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I love missing important non-important events here. Well, here goes nothing...

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
I have three questions; one about the site, one about being an administrator, and one about Project Wonderful!.

How did this site get started?
What I'd like to know specifically is how the site picked up from 3 or 4 users to a considerably larger number. The scenerio is that a friend of mine has created a website, and right now it only has 4 users, with me being one of them. I was curious to see how things would go.

What do I need to know about being an administrator?
Same scenerio; my friend has made me an administrator. I do have an idea of what to do, since I've been on this site for at least a year, having read the rules and such. The website's forums aren't very structured yet, but the website is relatively new. Is there anything I should know, specific or general?

Lastly, Project Wonderful-how exactly does THAT work?
I don't really expect this to happen, but I want to help get the word out, and I know advertising is a good way to do it. I understand I'll need a PayPal (is it PayPal?) account, but how does it work?

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
Thank you Kieran and TRS, it is very much appreciated.

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
My history was cleared, so I had to log back in to SMW Central. Before I logged in it said something like "Unblock our ads". I thought it funny but dismissed it and logged in. Now I don't see any ads at all and am wondering if they really ARE blocked or for whatever reason disabled... Any ideas?

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
The problem is solved; one of my browser plugins must have blocked it automatically...

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
I suppose I'll join the good side even if I don't do anything (I just hope I can figure this whole thing out...).

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
I think I'm dying from all this insanity.

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
This is my first C3 submission, and probably my last.
For about two or three years now I have been working on Yoshi: Super Dinosaur but am sad to say the project has come to an end. No, not completion, but rather stopped in production. I would call this a "second demo", however it's very unpolished and some levels are unfinished/have some glitches. I do not plan to continue this hack.

With that said, I'm releasing this for C3 as planned; whether or not the demo was finished I was going to release it in whatever form it had taken. However, grab it before the week is over, or before C3 is over; I plan to remove it sometime this week, if not next Sunday.

Two stories, each with at least 4 complete worlds and a bonus world or two. Some ASM, and some of my own ASM (the best I can do now is custom blocks, and not even those are good), special features like a scavenger hunt-like bonus game (at the end of the first world's bonus you'll see what I mean), and two more playable characters (Luigi and Peach).

The main reason was because I took interest in other things in my life and found less and less time to hack.
The other reason is because I needed to move all of my resources to my external hard drive so I could install Ubuntu. I don't have any access to my external hard drive now because the file system is doomed for failure. I managed to recover the latest version of my hack, though.

On to the hack itself:
This "demo" features some updated levels from the first version including a whole new tutorial level. It also features some custom things like turn blocks, used turn blocks, a p-switch, and a message box that I made. I may have made more but nothing is coming to my mind right now. A couple of custom bosses (Fryguy and Clawgrip to be exact), but Clawgrip is made from one of the Noob's Custom Boss sprites and is kinda harder than intended...

These pictures don't do it justice, though. I just needed some and took some quickly... That and I can't figure out how to make them show up here...

And finally, the hack itself:
Yoshi: Super Dinosaur Demo 2. As far as I know, this works best on ZSNES 1.51. I don't plan to test any more emulators as I don't plan to continue the hack.

Wait, er, this is last for sure:
Due to my resources being shot, I do not have a list of credits to who they are due. I don't own anything in the hack except what's listed up there. Please don't claim anything in there as your own.

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
Thanks Jeorge. If memory serves correct, two levels use graphics from YI. I like the second level better than the first, personally.

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but...

Since Zelda Classic's website has been messed up due to false malware accusations, I haven't been able to download ZC 2.10. Or, rather, an installer that installs ZC and ZQuest correctly. When I start ZQuest, all it says is "Decrypting...Error." No matter which quest it's trying to load. As for ZC, no matter what quest I load it says it can't load it. Sure, the alphas for 2.5 work fine, but 2.10 has less features (which I feel means less confusion) and is stable. Does anyone know where I can download an installer that installs everything correctly? Or, do you have an installer that you could upload?

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but I figured this was the best place.

A while back I was looking for a new way to play SMW instead of just hacking it to make it something else. What I came up with involves vanilla SMW but with a board game feeling. The only other person I played it with was a friend of mine who lives down the road, and I've been meaning to share this with someone for a while. Who better to share it with than a community who loves SMW?

