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I ...forgot how to do this, for the title screen level c7 how do you disable the movie that plays so it is just a static screen? Is it a hex edit? I have everything set up, it's just the demo movie is still playing mario moves/jumps etc... Thanks.
Thanks Ladida, thats the ticket I was looking for.

I just recently transferred my old rom to a new one, and it is all set and running on lunar magic 2.12, all patches work except one, the SMB3 Power down. Funny enough when I patch it (freespace I gathered doesn't need to be set due to it saying so on the download for it, could be wrong.) the game powers down (crashes) after the nintendo presents logo. Is there any alternative to this patch, or a way to get it to work? Thanks.

Also note I am using a lot of patches so ..a conflict could arise I'm sure. However I did test it on a clean rom, I went in lunar magic moved a block around, saved the level, then inserted the SMB3 power down patch, and the game just wouldn't start. So I'm thinking it's probably the patch/ a lunar magic conflict?

Alright, that was it! Freespace needed to be set in the proper spot as you highlighted. I agree it would help if it said in the comments "freespace goes here" as I wouldn't have confused anything, although it was my fault not knowing that in the first place :p
Hello peeps, fair warning, really noobish questions ahead. I'm running into a problem with using layer is probably expected. Though this isn't about something with the code or anything(for priority etc whatever), at least not yet. I'm having a problem because I'm entirely new to using layer 3, and there are many tools: racing stripe, terra stripe, layer 3 exgfx patch, exgfx revolution patch set 2.2, layer 3 customizer etc.. I'm really confused as to which I should use, and honestly which I can use. For instance, In Exgfx revolution patch's download page it says "Moderator's note: Ignore the file "REMAP - Copy.asm" and use "REMAP.asm" normally. Also don't use this patch if you saved the ROM in first time with the option "Prefer Saving in 2MB+ ROM Area" selected on Lunar Magic."

Now to me that is pretty self explanatory, if you use that feature, which I have..not knowing I had, apparently you cannot use exgfx revolution. That's understandable enough. However let me cut to the chase here, I'm trying to use this for a level, to have priority like the yi 1-1 level, and the readme inside says "ExGFX501 is slot 3 in Layer3ExGFX
ExGFX502 is slot 4 in Layer3ExGFX

Unless you want your status bar MANGLED BEYOND RECOGNITION, use sprite status bar.

I've included a .bin tilemap for genericuploader, and a .stim for roy's Stripe image uploader.

Lastly, I reccomend the setting to force layer 3 above all other layers."

So I'm just confused because it was from 2011 as to what I have to do to get this in a level, are there tools today that are better to use(like imamelia's layer 3 customizer?), or I'm able to use at all because I did the prefer saving to 2MB+ Rom area in Lunar Magic? I'm really sorry for the scale of confusion and questioning on this particular topic here, I usually can figure things out, but this one has me stumped before I'm even out of the gate. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction.
Thanks very much Ladida, I used stim2bin and got 2 bin files out of it, which I inserted as ExGFX150 (tilemap 1, $5000 and ExGFX151 (Tilemap 2 $5800). I'm using Layer 3 customizer 1.1.3, and I'm at the part where I've changed level c5 to use 08 for a custom image, no behavior has been made yet (as I will need the code/a lil help with where to put it).
I changed L3TilemapGFXFiles:

  "dw $0150,$0151 ; image 08 - flowers"

I'm not sure about VRAM I know it gave me 5000 and 5800, so for now I just put 5000.

dw $5800,$50A0,$5800,$50A0,$5800,$50A0,$50A0		; VRAM addresses for images 01-07 (the images from the original SMW)
dw $5000,$50000,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0000	; VRAM addresses for images 08-0F

ExGFX slot 3 and 4 I changed to $0150 and $0151 respectively.

That is where I am. so I probably messed up on the VRAM thing, and behaviors obviously need to be set, so yes please I'll need code (I'm guessing behaviors is the scrolling code part)
Hello I'm trying to make a custom sfx simlilar to the whales in mario bros 2, their spouts specifically. I'm not sure exactly how to make a sfx use noise, I'm also very new to porting. I understand music though lol am easing into mml text based type stuff. I'd greatly appreciate help. This is reference to what I'm talking about.-

Make links next time boy.
Yes I am...latest version as far as I know.

