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No problemo KingGoomba, and thanks for the potential credit haha.


Yea sure, well depending on which version of lunar magic you are using it could work two semi different ways, the newer versions can handle .pal files which coincide with the graphics editing program YY-CHR, the standard files used with palettes in Lunar Magic would be .tpl. Either way in the case of 8-bit Bowser your going to open lunar magic, load your rom, go to your level which has Bowser in it. Now your goal is to get the correct colors, which you have, I included a palette file with Bowser and a readme explaining some things about which palette number Bowser uses for his various colors. So you can go to File, then Palettes, and import Level Palette from file. That file being Bowser Palette.tpl or whatever I named the palette file. The colors of the entire level should change to the colors in the palette file. Now it does every color not just Bowser so whatever background or foreground I had and things like that when I saved the palette file those colors are in the file too. So you just want Bowsers colors, your going to be using the palette editor, to get to it click on the star between the yellow mushroom and the apple. When highlighted it says open palette editor dialogue. The main point here is to get the colors 100 percent correct for not only Bowser but your background and foreground, your going to have to enter Bowsers colors manually. Though with the palette file you can see what the colors actually are, so it is not as hard as it seems, just a bit tedious. I hope this helps, this is like second nature to me, basics you know so if you have any questions I try to be as in depth as possible...though haha could lead to information overload. Like I said any questions feel free to ask perhaps I could PM you with further instructions if you truly could not grasp getting the colors right.


Hello, I'm having some trouble figuring out the snow exanimation specifically this one it says it has 4 intensities though I am not sure which 4 tiles are which intensity of snow. Is it the top left tile then horizontally right 3 tiles or vertically down 3 tiles. I hope someone understands and can help, I would appreciate this very much. Thank you


Wow, this is really impressive, I'm a huge fan of Castlevania and I've been wondering myself why there has been a lack of C Vania related content in the Mario Hacking community. Here's some holy water to you for good luck, keep it up, really great stuff. Also your ideas for other Mario editions related to various gaming series is marvelous. The implementation of everything you've shown so far is excellent. I played through Castlevania Rebirth on Halloween, figured a perfect game for the Halloween night, great game. Going through all the SNES Castlevanias again now so X is on the list. Can't praise this enough can't wait to see more haha, porting music, custom sprites, Castlevania BGS and FGS oh my! I wonder how many various Castlevania enemies will make an appearance...bosses as well. Well clearly...I'm excited...certainly a supporter, may Dracula's Curse never come your way!


This is hilarious, good work on this Lunar Rico. The tornado man with solar mans music made me smile. I like the use of that familiar first level as well...I noticed it kind of slipped into an acid trip or something (more so than usual for the mushroom kingdom) as all of the Negaverse seems to have suffered due to Nega. What I'm seeing here is imagination doing loops on rainbow road, much appreciated of course, certainly grabbed my attention, hope you finish this.


My request would humbly be a boss koopa (graphics being the black Koopa Bro from Paper Mario )
A detailed description would be as follows: A 32x32 or so koopa (this size a little bigger if you can) that turns into a shell on sight of Mario, spinning/charging
towards Mario (at the speed of a bullet bill but a little faster) and continues until he hits the wall. The wall when hit makes an earthquake sound/effect, he then gets out of his shell to catch his breath at this point
he is vulnerable to attack (for 1-2 seconds or so), if you don't attack him he will charge again and if you do attack him he'll get stunned/hurt (hurt animation too maybe make a hurt sound/flash red) and go into his next attack that being, he returns to his spinning shell though stays in place and shoots up to the ceiling, when he hits
the ceiling an earthquake sound/effect occurs and spawns 3-4 spikes that drop from the ceiling, the koopa bro then drops back down and he does his previous attack spinning towards Mario/ the wall again. A few extra details would be, each time the boss is hit he gets faster,
when in his shell Mario can spin jump on the boss but not hurt him, hit count at 6 hits, and when the boss is hit three times instead of spawning spikes on the ceiling he spawns normal koopas. Fire shouldn't kill him or star power, goal upon beating him etc.... that is about all, It is much appreciated you are taking requests either way if you can accomplish mine or not Thank you very very much.


Hello everyone,I have a hack that I was working
on a couple of years ago in Lunar Magic 1.63/64 is it possible to
open it in the latest Lunar Magic and continue with the same rom, or will there be some catastrophic or undesired effects from doing so? For anyone that can shed some light, thanks much.


Hello, I've gotten Tap Tap inserted he works well, my question is for him to die in lava, if using say custom lava
graphics, what should the behavior tile number be for map16? 4 or 5 doesn't seem to be working for me although it says it is mud/lava tile. Also I know there are specifics to him dying, such as the lava not being too low. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it very much, thanks.


well I just tried using sprite buoyancy, and tile 4 and mario could
swim in the lava. So I tried tile 5 with buoyancy on. I tried both buoyancy settings checked off, in every combination. The only thing that seems to kill him is the actual lava object 1A, which is fine I
can live with it, It would just be nice if it worked because I don't really see the difference between lava 1A and a tile acting as 4 (surface) and 5 (the body of the lava).


Is there any way to make this with lunar magic? (see youtube video) Where a battleship can float up and down and the water is in front of it. If so will I be able to have a background as well? Anyone who can help thanks much.


