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I have a stomach! I like to eat food! Invader Zim rocks!
Is Invader Zim the best show you've ever seen? I would have to say maybe!
I saw a UFO on Animal Crossing once...
Bobby's World was great! I bet Invader Zim would have lasted a lot longer had it been on Cartoon Network. It was really an adult cartoon in ways. Dib was going to die in one of the episodes, but Nick wouldn't let them.

GIR rocks!
This is my level entry. Did I get that link in there? Let's find out!
Well, I guess you will just have to copy the url, and paste it. There are 2 exits to find. This hack is not yet finished. Let's call this level Mountain Top 4, just for fun. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about 60% done with my hack of doom. The end.

WYEdit: Fixed the link. ;)

edit: I patched that first one to the wrong file and came out with garbled graphics. Here is the new one:

New Link

If you downloaded the last one, please delete it and use this one. It's slightly less ugly (I hope).
My avatar is a lambda!
Originally posted by BZM

I also can't get "Eleanor Rigby" and "I am the Walrus" out of my head.

Me too.
Metroid Other M
Donkey Kong Country Returns
BB Gun
Zelda, Phantom Hour Glass
Captain Morgan
Absolut Vodka
And An odd assortment of lots of other stuff
Definitely my top 3 favorite bands are: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Beatles. Although, I enjoy most other classic rock groups, and some hard rock, and techno, too. Rock rocks!
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