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Having played through it again, I noticed that there's some slowdown as well as some sprite limitation problems remaining, one example being the second room in Morton's Castle, where both are present.

I've found a patch that solves the sprite limitation problem, and the slowdown can be fixed by enabling the two options "Use FastROM Adressing for this ROM" and "Enable FastROM speed & Apply Patch" found in the Options menu in Lunar Magic.

The manual for those two options says that they should be enabled on a fresh ROM for maximum benefit though, which sounds a bit annoying since you already did that just a few days ago.
Since the hack is close to release now, my playthrough of the latest version focused on finding any issues that could potentially warrant a rejection. This is what I've managed to find.

There's a softlock in Desolate Desert 2, where if you accidentally destroy the shell when destroying the blocks, you're stuck, since there's no exit pipe in the room.

Desolate Desert 4 only has 4 Dragon Coins.

Sunny Seas 2 has a softlock, where you can get stuck in the small room with the P-switch.

Sunny Seas 3 has a softlock, where you can get stuck in the room with the moon.

In Haunted Shipwreck, the room with the secret exit has no exit-enabled pipe, meaning that the only way to obtain all 5 Dragon coins is to first collect all 4 coins outside of the room, and then backtrack all the way back to the secret room and get the fifth coin there.

In Forest Secret, a pipe to one of the Dragon coins isn't exit-enabled. It was in an earlier build though, so it's probably an oversight from when you ported the hack to a fresh ROM.

In Forest Ghost House, there's some cutoff as well as only 2 Dragon Coins.

Chemical Secret 1 only has 4 Dragon Coins.

Heavenly Heights 4 has a pipe to a Dragon Coin that isn't exit-enabled. Like the one in Forest Secret, it was enabled in an earlier build.

Twisted Tundra 1 only has 4 Dragon Coins.

Twisted Tundra 5 doesn't render properly if you finish Tundra Secret 2 before Twisted Tundra 4.

Beating Volcanic Hills causes the overworld to look weird due to the path to Bowser's Bastion 1 not being rendered with silent steps.

In Bowser Ghost House, the door that (I assume) is meant to take you to the secret exit instead takes you to an endless bonus room, making the secret exit inaccessible.

This section in Bowser's Bastion 3 is a bit unfair. If you don't have a feather, you're required to do two successive pixel-perfect jumps (while ducking, if you're Super- or Fire Mario).

Bowser's Bastion 4 has 6 Dragon Coins.

Bowser's Castle has a blind jump with coins that lead you straight into a lava pit.

Gem Gateway 1 only has 3 Dragon Coins.

Aside from these, there were a few minor things/questions as well.

I understand that you don't have any events linked to Chemical Secret 1 and Bowser Secret because those stages aren't meant to lead anywhere. But by not linking them to events, they don't add to the exit counter.
My suggestion is to link the stages to events that have no effect on the overworld. That way, they'll only trigger the save prompt as well as being added to the exit counter.

Is there a reason as to why the change to enemy sprite graphics is linked to Radiant Reactor 1 specifically? It seems kinda random.

Since both the regular- and the secret final stage take you to the same ending, does that mean that deactivating the black hole and not deactivating the black hole leads to the same outcome in the grand scheme of things?

As a final note, I also counted 98 exits, including the 2 non-event stages and the inaccessible Ghost House secret exit.
I'm trying to create a lavafall using the moving lava tiles. A small hiccup in this process is that when I flip the lava edge tiles 180 degrees, the animation has the lava flowing upwards, so I figured that I should create new animated tiles where the animation is reversed.

The big problem is that when I set the destination for the new tiles, they don't show up. I'm certain that i didn't do anything wrong, because I tried doing it on a fresh ROM as well, and there it works perfectly.

As seen in the image above, the settings for the two different ROMs are identical, and yet there's an animated tile in the fresh ROM (right) but no animated tile in the main ROM (left).

What is going on?
I managed to find a solution. For some reason, this error was only present in some levels, so I added the animation into another level, copy-pasted everything from the old level into the new level, and then saved the new level as the old level, and it somehow worked.
That was it! The MWL file that came with the ExGFX must've had it turned off, since only the stages using that template were affected.

Good to know for the future!
I've played through 1.6, and I've only got a few things left to say now.

You forgot to exit-enable the pipe in Forest Secret that takes you to a Dragon Coin.

There are still 6 Dragon Coins in Bowser's Bastion 4 (one of them is in a sublevel).

I've got a nitpick as well.

In some areas, there are pipes and walls that looks like you'd be able to jump over them off-screen, but due to that one patch, you can't. Here are three examples.

Here are also examples on how to fix them.

The areas where these "issues" can be found are level 2, 15, 16, 122, 126, 11C, 11F, and 1FC
I'm sorry for browsing through the ROM in Lunar Magic without permission, but I found this to be the most efficient way.

Aside from these, I've got nothing left to critique (excluding the item box issue with in the cutscenes, but I've yet to figure out a solution for that).
There were of course a few cutoffs, but many of them were really minor, and just as many of them would require compromising the level design in order to be fixed.
Why not ask someone for help?
Removing the powerups through a GFX change is genius! You can still drop the items by pushing select though, but I doubt anyone would even consider doing that. But if you want to be on the safe side, I found this patch.

Aside from that, the only thing I've found is a minor issue with the path from Bowser's Tower to Magic Island.

Due to Magic Island sending you to the main menu, the game doesn't remember that you've walked on the path between Magic Island and the pipe to its right. Because of this, if you decide to then play through Radiant Reactor without first walking yet again on mentioned path, you can't move to the right when you reach Magic Island through Radiant Reactor even if you've defeated Bowser.

In order to fix this, you'll have to enable left and right as initial level flags on Magic Island and then make it so that the layer 1 tiles that connect the stage to the left and right pipe don't render until you've passed Bowser's Bunker and Bowser's Tower respectively.
This way, it becomes possible to walk on the path to the right pipe even when the game forgets you've walked on it before because of the credits sequence, while also preventing you from walking on the two paths before beating their respective level, since the layer one tiles you walk on don't exist until then.

Once again, the GFX thing is genius and I'm definitely going to use that in my own hack.
I don't know how I missed it, but there's a floating rope tile next to the checkpoint in Peaceful Plains 2. I don't recall it being present in earlier versions though.
According to the submission rules, you can update the hack as much as you want up until it's claimed by a mod. So I'd recommend submitting the update while you still have the chance.
Let's hope it makes it through moderation, but since there're no gamebreaking issues, there shouldn't be any problems.

I do have one final question though.
Do you happen to be a fan of Super Mario Infinity?
Yeah, SMI is one of my favourite hacks, and its influence on the overworld and story was evident.

Maybe that's what drew me to this hack in the first place.
Definitely Brawl. The other games don't have Subspace Emissary.
Seems interesting. I'll try it out.
Originally posted by Danik2343

Isn't the path forward not being filled in an indication of whether or not the level has been passed?
Unidirectional Bullet Bill Generator

A Bullet Bill generator that only shoots Bullet Bills from one side of the screen instead of both sides. Extra bit could decide whether it's the right side or the left side.

A disassembly of the Bullet Bill Generator sprite can be found here
Type: Sprite

Name: Fire Spit Koopa

A red Koopa Troopa that turns into three fireballs when Mario gets close, the direction of the attack being whatever side of the Koopa that Mario is on. The fireballs themselves have the appearance and trajectory of Yoshi's fire spit attack.