Hello all! I hope you guys are enjoying Super Mario Maker, I'm having a blast with it, especially having so much time spent on SMWC, and with Lunar Magic over the years, it's like an officially licensed dream come true. Now of course the amount of things you can do in Mario Maker is limited in comparison to LM, but it still is pretty impressive.

I spent a long time last night with my brother attempting to devise ways of making Boss Battles mandatory, things you couldn't just run right past, or get hit and say, " RUN FOR IT " and make it to the end.

I would like for everyone to chip in on their ideas so we can compile a number of ways to make bosses interesting, unavoidable or semi-unavoidable through a gimmick or something, and in my eyes true to form.


That is a neat concept for having an enemy be the key to proceeding, I really wish P switches could drop when an enemy was killed.

The boss battle I came up with was sort of like a re creation of Mario 3's final bowser fight, where he has to smash through the bricks in the room to essentially off himself. I put bowser jr on top of him for good measure. When bowser smashes through the bricks, he does fall into the lava and dies, however I put a p switch below where he falls that activates a bridge of coins when pressed, so when bowser breaks through, you drop down where he broke through, hit the P switch and make way to the Axe Goal.

That's the only way I've come up with, although I've seen a few on youtube that were neat and reminded me a lot of classic SMWC boss battles.


Ah ha! Murphmario that's great, I had a similar idea once I found out you Magikoopa could make the goal disappear. and K3fka I like that one, it certainly makes it so you have to beat the enemy to get the item / object required to continue the level.


While most levels I play while streaming turn out to be kaizo,
because followers get off on that, anyways this one cat came in (Huge Zelda fan, like me) and showed me a level of his that I was pretty impressed with.

Theoriginalhyrule CCFE-0000-0038-454B Airship level

It's an airship level that has you basically progressing through different sections, advancing, battling enemies, little puzzles, a little bit of tricky platforming, a mini boss, and mandatory final boss. The complete package, I enjoyed it very much and would love to see more levels like this.

Freshly uploaded level here! - Attempt at making a quality level.

Boom Boom Battleship

Course ID: 3ADA-0000-0064-0A75

Bowsers fleet is heading to port in full force!
They come by Sea, Air, and Land! - rumor has it a Toad scout
plane gathered this intel right before going silent! What happened to the Toad?
Was he intercepted by the enemy?! Can Mario stop the Koopa Clan? It's up to you!

multiple routes, multiple bosses!

Hey hey! Thank you leod for playing, I appreciate the feedback, I tried to make it balanced, like I want people to actually be able to finish the level as though they were playing through a Mario title, although this is Mario Maker, so I took that into account as well.

I took inspirations from my own level I've been working on for years in Lunar Magic, which is a variety of battleship level, though I always try to give it a little imagination, like Bowsers fleet would have attached airships, and tanks, and cargo etc...

GIANT BUZZY BEETLE: As far as I know the only reason he starts spinning is because he is on the ceiling upside down, and falls when Mario approaches, he then bounces down. I tested it on small Beetles too and it seems that is their normal behavior. (I was under the impression that is how they've always operated?)

As for sound effects - Thank you for the tip...I seriously had no idea you could place sound effects on the boss directly. That is the KEY to my issue I was having.

I've heard you can eliminate the background music too though I'm not sure how (for making music levels with note blocks...or editing a video and adding your own bg music like the contra jungle level I saw).


Hey RPG Hacker I really like your levels and just wanted to let you know I showcased your Flyday The 13th level in a video series I'm doing (also practicing editing :D).


Well I'm glad it made you happy, it was a pleasure to play your level...and your improved version! I made a new video specifically showcasing the improved version..which gave me a chance to check it out, plus the bonus rooms, and try out a new format for editing a video..which I was able to make in no time! yay!

I have to play some more levels of other people too, I have a long list from smwc, and other forums around the net with levels to check out. I'll get to em too! That's the spirit!

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