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Tip: If your level contains elements that temporarily change the music to a global song (such as a P-Switch or a Star), that music will not stop playing after the intended end time if the music bypass setting is set to 00.
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I would like to claim 1E. I don't believe it's taken, but if it is, then I'd like 1F.

A few questions: (refering to the overworld map)

1: On levels located on the sewer(-looking) submap, what kind of foreground would work? I claimed a level on there, and I was wanting to use a castle tileset with a simple palette change to make it "greener."

2: What is the point of levels 7, 12, 1B, 1C, and 13B (or any other like them that I missed), that don't seem to open up a new level when you beat them? Are they just for fun?
One more. Hehehe....

1: Since the hack has a new plotline that doesn't seem to involve a kidnapping, will the hack have:
a) A custom Bowser battle without any sign of Peach in it?
b) A sudden obvious surprise twist saying she was taken?
c) Both A and B?

It seems A and/or B must happen for the hack to make sense.

I decided I don't want 1C anymore, so that's free.
Originally posted by pikaguy900
No, most likely won't have Bowser. Why does it need Bowser to make sense? And for that matter, why does the hack have to make sense at ALL? You're overthinking things, here! Also, as has been stated multiple times, Bowser most likely WON'T be the final boss.

Just figured....
Originally posted by BulletBillTime
Ah crap. If I join, I'll suck at it. Here's a mathematical explanation to this:

Doesn't have skills of an artist + Can't insert custom music + can't insert custom sprites = FAIL

Neither can I, but I'm planning on making a level. Who says vanilla levels can't be awesome?

Originally posted by S.N.N.
I always judge these contests, which means I don't enter for bias reasons.

You should create a level just for the fun of it. All of your levels that I've played were excellent.
I'd like 1E.
I'd like 3B as a secondary level, to go with my last claim of 1E.
Originally posted by Pyro X
Originally posted by Pyro_X
No, I am saying laws that usurp the people = communism. There need to be laws to keep order. But the government passing laws such as this health care bill? No, I won't stand for it

Originally posted by An00bis
Looks like you believe in some sort of minimalistic type government where the only thing they do is put restrictions on bad things, without ever doing something for the common good. Also, if you think the laws are there to maintain order, why are you pro-arms? :\

Because, the second amendment says we can have guns. I am not a total anarchist (if I was I would be libertarian, not conservative) There needs to be a federal government, but it should not be so imposing. You should absolutely not rely on it at all. This is a country of freedom and independence. Not a country of socialism and no freedom. No, that's Europe. And we shouldn't have to be like Europe.

First of all, Europe is not a country. It's a continent.

Second, I completely agree with you that we should never have to rely on government for anything, but the government offers so much stuff that we citizens could, and should, take advantage of, and I can't imagine one day where I haven't wanted to do so.

Third, the freedoms of Americans are not absolute: they are relative. You cannot do whatever you want, because some actions can impose on the freedoms of other people. The Constitution is in essence a social contract, which means that you will have to give up certain things.
Originally posted by Troopa
Actually, don't answer my questions. A moderator needs to lock this thread. Hot off the Press is for news. Not bullshit.

^^ Seconded. ^^

Let's face it; nobody has convinced anybody, especially not Pyro X, of anything, and nobody likely will. This topic isn't really worth replying to anymore.
Originally posted by Jeremey
my favorite solo is the last solo in the metal version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Originally posted by Platinum Yoshi
Mine is the End Solo in One by Metalica. VERY HARD to play on Guitar Hero, but awesome to listen to.

Those are both very awesome solos right there

I actually like the solo near the end of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. *prepares for criticism*
Disney will never stop until they get everything, will they?
I mostly listen to video game music (my favorite now is Halo Suite) but I also have "regular" music. I usually like rock ballads with meaningful lyrics and/or great guitar, so I get made fun of either way. :D
Am I too late? Well, here it is anyway. It's pretty short.
How bad could those emails have been? They were about filling out forms!
Either nobody in my school knows about this, or they just don't care. I guess it just doesn't seem very important.

Originally posted by Superderek
Originally posted by Vaporeon
I fail to understand the utter idiocy of the state of Texas.

It may be a mystery the world may never solve...

I completely agree... and I live there.
I would absolutely love to test out some hacks.

I don't have any sort of messaging program, though.
Is the difficulty of the level going to effect it's score?

Also, although I was planning on submitting only one level anyway, I actually found no place in the other topic that said that one was the limit. Perhaps that could make a good number 2?
I wasn't sure if this should go in the art forum or here, so forgive me if this is should go in art.

I have this picture right here: I'm currently using this as my avatar (if you really can't tell). I'm wanting to make the black in this picture invisible so that the banzai bill looks camouflaged.

Can anyone help me with this? If someone could do it for me, I would love you forever that would be absolutely wonderful, but I have a few pictures I would like to do this to, so instructions on how to do it would be great.
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