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I've tried out the demo and I found the level design enjoyable, so just keep doing what you're doing in that area. There were some flaws regarding tile placements here and there though, and I'll list most of the ones I found below.

The most noticable mistake was this one, where several tiles where missing

Similar ones are these two, where the objects overwrites the ground tiles instead of being in front of them.

Other noticable cutoffs are these two.

There were plenty of pipe-related cutoffs in general, but the one shown in the first image is easily solved by using ledge tiles, for example those shown on the left side of the image.
As for the second image, I don't think there are any suitable ledge tiles in vanilla smw, but you can easily create one in YY-CHR.

There's also this one, that for some reason overwrites the hud

A final note regarding tile placements is that you can fall though the slope below. I'll assume it's because of a missing slope tile.

A more subjective issue I have with the above image is that I don't think that the chosen colour looks very good, due to how stong the yellow color is. It also blends into the mountains in the background at times.

The last two images aren't necessarily flaws, but I did find them confusing

The first image shows a pipe that you can't enter, which is a bit strange since there's a vine leading up there. Did you forget to make it an exit-enabled pipe, or is it meant to confuse the player? If it's the latter one, then you can disregard this paragraph.

In the second image, Iggy says that he has built his castle on the northern island, but the island's placement on the overworld is on the southernmost point. Is this a mistake, or is there something I'm missing?

I've refrained from mentioning the empty textboxes as flaws since I'm assuming that the content of the boxes simply hasn't been written yet.

Overall though, I found it an enjoyable hack and I'm looking forward to what you have in store next.

Oh, and the link you provided doesn't link to your files specifically, but to "My Files", which in my case is my own files. Here's a link that leads to your files specifically:
Figured this would happen eventually. This is easily the most ambitious hack I've seen yet, so I was a bit worried that the restrictions of the SMW engine would prevent those ambitions to reach their full potential.

I'll be looking forward to the full game as well as the final release of this demo-esque romhack, and I hope that you manage to find your ideal soundtrack.
Yet another hack to look forward to.
Originally posted by star_road_xyz
When will you publish the hack? I can't wait to see the final version of this great hack.

It was released a few days ago and is currently abailable in the Waiting section.
Will there be checkmarks on completed levels like in the official collaboration hacks? I can't imagine keeping track on which stages I've completed in a hack like this.
Originally posted by ninj
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Isn't worldpeace affiliated with JUMP Team?
Supporting this request because it has great potential.
November 14 1994
You would like if someone what?
I've played through the demo, and I enjoyed what I've seen thus far. Based on what's currently presented, I'd say it's Normal difficulty, but that could change at the end game.

I do have two things to note though, the first one being this:

I couldn't re-create it, but my first time around, the platform to the right didn't spawn; causing me to fall to my death. You might need to modify the sprite header (the Lakitu Head in Lunar Magic)

The Star next to the ghost house was unusable, but I'll assume that its destination has yet to be created.

I'll also gladly help you find suitable music. To me, that's one of the more fun parts when making a rom hack.
Originally posted by yno14jax
Why, thanks! I might have to take you up on that.

I've found five tracks that I think work well with their respective stages.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Amiga) - Stage 2 suits the forest sections in World 1 really well.

Same can be said about Final Fantasy V - Exdeath's Castle and Fire Temple

Since Fearsome Fish has a fish that chases you as well as a background from SMB3, no song suits this stage better than Super Mario Bros 3 - Athletic

For Bullet Bill Hills, I think Super Mario Bros - Overworld works pretty well, since grassland stages and Bullet Bills was something that game liked do to.

Stardew Valley - Mermaid Show feels like it was made with Water Temple in mind.

Since the graphics of this hack are very vanilla-esque, I decided to restrict the selection of songs to those that don't have a sample usage of "Many", kinda like what Gamma V does with her hacks.
Only if you want to create your own. If you want to download powerups from here, all you need to know is how to insert them into the hack.
I've tried the next demo, and just like the previous one, the level design was enjoyable. I found some issues though; most of them minor but a few of them major.

The first one is some garbled graphics at the "Choose Player" section of the main menu:

In Peaceful Plains 1, there's cutoff at the end of the SMB 1-1 submap:

In Peaceful Plains 2, there's a small curved line floating in the air at the beginning of the stage:

In the Yellow Switch Palace, the yellow switch kills you for some reason. At first I thought it was a trap, but there doesn't seem to be a real yellow switch anywhere. The bottom left tile also has water physics:

In Iggy's Castle, there's a Bowser Statue that's missing a few tiles. The submap also plays the main Grassland theme (Here We Go), which feels out of place:

In Desolate Desert 1, there's this pit that you can't get out of. If you use a shell, you can activate the vine in the block, but you can't get the Yoshi Coin without dying, so I'm assuming that there's missing floor:

In Desolate Desert 2: There's a room where I think you're meant to use red shells to break through a wall, but the switch you're given is a silver one, so the red shells are inaccessible. I first thought that I was supposed to use the glitch where going through a pipe turns a silver P-switch into a regular one, but the pipe you entered from only goes in one direction, so you're stuck here. Since the timer is also set to 0, you're forced to reset the ROM:

In Desert Secret 1, there's atile with some garbeled graphics:

In Desert Secret 2, there's cutoff beyond the goal. You don't see this when you pass the goal, but it's very easy to swim below the goal to reach this point:

In Desolate Desert 3: The wooden platform here doesn't float:

In Desolate Desert Ghost House, there's an invisible water tile near the goal:

In Desolate Desert 4, there's this pipe that you can't enter, which I don't think was intended:

In Desolate Desert 5: There's cutoff near the exit tile in a submap, and there's Cheep-Cheeps that don't float:

In Morton's Catle, there are areas where the sprite tile limit causes graphical issues like these two:

In Sunny Seas 1, there are Cheep-Cheeps stuck in walls:

In Sunny Seas 2, the midway point has you reaspawn at the beginning of the stage:

In Sunny Seas 3, there's a Cheep-Cheeps that swims into a wall:

The most major issue, also found in Sunny Seas 3, that there are pipes that look like they should be exit-enabled, but they aren't. This could of course be a trap, but I can't seem to find any pipes that takes me to the goal, which means I can't progress beyond this stage:

Overall, I enjoyed my time with the hack, and most of these flaws should be easily solvable. If I'm missing something about Sunny Seas 3, and there is a way to reach the goal that I couldn't find, then please let me know, so that I can test the rest of the demo.
I've gotten further into the demo now, and here's what I've discovered.

In a submap Desolate Desert 1, there's a missing wall tile:

In Sunny Seas 3, the Cheep-Cheep still swims into the wall. I'd suggest moving it two squares to the right:

In Haunted Shipwreck, there are garbled tiles in certain places, there's an area where you can't progress forward unless you have a cape, and the midway point has you restart from the very beginning as well as enabling water physics outside the ship.

In Wendy's Castle, the midway point has you respawn out of bounds, preventing you from finishing the stage:

In World 4: The tile for stage 1 is invisible:

In Fabled Forest 1, there are several instances of decorative trees with the wrong tile priority, and the goal point has cutoff:

In Fabled Forest 2, there's this submap that is completely empty, excluding the star you need to get through it:

In Fabled Forest 3, there are several instances of decorative trees with the wrong tile priority, a submap cave with an odd music choice, a triangle block you walk straight through, and the goal point has cutoff:

In Forest Ghost House, there are floating background tiles, and an area where you can easily jump out of bounds:

In Forest Secret 1, I can't find a secret exit, so there's probably a pipe that should be exit-enabled but isn't.

In Chemical Caverns 2, the secret exit requires a cape to be reached, but there's no guarantee that you have a cape when you get there, and since the room contains no pits and the entrance pipe only goes one way, there's a potential softlock:

In Chemical Caverns 4, you can run below the goal and the area beyond has cutoff:

In World 5, the Star Road is a regular stage that takes you to a test level:

Also in World 5, you can't move to (what I assume is) Chemical Secret 1:

At the beginning of World 6, you can't move to the first stage, preventing you from getting further into the demo:
There's a problem with the new demo. I can't progress further than Chemical Caverns 3 due to the event not triggering.

Aside from that, I got a few minor things to mention. I've tested every midway point up to Chemical Caverns 3, and these ones have you start over at the beginning of the stage:

Morton's Castle
Haunted Shipwreck
Treasure Island

The one in Haunted Shipwreck is broken because when you place the midway point in a sub-level, the game makes you re-enter the stage through the midway entrance of the main level.
To fix this, you have to open Modify Main and Midway Entrance on the main level, click on Redirect Midway Entrance to other level, and then write the number of the sub-level where the midway point is located.

Peaceful Plains 1's midway point works, but the sprite respawns when you re-enter the stage, so it must've been inserted through Map16.

These Goal points have cutoff at the top:

Desert Secret 2
Desolate Desert 3
Desolate Desert 4
Desolate Desert 5
Sunny Seas 2
Sunny Seas 3
Fabled Forest 2
Fabled Forest 4
Chemical Caverns 1
I have played the demo to its end now, and while I could progress beyond Chemical Caverns 3 now, there's still one problem. When I finished the stage, the path of the Chemical Caverns 2's secret exit was rendered instead, so you've probably given the two exits the same event, which also means that getting one of the exits disables the other:

Beyond that, the only flaw I could find was this room in Heavenly Heights 3, where the Cheep-Cheeps don't swim:

In Fabled Forest 3, I found a Yoshi Coin that's broken due to being placed between two screen boundaries:

In Forest Secret 1, I can't find the secret exit, so there's probably a pipe that should be exit-enabled but isn't.

You forgot to fix the Goal point cutoff in Fabled Forest 2, but aside from that one, all remaining Goal points and Midway points work perfectly.

Overall, the demo has been enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to the next one.
I know what you mean. What I do when that happens is either
1. Scale it down to something I'm able to do.
2. Convince myself that it is indeed possible to do, but I have yet to figure out how.

2 has worked quite often, since people have managed to create things that are far more impressive than what I'm trying to do, but there are times where I have to do 1 and create something that's not exactly what I want, but is similar enough to work anyways.
Mario even has the same colour.