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1. Best all-around hacker: Carol, FPI
2. Best graphics designer: icegoom
3. Nicest: S.N.N.
4. Most witty: I dunno
5. Funniest: Megaman765
6. Best local mod: S.N.N
7. Best full mod: Tatrion
8. Removed :P
9. Most Mysterious: Carol
10. Best male regular member: Megaman765
11. Best female regular member: Amanda
12. Smartest: Carol
13. Most unnoticed person with hidden talents: Megaman765
14. Most fun to talk to: Megaman765
15. Most likely to be banned: I dunno
16. Most likely couple: I dunno
17. Most unlikely couple: I dunno
18. Worst spelling/grammer: internoob
19. Most likely to gpo=asgda18b]`ugdc: What the **** is that 0_o
20. Most likely to get a lump of coal for X-Mas: No damn clue (LOL I'm Jewish so nobody can put me on this one XD)
21. Best post layout: Reading
22. Most informative posts: S.N.N.
23. Most likely to be a politician: I dunno
24. Most mellow: Me I guess...
25. Best all-around person: S.N.N., and Megaman765
(when I tried making it bold it didn't work T_T)
Some of us just aren't noticable... D': (like me)
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smwmasta194's Profile - Posts by smwmasta194