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Thanks. It's was a learning experience for me, finding out what to take into account when I design my own levels, and potential patches and items to utilize.
I found this neat font that I figured I could use for the title screen, but when I insert it and change its palette, it doesn't change ingame:

I've tried other stages, and it appears that this override is exclusive to C7. I've also tried to simply edit the overworld palette, but I soon found out that said editor only allows 2 colors per palette, whereas this font needs 3.

How do I prevent this override from happening?
Originally posted by Rykon-V73

Is is possible to place cement blocks behind the grass at the inner edges to have them connect to the environment? It looks just a teeny bit strange when there's only a pixel or two of width separating them.

I know it's quite nitpicky, but it was something that caught my attention.
When I made my e-mail account 17 years ago, I first tried my first name, which was already used. I then tried adding 94 (birthyear) to the end, but that too was used.
I then decided to come up with something so random that it can't possibly have been used before, and "crocodileman" was the first that came to mind. The "94" was added just to be sure, and it worked.
It's been my internet identity since.
I'd recommend doing some slight changes to the revamped Special World, like having the lines on the cross point the opposite way.
No, I meant how these are just barely not connected to the sides:

Something like this:

I've looked into it a bit myself and while it's theoretically possible, it would be a huge waste of palette slots that would most likely conflict with everything else.
It sure is! One final note would be to rearrange the colors to keep the blue-grey-brown pattern consistant, like this:

Sorry for being this pedantic, btw. I realise myself that this is something that barely anyone will even notice.
First step is to download Addmusick. In the AddmusicK folder, there's a text file that's called "Addmusic_list", where you'll find the title screen music at 15, and the location of that song's text file.

To change the song, you simply replace the location of the title theme text file with the location of a song of your choosing, and then you run the ROM in AddmusicK.exe

Two things to keep in mind is that the ROM in question has to be located in same folder as AddmusicK (as far as I know), and if the downloaded song includes a folder with samples, that folder must be moved to the folder "samples". It won't work if the same sample folder is present both in "samples" and in the original text file folder.
Looking over my own "Addmusic_list.txt", I realized that the txt file takes for granted the new song is located in "AddmusicK_1.0.8\music", since you're not required to type "music/" into the txt file.

Is the new song located in "AddmusicK_1.0.8\music", or is it somewhere else?
I care more about the gimmicks than the age.

Granted, older hacks are less impressive in that regard, but there are several that still hold up today, like the latter half of the VIP series.
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