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I've been playing romhacks since the days of carol and decided earlier this year that I should try making one myself. So far I have mastered most of Lunar Magic and some of the extensions, but I have yet to comprehend patches, ASM and how to work around palette collisions, so expect to hear a lot of questions from me in the near future.

This is my first serious attempt at creating a rom hack. I have tried out Lunar Magic before, but this is the first time I have both a vision and a patience to learn how to use the various tools. The name "Croco Land" is a lack of imagination and "Shell Shocked" refer to one of the two central gimmicks of the hack.

The first gimmick is how the story is written. It's in the vein of a "choose your own adventure"-book, meaning that all messages in the hack are written in a second-person perspective. The story also have multiple pathways. An example of this is shown in the following pictures. The first picture introduces a stage with two exits, and the two following pictures then showcase the direction the story took by taking that specific exit:

The second gimmick is the focus on koopas. The enemy crew will consist mainly of various koopas, most of which will originate from this website. I would make some myself, but right now I don't even understand how to modify patches, much less making my own, so you won't witness anything truly unique in that regard, at least for now.
How I'm going to execute this with the least possible monotonousness is by choosing two kinds of koopas, excluding some vanilla ones, for each stage and then make a level that focuses on the synergy between these two koopas, while also taking the setting and story into account. I will admit though, that the sprites that are available will have an impact on the details of the story, which in itself has the regular end goal.


Now let's get into the current state of the hack. I'll give a summary on the first world, the stages I've made so far and the stages I got planned out.

Flower Hills:

This world will have three potential endings. The first one (good) where you defeat the boss in the lookout tower, the second one (bittersweet) where you reclaim the lookout tower but fail to reach the boss and rescue the hostage, and the third one (bad) where you fail to reach the castle at all, and instead have to make the best out of your current situation. These endings will then lead the story in three, mostly, different directions.

Flower Hills Base

This stage is basically the vanilla stage where I showcase all of the vanilla koopas and what they're capable of.

Flower Hills Bridge

This stage is where the chocolate is beginning to show up in the form of blue and yellow paratroopas.

Flower Hills Lookout

I have just began on this stage, so I don't have anything to show but the storypicture from earlier. My plan is to simulate a siege by having the stage feature exploding koopas inside the building and having exploding bullet bills attack the building from the outside. Wether you reach the boss or not will depend on if you've found the secret powerup in a different stage.

Flower Hills Lake

I have yet to make this stage but it will mostly be vanilla since the story prevents the presence of koopas, as referred to in the story pictures.

Temple of the Ancient Paratroopa

This stage is a forgotten temple where cultists tried to obtain the ancient paratroopa's (a dragon) power of flight by the creation of a simulation device (the feather). The enemies here are boos rather than koopas, due to it being a forgotten temple.


Next up is to finish the level design of the remaining stages, while also learning how to make the stages feel alive and not just being themed obstacle courses. Afterwards, I'll try to learn how to modify patches and sprites, so that I can implement the atmospherical stage gimmicks. Then, finally, I'll learn how to handle situations where the graphics of the for- and backgrounds collide with the sprites I want to use.
I also worry that the hack will be too montone to play if the powerups become restricted plot devices, but I also worry that easy access to the powerups will make the fragile koopas too easy of an obstacle to overcome, as they're the stars of the hack.
Not sure yet. My aim is ≈6 worlds, but it'll largely depend on how long I can keep the hack fun to play.
[Obligatory Brutal Mario mention]
The ones that are compatible with snes9x are usually also compatible with Retron 5. It has to be an american copy of the game though.

Originally posted by JP32
No what retron5 does is it dumps the rom from the cart and then just plays the rom on emulator, its completely worthless piece of plastic and anyone who uses or owns it should feel bad.

If you want to play on real snes, you need an flashcart like super everdrive(cheap but doesn't play superFX and SA-1 games), FX PAK/sd2snes plays them but is more expensive.

