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Posts by 1UPdudes
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Yep I started off haacking SMB1 first, before SMW.
So yeah if your reading this then good lcuk going through all my posts.
Could you post a link to the place where you downloaded the editor?
Dude, Ive had and R4 for a few months and just recently I found out all of its awesome stuff it can do, sucha snesds, snesmul, Ipod ds and all that. Just get a average ob but not a crappy one
Originally posted by Kernigh
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I started to hack SMB1 with mario utility and need some ideas ...

I have not NES emulator so I play not any hacks of SMB1, but I can give ideas.

Goomba Stage: Create a stage where the primary enemy is the Goomba. Have many Goombas but no Koopa shells. Spawn Goombas on high platforms so that they try to fall on Mario. Put Goombas in two-block-high passages so Mario has less room to jump on them. Have Lakitu throw Goombas instead of Spinies, if someone knows how to do that. Then when Mario plays the stage, he stomps all the Goombas to prove again that they are such weak enemies.

Bonus in Bonus: Make an underground bonus room, which has a hidden brick block with a vine that goes up to another bonus room. I am not sure if this is possible.

Warp Zone in Bonus: Make a scrolling underground bonus room, but if Mario goes over the exit pipe, then he finds a warp zone like in the original World 1-2. I am not sure if this is possible in a bonus room.

Powerup Bonus: Put a powerup ? block in a bonus room so that Mario needs to visit the bonus to get the Mushroom or Fire Flower. No powerup if Mario skips the bonus.

Another variation is to have a place where Mario needs to break brick blocks to continue. If Mario is not Super, then he enters the pipe underneath the brick blocks to visit the bonus. The bonus only has a Super Mushroom and an exit pipe, but the exit is to earlier in the level. So Mario tries to survive as Super Mario while replaying part of the level to reach the brick blocks.

Special Level: World 3-4 is an easy level with more coins and 1-up mushrooms than normal. The problem is that in world 3-3, the warp zone to world 4-1 is easier to find than the flagpole to world 3-4. This idea might not work if you want 3-4 to be the usual kind of castle, or if the game does now allow warp zone in 3-3.

Edited Text: Edit the text, so that after you defeat Bowser and rescue the Toads, they something other than the classic princess-in-another-castle line. "I wish that I was a princess."

These are awesoem ideas, epsecially the goomba one, I think that world 3 will now be a goomba themed one, thanks again :D

I have finsihed world 1 and 2
world 1: easy but harder than the orignal.
world 2: A level filled with ponds and lakes, even the castle has water in t.
This hack looks great, I really liked the helicopter level.
Too bad YI doesnt play on SNES mul for DS cause I would love to play this out and about. :D
Thanks :D

This Hack is looking great!
I like this site fro my SMW hacking purposes but I need to know a good site for focusing on SMB1 hacking.
Well thanks for your help guys, is this
"kuribos shoe" site still in the making?
Im talking about the origanla NES version, and Ive heard of hisSMAS level editor, It looks mint but I just need a site like the kuribos shoe so I can focus more on NES hacking....
Pretty good for your first overworld. Im busy doing the same for my hack, Super Koopa world (which is not very complete ). I like goomba ridge but I think warios island should have some more scenery. :D

While editing for some reason I lost all my Hack.
Im going to re-do it so please ignore the rest of this thread.
Cool hack I cant wait till its fully completed.

Pipe Plains: Maybe a Spin Jump could be used to get across and get the Dragon coin......

Koopa Woods, full of Bowsers loyal koopa minions.

Watch out! This is the first encounter of the Blue Koopa Crew.
This looks like a great hack...wait...
It IS a great hack :D

Keep up the good work.
Originally posted by SightForSoreEyes
Your OW looks a bit blocky. Most people don't like blocky although I, personally, think it looks pretty good. You also have a typo in your message box "blue koopa grew".

Thanks for pointing that out.

ANyway Im gonna edit the overworld a bit more cause i had to get the more complicated stuff like paths and stuff done before making it look pretty.

I really like how this hack is going.
Keep up the good work. :)
Originally posted by DemonSteel
Looks like a riot to play, one question though. For 'Super Koopa' will the main koopa get a shell or a different colour? or some other form of notification? Or are you going to use a health style game?

Emm, not entirly sure what that means..
but Super koopa gets shells instead of mushrooms so whn he gets a shell he stands up right like any other koopa. feather and fire flower are just the same, except the fire flower makes koopa skin more red.

Health style game...
Dont know what on the earth that
Originally posted by Kooky Von Koopa
Yoy might want to fix the overworld pallets for the koopa in the status bar and the walking koopa icon.

Ill keep that in mind :)

Anyway in other new I edited my overworld to make it less blocky and Im currently trying to finsih sea view islands and re-do iggys castle.

Im not sure what the next area could be
(this will be replacing donut plains)

I have thought of the first level for the new area its gonna be called "Muncher Meadow"

screenshots will be on the way soon.

Originally posted by DemonSteel
sorry about the incomprehensible message, it was quite late here. When I say 'health-style' I mean useing a health bar such as in 'Mario and The Island Of Mystery' the creator used a Link-esqe heart system.


I understand now :)

No, I wont be using that kind of health system.

Other news now Im looking for ideas fro the next area,
so far I have done:

Koopa Island:
Koopa hill
pipe plains
koopa woods
goomba mountain
sea view islsnds
piller palace(aka yellow switch palace)

Im currently changing iggys castle
The first level in the next area will be " muncher meadow" so im trying to think of an overworld/theme for the next section.

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1UPdudes' Profile - Posts by 1UPdudes

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