8bitdo SN30 Pro, and whew the diagonals on that dpad are not great; they are so overly sensitive and get trigger on just the slightest movement left/right or up/down, making it painful to use on games requiring a level of precision

i thought i was the only one for the longest time. it breaks my heart cuz i used to use my sf30 pro for everything, but i've grown to really dislike using it for playing rom hacks. it's weird too, because everyone talks about how accurate the d-pad and everything is but it feels way too hit and miss to really be praised to that degree. but maybe i'm only learning now because precision can be really important in harder hacks.

and also it's a very minor nitpick, but the button colors on the sf30 pro (the super famicom color scheme one) are nowhere near as vibrant as the real ones, which i had confirmed after getting my snes mini recently. it looks kinda yucky when you put them side by side ;-;
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