I totally understand what you're saying, and that is what I thought
as well, and have tried many times, he only seems to die when, the
actual lava inserted with an object is used, despite the same Map16tiles being used, I've even taken tile 4 and 5 and pasted them
elsewhere in Map16 saved it of course, and tried using those lava tiles
they didn't work either, it's so strange.


Thanks, I followed what you said however when I put rise/fall on the
screen..say screen 01 and at the top, it just says "Layer 2 give some", and not rise/fall and It doesn't really do much in game. I used F5 Layer 2, sink a bit when touched/rise back, as that is the only command that even remotely describes what goes on in a Mario 3 battleship level where the ship goes up and down with water in front of it.

My H scroll is constant Vscroll: none, and my ship is built on layer 2.


Hello, I tried inserting a shooter and I placed the cannonball shooter.asm in shooters, and the cannonball in sprites, edited the cannonball shooter to use the cannonball (says point to the sprite it uses/shoots out). However in game when the cannonball shoots, it shoots left like I want it however when mario goes right of the cannon, it shoots right, and the extra bit clearly says it can be left or right depending how its set, but either way the bit is set it goes both ways. Am I inserting it wrong? I've used other shooters that say like bullet bill left shooter, and it just goes left no problem. I just wanted the 32x32 cannonball and to go one direction I tell it to left or right. Thanks for anyone who can help.


I feel kinda bad asking about this in this fashion however I humbly ask anyways, does anyone have the sonikku Giant Koopa Boss from here
- if so please pm me with it, if not that's okay too. Thanks much.

Gamergod521's Profile

Currently Testing: Nothing as of yet
Type of Tester: Play tester / Bug tester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: Flexible

Testing a levels design is what I can do, this includes testing for bugs at the same time, if they happen naturally or by prodding. I will be honest with what I see and give productive, constructive, criticism. I've played every Mario game there is, especially smw and smb3, and many more platformers. I have an excellent idea of game flow/feel and could be useful for bettering ones hack. I will complete any level at first without Save States for the full feel effect, but if necessary I'll save state perhaps to replicate a bug or something. I'll comment on the Overworld, music anything really that catches my attention, or not. You can contact me by PM ir AOL instant messenger, s/n will be given by pm if hired. DO NOT SEND ME KAIZO, PUZZLE, or otherwise ridiculous to beat or tedious hacks please. Also I really do care about helping to improve a hack in any way I can, I definitely want to contribute something to this wonderful community, I've been here since 2009..although I visited earlier than that.

Hello, I inserted huck it crab, and penguin soldier into a level -dsx was inserted prior to those two dynamic sprites with the tap tap boss. They all function well, however any normal sprite or custom sprite used on the same level as them (huck it crab and penguin soldier, either or) has garbled graphics, is there anything I can do to fix this? I know there is a garble.asm that came with dsx, I assumed inserting dsx (with freespace of course) inserted garble.asm with it.


Holy smokes! That is the answer, all of the sprites being used on that particular level use SP4. Yeah I started questioning everything because I couldn't figure the reason why it was happening. You definitely solved my dilemma, thanks very much.

Hello, I'm trying to use a background imported from a level, the map16 that I load overwrites my previous tiles there so naturally I have to remap the tiles for the new background elsewhere. Its on page 47 of map16 and I'm not quite sure what numbers to enter for moving a rectangle on that high a numbered page I tried R4700-474F,M4780 to get the tiles to move down the page a little as that's all I need but it gives me a parse error. I've done this before but for a much lower map16 page (page 6) and that worked with no problem as the numbers were like R600-6xx,M6XX. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: Solved, I wasn't aware there was a "Level> remap background tiles" option separate from the other remap. Doh'
Okay first off, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, It's not even really that important however I was curious if it could be done in the first place.

Situation. - I wanted to add MIDIGUYs SMB3 Boom Boom Droping Item sound effect to Carols Boom Boom sprite when Boom Boom actually drops the Goal Sphere.

I know addmusic can add sfx and through the -se command and etc you can get the sound effect in the game, where my confusion on this comes into place is would adding the sfx through addmusic allow me to edit Boom Booms sprite and add in the effect. I'm not sure where I would add it but I imagine it might be somewhere in here:
MODE6				LDA $1570,x
					LSR A
					LSR A
					LSR A
					AND #$01
					ADC #$06
					STA $1602,x
					STZ $AA,x
					STZ $B6,x
					LDA $15AC,x
					BNE MODE6_E
					LDA #$1E
					STA $1DFB
					LDA #$39
					STA $1DFC  ; possibly add sfx around here?
					STZ $14C8,x

Is this possible if so would I just add like an "LDA #$xx STA $1DFC ( or $1DF9) before the goal generates or..probably when it generates would be the ticket (GOAL_GEN I imagine) note that I'm not sure the difference is when inserting sfx to 1DFC or 1D59 is but either way can it be done, like a custom SFX being used by a custom sprite? IF anyone can help or care to dabble to unravel my ridiculous situation I'd really appreciate it, although once again it's not super important just something I thought of trying to do to see if it could be done but figured you guys would know way more about it than I (definitely).
I definitely understand that feeling Poloros, and I recommend you stick with your quest to decipher the mysterious inner workings of Boom Booms coding, you'll crack it someday. Thank you very much the sound effect now plays as intended when the goal drops, instead of 'LoZ PazzleSolved' as you tested with, I used midiguys smas sound effect as described in my first post. It works perfectly. Thank you again man, went without a hitch. Situation solved, mischief managed.
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gamergod521's Profile - Posts by gamergod521

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