If you just want to play on TV then anything with HDMI output that runs emulators does the trick, your PC, laptop.. if you want something dedicated, I'll suggest Nvidia shield tv.

That's quite condescending.
Originally posted by JP32
Originally posted by crocodileman94
The ones that are compatible with snes9x are usually also compatible with Retron 5. It has to be an american copy of the game though.

Originally posted by JP32
No what retron5 does is it dumps the rom from the cart and then just plays the rom on emulator, its completely worthless piece of plastic and anyone who uses or owns it should feel bad.

If you want to play on real snes, you need an flashcart like super everdrive(cheap but doesn't play superFX and SA-1 games), FX PAK/sd2snes plays them but is more expensive.

If you just want to play on TV then anything with HDMI output that runs emulators does the trick, your PC, laptop.. if you want something dedicated, I'll suggest Nvidia shield tv.

That's quite condescending.

Nice argument lol. Playing on retron5 is no difference than emulating(and its emulation is not even that good), and its worse and laggy actually, you have no access to roms it dumps, cant run roms off sd card, very poor build quality, it erases your saves in the cart, you cant play rom hacks, death grip on the carts(to point where you can physically pull off the cart connector off the retron5), they use stolen code and violated licensing of the emulators they used for long time..
Retron 5 is just not good product and there are many better alternatives, especially considering main topic here is to play SMW rom hacks.

I don't get what you mean by "you cant play rom hacks". I've had no problem running the ones that are compatible with snes9x.
I'd like a patch/asm (not sure how they differ) that lets you implement earthquakes into a level, that activates once every 5-10 seconds.

Somewhat like this, but not constantly.

Being to disable the sound of the earthquakes would also be good, but it's not required.

I'm making a Switch Palace with vastly different graphics. Here's the current design of the (Green) switch:

And here's how I want it to look once pressed:

As it turns out however, the flat switch, unlike the regular one, is a sprite and follows different rules. After some trial and error, it ended up like this:

Not only do Mario and the bottom of the pressed switch share palettes, making him look covered in sooth as a result of the palette swap, said palette swap didn't affect the entirety of the bottom half, since Mario has restrictions on which colors he can change.

What am I supposed to do? I can't change the colors of the pressed switch sprite without it affecting Mario too, and I also can't use the regular design of the unpressed switch object because of the conflict in graphics.
Are Flowers, capes, and Yoshi required for enjoying a hack?

I'm making a "choose your own adventure"-style hack where powerups, except mushrooms, are restricted to Switch Palace blocks and are used almost solely as devices to give you additional split paths in the story if you've managed to unlock them earlier. I also plan to make you begin every stage as big mario, as to prevent carrying over powerups.

Why am I doing this? Aside from the "choose your own adventure"-theme , it's ecause I find it boring to design stages around the possibility that the player has access to an ability that let them skip the challenge. Why design a tricky enemy formation if the player can just blast through it with fireballs or skip it completely with a cape?
Thanks for the help!

Although while the palette swap works, it seems to overwrite that the two original 8x8 icons to the left aren't supposed to be mirrored, with these being the ones found in the GFX:
and this being what it looks like in-game:
Originally posted by MarkAlarm
Originally posted by crocodileman94
Somewhat like this

What was this link supposed to go to? I have a general idea of what you *might* want, but before fully claiming this I want to see the link you meant to post.

Fixed now. I must've misunderstood how link insertion works.
Thank you so much!
One of the layer two events creates this:

I'm 100% sure that the cause for this is that this exact tile was also being generated in a submap (I recall similar things happening with stage reveals before I learned about silent steps).
What I don't understand is why this tile specifically receives a glitch, when all of the other events that generate a stage in a submap work just fine.
Thx. Had no idea you could do silent steps with layer 2 tiles.
With the 8x8 editor, you can create and rotate everything you need. If you want them to be layer 2 tiles specifically, you simply place your creations next to the already existing ones.
When I tested my hack after inserting new music, I noticed that the sound effect that plays at the Nintendo logo had changed. I then tried to remove songs and sample maps one by one in order to find out which one caused the problem, but the sound change persisted.

