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Originally posted by RussianMan
These koopas are positively bursting:

Awesome!! Now Mario will finally get a taste of his own medicine!
My most predictable choice is Brutal Mario, but other early ROM hack experiences I'm very fond of are VIP 4, the TSRPR duology, Mario in Midgard (wouldn't recommend), Colossus, and the Mario Infinity duology.

edit: Somehow I forgot Mario Omega
I've finished the first 2 worlds now, and below is a list of my findings thus far. Many of them are quite nitpicky though.

I've really enjoyed what I've played so far. You've really managed to nail the dreamlike aesthetic both with the level design as well as the palette choices. I'll try to finish the rest of the hack tomorrow. Sorry for taking so long.

I've finished the hack now, and here're the final notes I've gathered.

Overall, this is a great hack with both good level design and good atmosphere! Especially the trippy as f**k final two worlds.

One final question. Does finishing Valley of the Stars affect the game in any way, or is it just bonus content?

8/10 (As comparison, the original SMW is 7/10)

As for what Mario did, my guess is that he took LSD.
Thank you so much! And the option to have it aim at Mario's position made it even better!
Originally posted by Derahex

* The "sensory deprivation chamber" level has good use of textures
* Autorun feature seems to be bugged
* The genocide route has a softlock near the 2nd world cutscene, with the 3 bears
* I personally would be more generous with ammo, it's easy to run out even when being stingy
* The main menu seems to have an unused "mario nips gallery" option
* I'm not sure what "L is real" means, but the game has been popping that message up constantly after the castle of world 2

In my case, it's probably the autism.
34. Second Reality Project Reloaded 1
35. Second Reality Project Reloaded 2
36. VIP 4
37. JUMP
38. Nonsense
39. Super Mario Omega
40. Super Mario World YEAH!!
41. Call of Cthulhu
42. Super Mario World: The After Years (Ultra)
87. The Devious Four Chronicles 3
88. The Devious Four Chronicles 4
90. Super Mario /v/orld 2: Moot Point
91. Mario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized
The .bps file doesn't work properly.
I've played through the demo now and made some notes:

A more general criticism is that most of the stages had several sections that consisted of nothing but flat ground, with neither enemies nor blocks to fill the void. Even some sections that did have enemies felt a bit flat and could benefit from uneven terrain to spice things up.

I liked the music choices though, so keep doing what you're doing on that front.
Now that the series is completed, I decided to try it out, but I'm unable to make it past the tutorial in World 1 because (I think) the wall jump mechanic prevents me from running up the wall, which then causes Mario to behave weirdly.

Is it a compatibility issue with Snes9x 1.62.3?
The file is corrupt and doesn't work.
Originally posted by Alucard648
Can`t confirm this issue on SNES9x1.51

Thx for the info. After further testing, Snes9x1.61 doesn't have this problem either, so it's a very recent compatibility issue.
I've finished World 1 and 1A now (after switching to an older snes9x version) and they were really enjoyable. They're surprisingly varied despite the limited scenery, and I loved how non-linear the overworlds were.

I did notice some flaws however. Some of them are quite nitpicky, but others probably won't make it past the mods.

I'll be trying out the remaining 15 worlds over the course of this month, and if they're as good as these two, it'll be a fun time.
I've played the next demo, and I really liked it! I tried looking for negatives, but I only managed to find these three nitpicks:

In Tunnel O' Lava, there's a garbled tile in this corner.

In Twisty Misty Halls, there's cutoff if you jump while running on the higher platforms.

The castle entrance cutscene at Air Temple felt a bit out of place, but since the previous three temples didn't have one, this one is probably an oversight.

I'll also say that the statement "I've discovered I am not good at picking music" in the opening post is outdated at this point, because you are good.

But if you're still open for suggestions, I think Super Mario Galaxy - Waltz of the Boos suits Flooded Manor.
I''ve player 2 and 2A now, and got some notes there as well.

I also have a new note regarding World 1A.

In the final castle, the code in the secret room is code #2. At first I assumed it was because the code in World 1 was #1, but since the codes in World 2 and 2A are also #2, I now assume that the code in 1A is meant to be #1, like in World 1.
Originally posted by Alucard648
Originally posted by crocodileman94

In the final castle, the code in the secret room is code #2. At first I assumed it was because the code in World 1 was #1, but since the codes in World 2 and 2A are also #2, I now assume that the code in 1A is meant to be #1, like in World 1.

Worlds with same number have same passwords. W1 and A1 have same password #1, W2 and A2 have the same password #2 etc.

I figured that's the intention, but W1 and A1 currently do not have the same password. A1 has the same password as W2 and A2.