I can't say it's perfect, though I have tested it two or three times and adjusted the rules accordingly.

SMW The Board Game

Goal: Make it to Bowser and defeat him to win! The first player to do so is the winner.

One copy of SUPER MARIO WORLD, with all levels available for play
One six sided die
One coin
Two players

Basic Rules:
1. Both players agree on any optional rules of their choosing. Once step 2 has started, there cannot be any changes in these rules.
2. Both players roll the die. Highest roll goes first.
3. Both players start on the YELLOW SWITCH PALACE.
4. In order to advance, a player must roll the die and move the number of spaces denoted on the die.
5. At the end of the roll, when landing on a level tile, the player must complete the level.
a. If the player completes the level, they may stay on the tile and wait for their next turn.
b. If the player dies, they must go back to where they were prior to rolling the die.
6. The game ends when a player either loses all their lives or lands on either FRONT DOOR or BACK DOOR and defeats Bowser!

Specific Level Tiles:
• YOSHI’S HOUSE: if a player lands on YOSHI’S HOUSE, they must advance to and complete YOSHI’S ISLAND 2.
• Any tiles with two exits (excluding STAR WORLD levels): whether or not a player lands on one in the middle of their roll, they must flip a coin if and only if it branches to another path and not a single level, e.g. if landing on or passing DONUT PLAINS 2, the player will not need to flip a coin because the only alternate path is to the GREEN SWITCH PALACE. A player’s turn should not end while being on a switch palace, or on TOP SECRET AREA. The only special cases are for star warps and pipes; a player must flip a coin if the other path leads to either.
o If the coin lands on heads, they take the normal exit.
o If the coin lands on tails, they take the secret exit.
If a player loses at any given level and goes back to a tile with two exits, they MUST flip a coin again to determine which path.
• PIPES: when a player lands on a pipe, this does not decrease the amount of spaces they roll. Only when a player passes a level tile does the amount of spaces they can continue to move decreases. A player’s turn should not end while being on a pipe.
• STAR WARPS: when a player lands on a star warp on either the main world or on a submap that is not STAR WORLD, they must enter it as if it were a pipe. However, if a player is on the STAR WORLD submap, things play out a little differently. Check the ‘Specific Submaps’ rules for further information.

Specific Submaps:
• SPECIAL WORLD and its levels are off limits.
• STAR WORLD: When a player is in STAR WORLD, they do not roll the die to advance. Instead, once in STAR WORLD, the player advances to the next sequentially numbered level (looping back to STAR WORLD 1 after STAR WORLD 5.) The player must stay on that level tile until it is beaten. Playing the level counts as taking a turn. Once the level is beaten, the player advances to the next star warp. Once on a star warp, the player flips a coin.
o If heads, the player takes the star warp.
o If tails, the player does not take the star warp.
A player’s turn should not end while on a star warp. Instead, they must always advance to the next level tile and end their turn. For example, let’s say the player lands on the star warp after DONUT SECRET HOUSE. Their turn would play out as follows:
o The player advances to STAR WORLD 1 and plays the level. If they beat the level, they advance to the next star warp and complete the coin flipping process. Let’s say the player flips a heads. They would use the star warp and end their turn while landing on VANILLA SECRET 1. They would NOT have to complete the level. But, if they flip tails, they must continue on to STAR WORLD 2 and end their turn, waiting to complete that level on their next turn.
Lastly, one more thing to note – if a player is coming out of STAR WORLD, they do not need to flip a coin when landing on the level tile. Instead, they will continue on the normal path.

Optional rules:
• All levels must be completed by the normal exit (or any variation of this rule where each level that has a secret exit must be completed by it, etc.)
• If a player is stuck in the FOREST OF ILLUSION submap for more than two turns due to coin flips, they may exit the map the normal way without flipping any more coins.
• Players can only advance through the normal way – no secret exits may be used.
• Players must always defeat a certain level tile (castle, fortress, ghost house, etc.) while passing it, either ending their turn on that tile or not afterwards.
• CHOCOLATE SECRET and DONUT SECRET 2 must be completed when passed and may or may not end the player’s turn.
• The players may take their choice of power ups from TOP SECRET AREA before the game starts.
• STAR WORLD is off limits.
• STAR WORLD functions like the rest of the game, without any special rules.
• A player can never get power ups from yellow or green switch blocks, or only use power ups from those blocks.
• A player cannot use any powerups.
• No Yoshis.
• If a player accumulates enough bonus stars and gets a bonus game, they get another turn.
• Instead of returning to the prior tile before the player rolled if a player dies, they may not roll again until they beat the level they died on.
• No breaking the stage with a cape or blue shell.
• Instead of the winner being determined by who makes it to Bowser’s castle
• Instead of flipping a coin, the way the player goes will be determined by which exit they take in the level.