I then went as far as re-downloading Addmusick, in order to remove all traces of custom music, and then ran AddmusicK on a clean ROM, without changing any of the sound files.

It turned out that the cause for the sound change was by simply patching the ROM with AddmusicK. How do I fix this?

edit: Same thing happens when using AMKGUI.
I find standard hacks to be immersive, whereas kaizo hacks feel too much like obstacle courses.

edit: Also, what's this "crust" thing that people talk about? Google only refers to this very thread when trying to look it up.
I'm about to start my playthrough. As a fan of metroidvanias, this concept seems interesting.
I've finished the hack now and I liked it. There were a few moments that I did find annoying, but that's what feedback's for.
Sorry for nitpicking, btw.

Let's begin with the graphics:

The upside down slope uses the wrong tiles.

There's a missing outline. I'd suggest simply making the leafs to the left slight larger at the bottom, so that the two half-circles are at the same height.

The transparent part of the corner clips through the leafs. It should be possible to fix this by using YY-CHR to create a suitable replacement tile.

Many of the branches throughout the forest lack a transparent bottom. The smaller branch is especially affected. At first I thought there was a lack of suitable tiles, but both of the examples shown in the picture have been made correctly elsewere, so it shouldn't be too hard to fix.

In opposite to the previous one, the mistake he is the usage of a transparent tile.

This one's especially noticable, but a YY-CHR paintjob should do the trick

The edges to some spikes are missing outlines, but I can't say how to solve it.

The bones have slight transparent outlines, but I think the background is too complex (especially around the upper bone) for this to be solved with a simple YY-CHR paintjob

The lack of a corner looks strange in of itself, but...

...it also makes it possible for mario to run out of bounds.

The beanstalk uses branch tiles even where there are no branches. Same problem applies to many other beanstalks.

These pipes look very strange. There are outlines that shouldn't be there, the tops look jumbled, and there's a color discrepancy between the very tops and the remainder of the pipes.

Now a couple of notes on grammar:

You're using the past tense "could", when the correct usage is the present tense "can".

"Each of those pipes" is technically not wrong, but since there are only two pipes, I'd suggest saying "Both" instead of "Each".

Two spelling errors were also made in the credits:

Gamma V was referred to as "Gama V".

Music was pluralized as "Musics", but there is no plural form of "music".

As for level design, the only major complaint I have shows up in the sunken ship stage.

At one point, you have to navigate through a bunch of ghosts during an air limit of 30 seconds. This isn't a problem in of itself, but at the end, where you switch screens to get air, this happens:

You're spawned right below circling boos, and if you keep mashing the A-button as you spawn (which you most likely are, since you're a few seconds from drowning) you run straight into them, taking damage you couldn't be prepared for.

I also suggest that you replace the Elite Ninji during the final phase of the boss fight with another one or two upside-down Ninjis. The Elite Ninji made the final phase too luck based, whereas two or three stationary upside-down Ninjis are much more manageable.

Let's end it with a few miscellaneous aspects, mostly technical:

The double jump sound effect is inconsistent. When you trigger another sound effect while you're double jumping, like collecting a coin, the sound is completely different.

When you enter water, the floaty water physics don't activate until you press the A-button to start swimming.

The large amount of fire pillars during the second half of the crystal cave level caused slowdown. (This one's easily patched)

If you double jump off-screen here, you'll be affected by the wind caused by the cloud.

If you go backwards when you enter the temple where an agressive red Grinder chases you, you fall into this unescapeable pit, essentially softlocking you. I'd suggest placing some spikes here.

Aside from these, I enjoyed my time with the hack. I do recommend including a mini-map with the official release though. While I liked the exploring aspect, I could see someone else not finding enjoyment in retreading their own steps several times over in order to find the next stage.
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