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Hi im CondorTalon. Im an ok hacker.
It's even weirder when you have a series of similar dreams, like you have a dream, then you wake up, then you fall asleep and have sort of a continuation, or "sequel", of you're first dream. That happens to me alot.

It's me!!!
sars r 4 fat people, huh?
Originally posted by Troopa Pride
How about this:
Limit it to only 2 automated mario world being addable on this site and the rest being rejected.
Sort of like SMBDX,except instead of graphics,we will look for impressive automatic levels.

Why 2?

Well either way this is still pretty cool. I could make some levels too.
^^THIS!^^ is the greatest song eva.
Hello, I've put a ExGFX file in the ExGraphics folder, but when I try to insert it, it says it isn't there.

Yeah, it's there, but...

yes and yes
Ok, taking out .bin worked. This can be closed now.
Can anyone tell the secret exits of Crystal Chemicals 4 and 5?
I've looked everyone and I just can't find them.
I've seen in quite a few hacks where when you leave to the side or drop in a pit it warps you to a new section. How do I do this?
I still see problems with OW. Mainly: The river doesn't have corner water tiles. The cliff edge where the island juts out is wrong. The paths are still too linear. Cliff heights are inconsistent. The island STILL looks too square.
Can I do level design? Plz?

EDIT: Oy, I didnt see it until after i posted, but i realize theres a spot open for OW design. Id like to be a OW designer too, i guess.
There is a glitch in Gravel Ridge 1. The teleporter block leads to level 0. Tip: when using a teleporter, door, pipe, whatever on the edge of a screen, set an exit for the the screen its touching.


Originally posted by Azure

I believe the longest one-syllable word is 'strength.'

Actually it's strengths
Strengths is also the longest word with one vowel, assuming y's count as vowels.
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