I hope you guys have fun with it, even if you do just play it once!

Edit: Disregard second to last optional rule

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
Originally posted by Footsteps_of_Coins
Originally posted by Kyouken
• Instead of the winner being determined by who makes it to Bowser’s castle

I think you're missing something here.

Eh... you'd be right. Though, I really have no idea what the heck I was going to put there. Whoops. I'll edit that out. Thanks.

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
Originally posted by BigTarantula99
Seriously, great idea. I'd love to try this sometime.
I know the whole idea of this is to be something other than hacking, but a hack based on this could be really cool, too, maybe with the original levels, but an overworld that's a bit more board-game friendly without any of that. And this way, you could make it so you don't have to beat the game to be able to play the board game - you could set it so everything's open from the start. Interesting experiment.

I had thought of making a hack, but I lack the ASM skills - I envisioned it having the dice rolls and coin flips all be in game, though I suppose one could edit the overworld to make it more board-game friendly without any of that. Having all of the exits open at the start would be ideal, too. That was the only thing I didn't like about it, having to beat the game in its entirety before you start (though I imagine a lot of people here could do that pretty quickly ;) ).

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
I'm not going to bother to look up any links for these, but here's a list from what I have on my computer:

Abobo's Big Adventure:
Flash game that has a whole bunch of NES goodness.

OPENBOR, Streets of Rage clone or whatever:
Sidescrolling beat 'em up with custom games that people have made for it.

King of Fighters - Flames of Courage:
I don't remember if this is a port or whatever but it's KOF.

Legend of Princess:
Flash game heavily inspired by Zelda.

Neat little Mario game with elements of Castlevania.

Mega Man Unlimited:
Very polished Mega Man fan game. I recommend this moreso than the rest of these.

Megaman x Street Fighter:
Another Mega Man fan game. This one is actually on Capcom's website for download. As the title suggests, you're fighting Street Fighter characters.

Metroid Confrontation:
Neat little Metroid game by the creator of AM2R. Short, sweet, and pretty fun.

osu! (very loosely a fangame but a fangame nontheless):
It's loosely a fangame, but it's in the vein of Rhythm Heaven (I think). It has more modes than that, though, and you can find plenty of songs (or beatmaps, as they call them) on the website. I recommend this moreso than the rest.

Pokemon Fusion Generation:
Well done Pokemon fangame that deals with fusing Pokemon together to share abilities, movesets, types, etc. with a decent plot. It's made in the style of Generation 3 with some Generation 4 Pokemon, and set in Kanto.

PyWright - Phoenix Wright Case Maker+Player:
You can play Phoenix Wright cases made by people with this. There are a couple of good ones.

Rockman 7 Famicom Edition (not really a fangame but worth noting):
Some people took it upon themselves to replace everything in Rockman 7 for the SNES with NES graphics and music in a game on the PC. In Japanese, but playable.

Super Mario Bros. X (but you've probably heard of it):
If you don't know what this is, search these forums.

Super Mario War:
This game is best with some friends; you play as a character on various maps, tours, and game modes trying to stomp on opponent's heads. Really neat, but more for multiplayer (though you CAN play by yourself if you want).

Super Smash Bros. Crusade:
A Super Smash Bros. fangame that controls very well and has a plethora of characters.

TYPE WILD (I know you said not a demo or anything but it hasn't been worked on in a while, and it's very functional for what they have):
It's unfinished, yeah, but at this point I think it's as finished as it's going to get. If you want a Pokemon fighting game, and one that was worked on by someone who helped animate(?) some of the anime, here it is.

Zelda Classic (not a fangame, but worth noting as there are MANY fan-made Zelda Quests you can play with this):
Not a fangame, but rather a port of the original Zelda to the PC, you can play the original Zelda and many quests made by fans, as well as make your own quests. I recommend this one moreso than the others.

waiting for SMWC2 to come out since 1995
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